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    30+ years in television, motion picture and music sound recording, on 5 continents so far.
  1. Does anybody have a contact name/number email for someone at the Academy? I'm writing a history piece on technical achievements and the Oscars for sound technology are important! I wrote to the website....nothin'. I'm going to need a member who can point me the right way. Thanks! John
  2. I just did the normal stuff, like draining the oil and coolant, disconnecting the battery and draining the gas tank :-p My 4.2 seems to be weathering retirement ok so far, it's been in a dry closet since the last time it was out in the world.
  3. Just because they upgraded their product line doesn't mean your stuff will suddenly quit working, or that, if used correctly, won't give you plenty of service over years. Well with NeverClip if you can't manage to set up the gain right for the initial conditions, 130dB of dynamic range will save you.
  4. The 4900 can get the new software, you just have to send it back. Dunno about the 900.
  5. Well one can still upgrade existing TRX and QRX with the new modulation scheme to get added link range at least. And that's free.
  6. Why would you not upgrade your transmitters? It's a free software download.
  7. If by 32KHz you mean 48Khz, then yes.
  8. The guys at "Ink Master" fill up a Pix 260's track capacity just fine.
  9. "I don't know" is a perfectly OK answer. Found it on page 61 of Zaxcom Digital Wireless System Transmitter User's Manual, which is apparently now out of print. After poring over several hundred pages of other manuals.
  10. Hi All, Ok, I've seen in the version notes where remote transmitter frequency changing is supposedly possible with the Zaxcom wireless transmitters. This feature is at best undocumented beyond the rev. notes. Does it really exist, and how does one do such a thing!? I've got TRX900LAs, a 942 and IFB100 Thanks, John
  11. I'm going to make some input cables for my 216, having somehow lost the ones that came with it :-/ The manual says "Tip-sleeve" for audio, is it unbalanced input, or is it weirdly balanced with the ring being ground??? Thanks! jg
  12. I ordered a pair of ERX1TCDs and they delayed so I could have ERX2TCDs. Luckily I wasn't in a panic for them, but I didn't get any steenking belt clips!
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