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  1. jeffmjones

    Equipment wishes for 2016

    Ok then for a cart: Machine a 1 space rack that holds (4) Wisycom MCR41S-42S in a rack that's (8) Channels of True Diversity. Or (4) of those ENG style in a bag.......(8) Channels of True Diversity in (4) RX....pretty sweet. or Or PSC 6 Pack giving you (6) Channels. 6 True Diversity...... I like my RX12's, but....Real Diversity....small and portable. I suspect we'll see some new Lectrosonics surprises around NAB....but True Diversity...:) I just made cables for the RX12 and Nomad 12 in a bag and it's fine. I guess heavy is a relative term...We could do 4 track and carry 2 Nagra STC's and ....:):)
  2. jeffmjones

    Equipment wishes for 2016

    What don't you like about the RX12?
  3. jeffmjones

    OSX 10.10.3

    Just found out that PT9 and PT10 won't work past 10.8.5 So you have to have PT11 minimum to work in 10.10.3. It's always something with Avid... Jeff
  4. jeffmjones

    Mike Bloomfields Telecaster

    That Great Dan Smile....Never forget that! Jeff
  5. jeffmjones

    Mike Bloomfields Telecaster

    Dan, talking here, is a friend of mine and was my first guitar teacher in 1962. Hi Dan! Jeff
  6. jeffmjones

    Mike Bloomfields Telecaster

    The 59' Les Paul that Mike played was mine, and I sold it to Dan Erlewine who sold it to Michael here in Ann Arbor. I did find another one years later...so it all worked out.
  7. jeffmjones

    Nomad coin cell battery

    I did both my Nomad's today....one with FP8 and one without. Pretty simple. Except I wish I known I needed to replace the battery before I did the FP8 and installed it with Nomad in my new Orca 41 with RX12 and had it all wired ready to go.. But I did both my Nomad 12 at the same time, this time. I had replaced one battery before. Now they are at least on the 'same' 2 year schedule. You need to be very careful with the battery clip. You need to gently lift up the front of the battery cage to ease the battery out and then ease it towards the back of the unit. Being gentle with the red/black thin cables there. When you put the battery back in there are 3 things. You need to lift up the front of the battery cage gently to get the battery started in but not too far. Then you have to gently with a tiny screw driver, lift up each of the battery clips that hold the battery in. This will allow the battery to slip under the clips and not glide on top of them. I did find one screw in my XLR part, that was a slug....missed by Zaxcom in installation, no threads on it at all. Luckily it never came loose and rattle around inside. I thought it was the stud that was stripped at first. I had a couple of the longer screws from the FP8 installation, so I was able to use one of those to secure the XLR panel back in. But just a note of caution that there may be slug screws out there besides mine. Once I installed the battery, I applied power to the Nomad 12, to make sure everything was good, before I put all the screws back in. Nice Clean work inside the Nomad 12. Working on my 2nd RX12 on my cart. Sold my Cooper CS208 that replaced my Sonosax SX8 years ago. Trying an MIX8...but really want a better option, Sonosax New Version is so sweet, almost bought one a few years ago. I was hoping for a Mix 12 that worked with the Nomad 12... But I'm standing by for Deva 32 and new mix surface. RX12 is beautiful.
  8. jeffmjones

    Zaxcom QRX "dual mode" real-world performance?

    Shure UHR True Diversity, Shure Axient True Diversity (the most Amazing RF systems out there right now...) I own both for Shows/Press Events only.. Lectro and Zaxcom for Film/HD...
  9. jeffmjones

    Zaxcom QRX "dual mode" real-world performance?

    QRX100 Single Mode, True Diversity QRX100 Dual Mode, Antenna Diversity 205, 411 Antenna Diversity Venues: One VRT or VRS per RF Mike, Antenna Diversity Venues: Two VRT or VRS per RF Mike, True/Smart/Ratio Diversity 4900 True Diversity 900M True Diversity.. Any one have motor boating or super LF oscillation on 4900, without transmitters on? listen to noise floor..with and without TX no mike plugged in.. Anyone here Zaxnet Whine from Nomad 12, in 4900 no TX on?, with TX on/no mike plugged in? Anyone here Zaxnet Whine in 900M I hear some Zaxnet Whine in 4900, but I can null with Zaxnet antenna placement.. 900M near Zaxnet antenna...2', ready loud whine.. None in QRX100 in Zaxpaq with Mic Plexor and Rubber duckies right near Nomad Zaxnet Antenna.. Also had Zaxnet on, Nomad 12 on, and it was messing with Apple Wifi Network at my home.. Anyone had these issues? Figure out these issues? Fixed these issues? Thanks
  10. jeffmjones

    Testing the DPA 4098 Microphone

    Has anyone tried the MMC2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone Capsule With their "collette" type cable and compact preamps?
  11. jeffmjones

    Testing the DPA 4098 Microphone

    Also the D-Fine Cardiod headsets are fantastic....sold the 4088's...though 4088's are better for singers that move around..
  12. jeffmjones

    Testing the DPA 4098 Microphone

    So you bought and used the 4081's and not the 4098H Hanging Choir Mikes... Why did you go 4081 when the 4080 Cardiod is available? I have switched over to Zaxcom Zaxpaq's with QRX100's and Mutliplexor and the CUB's don't wire/wirelessly to the 900LTH .... Since I use 4071, 4060, 4006, 4007, 4023, 5100 DPA Mike, 4099 Series mikes on all sorts of things... The Cardiod 4080 which we use on Exec's for Events sometimes, seem like a better pattern choice... And these 4098H Choir Mikes look interesting too...has anyone tried these? And has anyone used any of these mikes with Zaxcom RF TX units? Jeff
  13. jeffmjones

    Canon 5D MkII Timecode Notes

    Do you send Audio to the 5D? We use R1a Receivers and put Audio on for Scratch Reference...and 7D...but 5D has better menu control... You could do the same with TC...send via R1a or Zaxcom TC IFB Box...if you don't need scratch Audio.. Do you TC Slate the Cameras? Drop Frame is used to match up to the 'real' TOD clock time used by Broadcasters..for Broadcast and Not Production normally.. If the Edit House can deal with Drop Frame...give it a try.. Are they shooting 23.98 or 29.97? Most of the stuff on the 5D has been 29.97..make sure you are using the correct frame rate..
  14. jeffmjones

    New Chinhda Cart in development

    I love the idea of being able to fly this....in some way...
  15. jeffmjones

    New Chinhda Cart in development

    David...My Main Chinhda Custom Cart is just great, couldn't be better....this MId Size Cart will be a great addition...I'll contact you directly with what I intend to locate on this cart...the remove-able parts to jump into an insert trailer are nice...might be too big of a removable unit... depending how many people need to ride inside and where you need to put it....so Bag set up might still be necessary...but strapped outside might work..last week i was going from one set of gear on the Chinhda cart outside....right into the insert truck/trailer with another set of gear in a bag with hardwired Cubs in the Car we were pulling.....then doing tight insert shots with the bag and a CMIT over the shoulder.. while they changed the camera exterior rig...then dropping the bag into a driving car with 2 Cubs...and TX to a chase vehicle with SMQ IFB...I use a T4 on my cart tuned to the same Freq. as the SMQ IFB TX on the bag...so it's seamless transition for people wearing R1a's..And since we were using Red Epic's I didn't have to worry about getting any Audio on to all the Cameras...LOL....but I used my Ambient Master Clock with GPS to Jam both my recorders, the slates, the Lock Box It Boxes on the RED EPIC's..(Great that RED EPIC's have a 4 Pin Non Standard TC Lemo....Ground/Red Remote/Gen Lock IN and TC IN on the Lemo) We finally got the cables from the Camera Rental House Fed Ex Saturday about 4 hours into the shoot... but clapping TC Slates Old School still works... I continuously get complemented on the Chinhda Cart.. The Mid Size cart will work great...for some of the Smaller Shoots...just making it easier to get in an out...etc. Thanks for turning me on to the JW Blog...Jeff Jones