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  1. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a place to rent a Comtek PR-216 receiver on a Saturday here in LA? A production I am working with tomorrow decided last minute that they need an additional one. If anybody happens to have a PR-216 that they wouldn't mind renting out until Monday, and lives near the Culver City area, please let me know.
  2. I have a couple of Sony UWP wireless systems and I love them. However, I've found that the biggest downside to using them is that few rental houses carry mics wired for Sony. Here's my question: would it be possible to make an adapter that allowed G3 wired mics to be used on a Sony UWP transmitter? These links from Sanken make me think that it is possible: http://www.sanken-mi...index.cfm/11.27 (Diagram for wiring a Cos-11 pigtail for a Sony UWP) http://www.sanken-mi...index.cfm/11.25 (Diagram for wiring a Cos-11 pigtail for a Sennheiser G3) The wiring styles are different
  3. I use an Audix SCX1 with a hypercardioid capsule for indoor work and have been very happy with the results. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/242661-REG/Audix_SCX1_HC_SCX1_HC_Microphone.html I also have an NTG-3 and love it!
  4. Hi Everyone, I am a sound mixer in LA that is relatively new to the game. I've mostly been doing bag work for low to moderate budget projects, and am looking at adding some Comteks to my package, but I could use a little guidance on what systems to invest in. Here are my questions: - What is the difference between the 72 transmitter/receivers and the 216 models? - Are there any legal FCC related concerns? - What is Option 7? - What models would you advise that I purchase for a first set? Used or new? Here are some details about my needs: I do a wide variety of work: D
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