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  1. Great to hear, as I already have some Microdot 4060s. Cheers!
  2. The transmitter only outputs 3.3 V though, according to the specs? So wouldn't this rule out the 4060 for instance? Or am I missing something (I'm not the most electronics-savvy I'll admit)?
  3. Which mics will be compatible with this? DPA probably, but only low voltage ones?
  4. Was there any word on price?
  5. Karri

    Deity Connect

    There's already a 5-page long thread on these.
  6. That would require a separate Bluetooth transceiver, so unless these have one I don't think it will happen (WiFi wouldn't work as they said the units aren't using the WiFi protocols, they're just in the same frequency space). Personally, I wouldn't be switching the names up much, as I'm maybe mostly interested in this thing as a camera hop. Sure, why not as a supplemental pair of talent channels as well, but mostly as hop. I'll be interested in seeing some real world range tests and some nice sound tests, like the same signal driven through a mixer into two channels, the other wired and the other through this system, into a recorder and then compared, with dialogue, key chain test etc. Also it'd be cool to see one opened up to see which type of batteries they use and how easy it would be to eventually self-service a new one into them.
  7. Found this Youtube interview/demo on these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSWv7NOZtYM
  8. If the sound quality is good this might be rather nice for a light (well, and affordable obviously) 2 channel ENG camera hop.
  9. Still no more opinions/comments on this mic? Can't seem to find anything new on Google or Youtube either.
  10. Hey, There are some lav hiding accessories out there, but most I think are for end-address mics like DPAs and Sankens. I've been using DPAs and in have found the DPA concealers brilliant for most TV/reality situations. However, one of my DPAs broke (I've yet to confirm if it's the MicroDot connector or, somehow, the capsule) and for a backup I turned to the Lectrosonics M152/5P which I hadn't really bothered to try out that much even. Lo and behold, it sounded ok. Now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any nice mounting solutions for them, since the side-address grill gives less flexibility when taping them. Rycote Overcovers work in some situations for instance, but unlike an end-address mic you can't really do it the other way around, meaning taping to the clothing and having the fur against skin to minimize rubbing sound. Hush Lavs and cutting a hole to the side? Something else? Input appreciated.
  11. The Rode Ambisonic mic comes with a full mount + shield kit. A bit cheaper than the Ambeo, I'll be waiting how they stack up to each other (and how well the windshield does) but for what you get this + a MixPre6 should be an amazingly affordable and compact dedicated set-up for surround ambiances etc.
  12. Never been but as I live in the neighborhood I've heard things... The main one being that customs is super-strict with your gear, apparently you're to catalogue (with pictures? Not sure) pretty much every separate item, possibly down to individual batteries, lav hiders etc. to avoid trouble.
  13. I've only been to Vietnam as a tourist, but some googling around would suggest that shooting in Vietnam requires permits, which according to the sites advertizing production and fixer services aren't hard to get. On a hunch, I probably wouldn't bring anything bigger than a Zoom unless I or a production person had procured the necessary permits.
  14. I'm so, so sorry. Maybe we ought to let this thread die already.
  15. Maybe I'll just hang a metal plate on my chest whenever near a body of water and ask the spirit of the amazing Steve to protect me.
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