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  1. Of course! Thanks for the humble opinion/intel anyway
  2. That’s good to know! Do you need to make this declaration to anyone in particular, before you use the radios for example? Or just if you get stopped...? I’m heading to Berlin next month with Wisycoms on 510-698 and 470-640...
  3. No. I edited my original comment; as you (indirectly) pointed out my original post wasn't particularly well phrased. Apologies.
  4. Are you aware of the Sanken Cos22? It looks like it might be a good solution. I haven't tried it as it's not available in Europe. http://www.sanken-mic.com/en/product/product.cfm/5.1004900 "The Sanken COS-22 is the world’s first 2ch lavalier microphone. In the tradition of the popular Sanken COS-11 lavalier series, the ultra miniature COS-22 measures only 31.6mm (1.25”) in length but boasts a full frequency response up to 20,000 Hz. The two-channel, dual-omnidirectional COS-22 is designed for a variety of applications, including high quality unobtrusive area miking, stereo recording of music and environmental ambience, redundant capsule live broadcast (e.g. news anchors), and boundary-style miking for film and television. In addition, the COS-22 can be used as a noise cancellation directional microphone pair by reversing the phase of one channel before summing the two outputs."
  5. When we were cabled, the Tacit went at the 788 end. When we were wireless we just used the bass cut in the 2040 tx.
  6. Rasmus, it's the smallest Rycote (can't remember if it's a 1 or an extended ball gag). Lyres, the connbox that bypasses the xlr module and a Tacit cable.
  7. It was a reasonably fast paced factual entertainment show which necessitated the odd boom swing that was faster than I would have liked. The mixer and I decided that the 8050 with only foam was too susceptible to wind noise to risk not using the basket as retakes weren't an option. David, the budget did allow us more than one mic but enough time to take the basket off is seemingly much more expensive ;-)
  8. From Dangerman: The Incredible Mr Goodwin. The second shot is actually a screen grab - lots of featured crew in that show:)
  9. If the job's in central London I'll ride to work but as I'm on a fixed gear, anything over about 10 miles takes too long. I fit a 302, boom and a couple of radios plus spares in a Mission Workshop courier bag called the Shed (http://missionworkshop.com/products/bags/messenger/roll_top/large_shed.php) which is awesome. martin
  10. Well, the PSC tip arrived today and it's basically the same design but longer. It's not quite as loose as the Togloc and it no longer feels like it's going to fall out, as it's about three times the length, but it still rattles more than I'd like. It's a shame because in all other respects it's a great pole - the collars are really good and it doesn't bend etc. Just annoying that a key area is a bit shoddy...
  11. It's only £16 - I've ordered one and I'll let you know.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. The PSC tip sounds like an option, I'll give it a go:) m
  13. Hello all, I've been using a Loon boom pole for the last few years and recently I noticed that the Togloc is ever so slightly loose. It's not a problem when using, say, a Schoeps in a Cinela mount but when I've got the full 416 on the end there's a noticeable rattle. So, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and, if so, what you did about it. I'm considering gluing it on at the moment... I'd really like to not have to replace the pole just because of this as in all other respects it's great. (I've contacted Loon but haven't heard anything back yet.) best martin
  14. There's also Better Sound in Kentish Town: www.bettersound.co.uk
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