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  1. Looks great Mike! Custom handtruck style? Do you remote your RF receivers? Is that what the snake is for? This is a picture of my mix cart and a couple of the follow cart last year (one before powder coating) It will be a bit different when I ship this time, but basically the same size.
  2. Yes Phillip, I'm moving permanently. Like i mentioned, if it was for a specific job, I'd have production pay for it. Looking into pallet shipping now. A full container would make sense if my wife and I were bringing more personal items, but that isn't going to happen at this moment. I'll take a smaller bag rig with my when I fly but the carts can take a month or more if need be. I'll put desiccants inside some drawers before plastic wrapping. I thought about selling and then buying over there, but I imagine the cost/benefit doesn't work out. I've modified this cart to be how I'd like it. The follow cart is custom as well.
  3. If I was going already booked on a Production, I would definitely have Production do it. I am moving of my own free will and will be taking my gear on my dime.
  4. Hello all, Looking for input. I’m wondering If anyone has some experience sending a sound cart internationally... Specifically to the South Pacific from North America. I have a mix cart that can be mostly disassembled and a custom follow cart that can’t be. Im sure some of you have had production coordinate this. Have any of you done this yourself? Currently thinking about palletizing and shrink wrapping the two carts so they could be shipped freight easier. Wondering if that is the easier option or if utilizing partial container freight is a better option? I will remove as much equipment from the carts as possible and ship separately. Cost, safety of gear, and ease of process are fundamental. Thank you.
  5. Will be heading back through Auckland around the 13th-14th. Maybe then?
  6. Hello folks, I'm going to be in Wellington NZ for a couple days starting today and wanted to see if any mixer/soundie folk were available to meet up for a coffee or something stronger. My NZ number is 021 027 33879 or contact me at jake@soundsadventurous.com Cheers! Look forward to meeting you.
  7. jakeslaney

    Stolen TS-C

    Hey folks, I've had a slate stolen. Was not in my possession at the time. It's a Denecke TS-C and the serial ends in 863. Taken in Atlanta last Friday. Has a property of Jake Slaney sticker that will be gone probably, but I may have written my last name on the sticks. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled if you would. Thanks all.
  8. Anyway you could message me a working Paypal link to donate to the site? I know it was posted years ago, but I'm not sure it's still a functioning link. I'd like to donate more than my $.02.... Thanks
  9. Worked with one of these the last couple days. Apparently you cannot jam 23.98 into camera? Could receive and could jam 29.97. Just giving a heads up and wondering I anyone else has experienced this?
  10. Can't they just pour producers over them?
  11. I just wanted to re-visit and say the my Lav Bullet is a fantastic tool. I did go through a couple in the beginning, but have seen the new threaded connectors with a slug insert and it seems to work perfectly! I use mine every day and would definitely buy another one. Thanks, and sorry about the earlier critique!
  12. Awww, my home town... I can recommend some good restaurants! Wish I was there... You guys shooting at rickwood I bet? Oldest working field in the U.S...
  13. I really love the idea. It's super helpful and convenient. However, I wish you would make one that isn't interchangeable. In other words, one that is cast as one piece. I've had two already at $40 a pop and both broke at the threads of the ta3 sleeve. The first one in the first week, the second on the first drop. I know i can get replacements... (not super easily) but 90% of what I use and what other professionals I know use would be ta3 (ta5). I know you guys want to keep costs low, but I'd pay double if it didn't break. Great Idea, I think it needs some QC...
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