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  1. radarblaster

    Happy Birhday Crew!

    Cant wait to see 73 trips, thanks for being here. Happy B-Day
  2. radarblaster

    Powered Antennas(650s) and 2 Venues

    thank you. I was going to go straight to you but thought I might miss out on a typical "Senator" response
  3. Is it necessary to turn antenna power on for a "piggybacked/slaved" Venue when the Master Venue is already suppling power to ALP-650's?
  4. radarblaster

    off-camera dialogue in the Mix track

    recent critiques of my Mix track have knocked me down. Asst. Editors and Editors noting that the off-camera is unusable, meaning they have to go to ISO tracks to do "more work". I'm providing very good dialogue for the on-camera, sometimes letting the off-camera lie on an Iso so I can focus on the "on-camera". These are not overlapping dialogue situations. When did putting all dialogue, on or off-camera became the norm for the Mix track? It makes they're job easier to cut picture in I suppose, but the Sound Mix is subject to phasing mics, missed on-camera cues(especially when mixing 5-7 mics at a time) and 2nd Boom Issues (reflections on-camera, introduction of camera noise when actor lining up for a closeup off-camera). I feel the editors pain but come to the set, and stop being lazy. Anyone else have this issue
  5. radarblaster

    788 lock up

    okay, this has happened before, recording 8 tracks, not unusual for me, at 8 tracks, 20 hrs of space. recording started fine, then SD788 locks in the record mode, a "close to" 10 K tone begins to emit and all keys are locked. the fix is to take out battery and remove DC 4 pin cable in order to "start over" and reboot 788 and start to record again. this has happened on different 788s and also while recording to ext drive/int drive and CF card. i sometimes change metadata (scene #) while recording when the scripty has not announced the new scene. (not their fault-its part of the process). i have had partial takes okay up until this point but today i got nothing up until this point and the take was NG for sound. the file says "format unrecognizable"
  6. radarblaster

    Competitive bids

    Was wondering if anyone has found a streamlined approach to these requests for 'competitive bids?' I am starting a Pilot for Sony Studios and they've asked for 3 CB's. I'm hearing the rental houses are not providing them anymore and this topic has not been brought up in years.
  7. radarblaster

    Wireless blocks in Chicago

    Thank you fellas, obviously I'll scan each location first and since I will be working out of a bag with 8 receivers I shouldn't be too far from actors. Cheers
  8. radarblaster

    Wireless blocks in Chicago

    Headed to Chicago, this topic has probably been covered but what are usable blocks in the city.