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    I am originally from Louisville, KY but moved out west when I was 19/20 years old. I knew there was a bigger world out there!

    Worked several different types of jobs but knew I needed a career that I could manage myself and not do the same thing everyday! Did some intern work for a TV show as a boom op but realized I didn't like the long hours and the same content day after day. So, I found in 1997 that being a freelance ENG sound mixer in LA fit the bill! I have done some reality work and documentaries for a change of pace.

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  1. Marla Hettinger

    NanoFlash CF recorder (video/audio) replacement

    Thanks for the replies! I've seen the blcakmagic but not the Video Devices nor the Atomos. I'll look into those thanks. Thanks! Marla
  2. I do sound and quite frequently I work with the NanoFlash that records video and audio on CF cards. It's been discontinued and curious if anyone has heard of a comparable replacement?
  3. Marla Hettinger

    Noise on the return cable from FS7

    Thanks for everyone's comments. Glad to know it's not just me : )
  4. Marla Hettinger

    Noise on the return cable from FS7

    Thanks phillip I do record sepetately so I know I am covered. I've listened back and it's fine as well. Was just curious why its happened at different times but same type of camera. Thanks for your reply marla
  5. I've searched this forum and haven't seen anything related to this so I hope others can help. I"ve worked on a couple jobs with FS7's recently where my return from the camera seems to be noisy. Once it was a clicking noise and another time a hum and now it sounds like time code. When I plug my headphone directly into the camera, it's clean, no noise. On all three shoots it's been an onboard monitor that seems to cause the problem. I haven't heard anything from post. Has anyone else experienced this, and did you do anything to solve the problem? Would it help to replace my mini return cable? I appreciate any advice. Marla
  6. Marla Hettinger

    Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    I would be interested in those cables as well...
  7. Marla Hettinger

    Mozegear TIG Q28 on a job, in a sync test

    great info! thanks for sharing!
  8. Marla Hettinger

    Best way to put a cos-11 inside a rycote lavalier windjammer

    Tom, this sounds interesting… but I can't get my head around the rubber mount and U-stick it around the fuzzy... If you get a chance can you post a pic? thanks Marla
  9. dont forget your power strip ... for charging everything at one time... and your power converter if you need one. I tend to always forget these
  10. Marla Hettinger

    664 Compatible Keyboard...

    I see this was a post from January... was curious how these last two have held up over the past few months. Any issues or lockups? Want to buy one but still waiting...
  11. Marla Hettinger

    clothing on clothing noise

    Thanks for all the advice. These are top of the list Directors and Actors and they barely want to sit in long enough for the interview. Me asking them to stay still and talk less with their hands probably won't go over well. I've already pushed the envelope with having them take off jangeling jewelry and ticking watches. Okay thanks Marla
  12. Marla Hettinger

    664 drivers: Deca PS617 bag good?

    I like to put my wireless next to the mixer in the orange section. You can fit 4 in there with the elastic "slots". This keeps more room available in the pouch area. marla
  13. Marla Hettinger

    clothing on clothing noise

    I know that clothing noise regarding lav placement has been discussed to far great lengths, I've googled it. But ... My question is, what about clothing noise being picked up by the boom. It's the fabric making noise that's being picked up by the boom to the point where I even doubled checked to make sure I split the lav and boom. A heavy cotton shirt that makes noise when the person moves around or a nice lined suit jacket with a starched shirt. These situations are in an interview setting, where the person hasn't brought any change of clothes and won't take off the jacket. I am using a 416 Sennheiser for the boom mic. it's driving me crazy... anyone else? Marla
  14. Marla Hettinger

    timecode for for 5D Mark 3

    a dog clicker works great and easy to carry and quicker to mark. My 2 cents Marla
  15. Marla Hettinger

    setting the audio level on pmw-F5-CineAlta- 4K camera

    Thanks for all the info. I ended up going into the menu setting and changing the level to +20. When running my hops to the camera, hat seemed to be a good place on the status screen for about mid level when I popped up tone. When I plugged my hardline beta snake into the camera and ran tone, it seemed to fall into that same place. I also tested a mic and tried to get the meter to peak at my loudest voice so I was comfortable that it wouldn't over modulate. Right or wrong, that's what I did. Thanks again for everyone's quick response! Marla