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  1. Hi, I've decided to place a deposit on a Cantar X3 and one of the biggest factors for me is post-sale support and service from whichever dealer I buy it from. I've had two really underwhelming experiences recently with one of the "big guys" who I was planning to buy from and am now looking for an alternative. Who should I talk to --- dealer and/or specific salesperson --- who goes above and beyond service-wise? I'd settle for just being very timely with responses and consistent with follow-ups. Thanks in advance, Michael
  2. Any word on whether an overdub capability similar to the Cantar's Rec&Play is in the works --- or even possible? (I have asked Sonosax directly, waiting for a reply.)
  3. Just wanted to come back and thank everyone for the input. I ended up finding someone local to borrow both the CMC641 and CCM41 from. Headroom issues aside, for a static placement in a not-too-dynamic conference room setting, we went with small size and CCM41s. To my ear, the sound quality was the same for dialog and I resolved my concern about not having the cut 1 with analog filters. Michael
  4. Hi, I'm permanently wiring an office for corporate recording and training. Great vocal capture is the top priority, and we've settled on Schoeps mics. I'm trying to decide between CCM 41s or going the more traditional route of CMC 641s. I've done a lot of searching and reading, and it seems like the audio quality is equal. I can't use the Cut 1 with the CCM, but since the recording will happen at a fixed location with great analog gear capturing the signal, I can roll off the low-end at the preamp or mixer and be fine. I *want* to buy the CCMs, but wanted to ask if anyone has noticed any issues with them --- durability compared to the modular CMCs or anything else --- that I should consider before placing the order. Thanks, Michael
  5. If it's not too late, this is another vote for the "why no 96/24?" and, more importantly, "is that something that can or might be upgraded in the future via firmware upgrade?"
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