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  1. I discovered RVG in college when I kept seeing his name on my favorite recordings. IMO he is a hero. Scott (or anyone else), I'd love to hear about about your experiences/impressions meeting him. Thanks for posting.
  2. Great, I've attached his resume for you or anyone else needing a location or post sound engineer in Ukraine. Alexander Diachenko- CV.pdf
  3. Hi Jim, I can put you in touch with someone there if you're still looking. Jay Alex Dachenko, top guy there. arcturus@email.ua allegincefx on skype
  4. Hi Gavin, I believe the left-handle position can be adjusted for either an under or over grip. There is a rubber stopper that can be unscrewed to allow a disc to rotate around and then the stopper is replaced on the other side. I just started doing a Fisher show and am still learning the ropes. But it's a lot of fun and very interesting after working with the fishpole for ten years or so.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a ride up to the rally in Sacramento on Wednesday. Most people are flying because the rally starts around 10:30 and it is a 5 hour drive. But if you have made plans to drive up and back for whatever reason, and you have space for 1 more please let me know. I can drive, contribute to gas and sing along to a wide variety of music-- or not. Jay 818-916-2958
  6. Hello All, Don't forget to sign the letter to our legislators in support of CA tax credits. It's on the 695 website.
  7. Hello, I need a union utility to cover me on a tier 0 movie shooting near dowtown L.A. tonight. Call time is 5:30p. Also need you same time tomorrow. Rate is170/day. Thanks, Jay 818-916-2958 jaydgolden@yahoo.com
  8. Hi George, I worked in and around Kiev for a year or so and only once had a problem with wireless interference (working at the national TV station). I can put you in touch with the chief sound engineer at the station 1+1 if you need a contact there. He would be a good person to talk to about any questions or concerns you have. Jay
  9. To PLo128: I work as a boom operator and your story strikes a chord with me. I sometimes think I will never find that perfect working relationship like the one I imagine JW and Don and others having, but I don't stop looking for it. I'm not much for the military model. I need to respect a mixer on my own terms not just because he sits in the chair. Holding to that ideal has led me away from a few mixers, but I've learned from every single mixer I've worked with.
  10. I use lavs when I don't think I can get complete coverage, but I try to make my boom track usable 100% of the time. I always ask myself why would they use the boom track over the lav tracks-- and I try to give them a good reason --even when the lav tracks are decent. The biggest reason is usually that the boom track sound matches better. It sounds like the people are in the same space. Often the lav tracks-- even when they are good--don't match very well.
  11. But Movies like "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network" rely on boom tracks, right?
  12. You guys should come to Ukraine. I guess they are twenty years behind the times. You can boom all you want.
  13. Hello, I've been working as a boom operator for a number of years and have starting working regularly as a mixer over the past two years. My strategy as a boom operator was always to put the actor's voice into the "sweet spot" of the mic as best I could. If there were a number of actors this might require very stealthy cuing, a wider pattern mic, or two boom operators. My idea was to be a close as possible to the edge of the frame line. As a mixer, I'm listening more for evenness in the overall scene, balance between the voices of the actors and some generally consistent sense of place as far as the sound goes. It seems preferable to having the sound of a voice come in and out of "focus" as the boom operator works the scene. I wonder how other mixers and boom operators approach it.
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