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  1. Its not the video transmitter from what I gather Ilari. Its when a BNC is Connected from the SDI of an F5 etc to a video transmitter. Without that BNC connected all is good. So it can happen with any video transmitter as I believe its the camera that causes the issue. Today for example I was filming with a Sony F55 and Teradeck Bolt and all was working fine. My Zaxcom camera hop/link was getting good range and so too were my 6 Wizycom radio mics. If that was a problem camera I would be getting 5ft from the camera link and 20ft of stable reception from the Wisycoms if I was lucky. The Sony F55 today was quite an early one which (I have heard from camera men) don't cause the RF spray like the later F55 etc.
  2. Thanks guy and yes Brian its the BNC that is the problem they seem to work like and antennas for the RF, Maybe I should try a few other makes. Just seems like 50% of the cameras I come across have the problem and yes Sony know about it as its all over camera forum groups in the UK.
  3. I just wondered if anyone else has range problems with radio mics and camera links when used with the above mentioned cameras and found a solution? Whats strange is that some cameras seem to be clean and not emitting RF when others you do a scan are chucking out loads of RF and I barley get any range out of of any of my wireless gear. The cameras that do spray RF seem to only do it when the BNC is connected to the video out of the F5, 55 or FS7 and connected to a video transmitter - with out the BNC connected and both the camera and the video sender switched on it all seems fine. I've been told its the later serial numbered cameras that have a problem but don't know if there is any truth in this. To try and get over the problems I've switched to wideband Wisycom radio mics and moved my Zaxcom camera link from block 21 to 26 as I heard this helps. I've also had BNC's made up with extra shielding, purchased Terradecks own BNC, wrapped BNC's in Toroidal rings - all with no solution! Any advice or solutions greatly appreciated.
  4. I don't know if anyone can help please. Apologies in advance for this vague post, but on one of my previous posts someone mentioned radio mic shoulder straps that you put both arms through so you can wear the RM transmitter pack on your upper back - so ideal for sports people. Unfortunatly I'm struggling to fine the link that was posted giving the details of this product, as I need to purchase some. Please can anyone please shed any light on where I can get such a product from? Many thanks.
  5. That also seems strange Blake as Christian said he could adjust the level on the Mini Pro he plugged into. Are you sure it's a Pro and not the standard Mini because I think they look the same? I spoke and emailed Black Magic yesterday asking if they can do a software update to enable the level adjustment at line level. I'll let you know when they get back to me and what the verdict is. Mike
  6. Thanks guys all useful knowledge and thanks John for you kind offer I will PM you.
  7. Thanks for the reply it's much appreciated. Luckily I have already had the conversation with the director and his words were 'its experimental so if it doesn't work its not a problem'. However it would be good to give it my best shot and arm myself with the best option. Yes there is a crowd involved so like you say that will make it even more tricky to get anything!
  8. Looking for a bit of advice please for a job coming up. I'm doing the sound on the sideline of a basket ball match and the director has asked if I can get a mic that can pick up any audio sound bites from the players and coach. He has suggested an 816, but things must have moved on since then and looking for any advice experience with Parabolic mics please, as players being miced up is out of the question. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for that Christinan. I think that it may be the non pro that for some strange reason you can't adjust the levels when at line level. I ended up just having to send a low level track to camera and have told the client to go to the separate sound. I will get the camera man to chat to Black Magic and see if they can get it sorted as it seems daft!
  10. Starting a job tomorrow with the URSA Mini and went to do a quick audio and timecode test and found a couple of problems and just wondered if anyone can help or advise? The first thing I noticed is that when the camera is switched to line level on the camera inputs the audio gain on the camera appears to be fixed and with my Zaxcom link plugged in the line up level seems to be a little on the low side on the camera. Does anyone know of any way of disabling this fixed audio level when coming in at line level? I saw on a previous post on JWS that it is in fact fixed, but why would this be. When the camera has its inputs set to mic level the audio levels can be fully adjusted. But if you switch on the -20db pad in the camera sound menu then switch the camera off and back on again the pad is automatically switched off which is rather dangerous. I thought this could be a way of adjusting levels when coming in at line level with the camera inputs set to mic level, but if the pads automatically switch themselves off this would not be an option. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you Mike . Can I ask you when you say Block 26 is that 662.00-692.000MHZ? Also how long ago? A couple of guys I know are outin Italy at the moment and they seem to be having an RF nightmare hence my post so all information welcome!
  12. Good point I've got a couple of Wisys so I will give them a shout.
  13. Hi all. Got a trip coming up going to Florence in Italy and wondered if anyone has used CH38 606.000-630.00 with success? I've spoken with another recordist friend who filmed there three years ago without a problem but another recordist friend filmed recently in Naples and had real problems on Ch38. Any advice/experience would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello, got a job coming up in Dubai and planning to use my CH38 radio mics. Has anyone had any problems or hopefully success over there with CH38? Many thanks
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