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  1. Travis Prater

    Zaxcom Nomad - operating questions, plus tips & shortcuts

    Bump. I would love to know if this would work. Pics would be great as well! Thanks!
  2. Travis Prater

    Nomad Slate Noise

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback. I guess I'm being a little over-cautious.
  3. Travis Prater

    Nomad Slate Noise

    I agree, definitely not mission-critical. I just wanted to see if this was something out of the ordinary or a sign of something else that's wrong. I'll be calling the mothership tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Travis Prater

    Nomad Slate Noise

    I just got my Nomad 6 the other day, and have been going through it with a fine-toothed comb. I noticed today that on both the Slate and Com, when using the internal mic, there is a fairly low-level "jitter" that sounds a bit like Timecode or something similar. As I figured it was a little late to <HAT>, I figured I would throw this out the the JW Community to see if anyone else has the same thing on their Nomad. Attached is a sample of the noise. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. Best, -Travis Prater Nomad Slate Noise.wav
  5. Travis Prater

    View From The Office:

    On a student shoot several months ago shot on location in Maui, Hawaii. This was the windiest location I've ever had the pleasure of shooting at, but no problem for the Rycote!
  6. Travis Prater

    Need to recover audio files from CF card

    Most if not all SanDisk CF cards come with a free year subscription for their "Rescue Pro" recovery software. Luckily I haven't had to use it yet, but I would imagine it does what it says it does. I have several of the registration cards floating around, PM me if you would like one. Good luck!
  7. Travis Prater

    COS-11D/Sennheiser G3 Issue

    Thanks Larry, that was exactly what I was looking for. So from what you're saying, it's a pretty safe bet that the Lav is not the problem in this scenario... I'm going to look into updating the firmware, and do some more troubleshooting. I'll report back if/when I figure this all out. Thanks again for all your input. -Travis
  8. Travis Prater

    COS-11D/Sennheiser G3 Issue

    Thanks Jim, forgot to mention, when I got home that night I did a factory reset on the TX & RX and it didn't make a difference with the issue. Batteries were in the units with 2/3 power on both TX and RX. In other news, I did notice that my G3's are on Firmware V1.2.2 and the latest on the Senn website is 3.6.0. Could that have something to do with it? Also, how would one go about updating that?
  9. Travis Prater

    COS-11D/Sennheiser G3 Issue

    While on set the other day, I had something very perplexing happen. I was using my brand spankin' new COS-11D with a Senny G3 set I had recently picked up on the used market. After about 11hrs of uneventful use, I set down my bag, powering off the mixer and recorder(302 &702). When I came back about 10min later and powered everything up(RX and TX remained "on" throughout this power cycle) I found that my lav was significantly quieter. I double and triple checked that nothing had changed with the mixer/recorder, and found nothing out of place. I ended up increasing the sensitivity on the TX and everything was fine for the rest of the shoot. After doing some research, I came across this on the Sanken website in regards to the "2-wire" wiring method... "(1) This method can have approx.10dB gain because of FET DRAIN output. (2) It might have unevenness in output level because of FET gm difference. It may have a negative phase output signal when it has a positive sound wave." My questions are... 1. what does the above quote mean exactly? Will a COS-11 in 2-wire mode have a potential to swing 10dB in one way or another? 2. If the answer to 1 has no relation to my issue, has anyone had this happen, or know what might be the culprit? Thanks in advance for all your help. Best, -Travis
  10. Travis Prater

    Lectro UCR401 Issue

    I'm on set now with several Lectro UCR401 receivers, all being powered by the wall wart adapter in a power strip. When I cycle power for the cart(leaving all the power switches on the 401's in the "on" position), all receivers except one come back just fine. The one problem child powers back up with a black screen, but seems to function properly. Is this a sign that something is wrong with the receiver? As of now it is purely "cosmetic" and is fixed by cycling the power switch on the unit itself, but is this the start of something worse? I haven't called lectro yet, I wanted to check here first... Best, -Travis (P.S. not sure why the pic uploaded upside down but you get the idea just the same)
  11. Travis Prater

    Narrow solder 3.5mm tip for iPod headphones?

    I know Pacific Radio sells a very small 3.5mm Stereo jack that should work for your purposes. It's not a TRRS, but for headphones, that's obviously not a problem. I would bring the iPod/Pad/Phone in question to double check...
  12. Travis Prater

    Is Timecode Dead?

    Thanks guys for all the info, it is just as I suspected... This is also the production sound teacher who says that you either get metadata or good sound, not both, because there's no time on set. Needless to say I'm taking everything with a grain(or handful) of salt. I don't really want to name names for obvious reasons...
  13. Travis Prater

    Is Timecode Dead?

    Hey Guys, I had a professor at my film school tell me today that Timecode on film sets is a dead concept. His thinking was that with software like Pluraleyes and the like, there is no need for it anymore. I have always been under the impression that Timecode is widely used, and am curious if this professor is on to something here, of if he's a bit out of touch. -Travis
  14. Travis Prater

    Duplex Box

    I called up Denecke and asked for a clip (as seen on their phantom PSU boxes). I think it was 8 bucks. Nice, hefty clip. In other news, could anyone provide a part #/schematic for the headphone pot in the box? I have been looking to add one to my box for a while now... Travis