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  1. @jwill I sit corrected! Just looked closer at the data sheet PDF and it does say a 941 band DSR4- sorry for my mistake. If that is the case, then yes, your SMQVs would work with the DSR as long as both are rocking the digital hybrid compatibility setting.
  2. @jwillDSR4 doesn’t cover the 941 band based on the current specs/info Lectro released I believe. You’d have to buy transmitters in blocks 470-23 or A1/B1 to be usable with the DSR4.
  3. This is great- been excited about something like this for a while. Congrats to you and the team at Lectro @karlw! I noticed the manual is still pending on the site. I read the backplates are going to be unique to this receiver- will they be similar in size to older backplates though? Any access to plug headphones directly into the unit to monitor or troubleshoot (say via USB adapter or backplate if ever used as a camera hop)? Any functionality to control transmitter settings besides the IR frequency setting function (specifically transmitter gain while in the middle of a take)? Thanks Karl!
  4. @jon_tatoolesDo you have some more info on the differences between the Cedar & NA plug-ins? @Peter Mega how about your experiences trying the demos? Anyone else? I've been eyeing an 8 series machine and NR plug-ins make it that much more intriguing to me. Thanks for any info!
  5. Thank you for the info Karl. Looking forward to it! : )
  6. Hey @karlw or @LarryF, I'm trying to find specifics on the DPR- is it compatible with the M2R? I couldn't find the answer in the forums, website or the Sound Summit intro video, but noticed in the manuals both have 8PSK as the modulation type. Does that mean yes? Thanks, Todd
  7. @drpro I'm dealing with some sticky buttons myself- do you have any pointers on opening these suckers up? Mine are out of warranty I believe, but some are acting like they could use a little button cleaning. Thanks for any wisdom here... Todd
  8. Peter- just researching some VHF stuff after Lectro's R1b recent announcement. Wondering if you have upgraded your IFB situation since your post a few years back? If so, which direction did you go?
  9. Greg - apparent beta testers on the Lectro FB forum say they sound great- but it seems to be comparable with the old R1a receivers with a slightly better noise floor. Wyatt - only compatibility mode is IFB. I usually use my R1a receivers for at least a couple channels of receiving on the shows I do. I also travel frequently so the more frequency spectrum of the M2R is attractive when used in analog IFB mode. Both M2R and R1b could use some preset features or feature additions IMHO. Personally I think I may just ride out my B24 R1as until the FCC deadline here in the US (which shouldn't be hard given the current lull in shooting). My current questions would be about the potential update of preset features and also how the VHF versions do with distance given the transmitters can only do 50mW max? If they released a multichannel analog IFB transmitter that would help sway me as well.
  10. Has anyone here at JW had more experience with Yamaha's TF series mixers? I'm thinking of investing in the TF1 or TF3. I'm not necessarily needing it to be able to fit on a cart as most of the uses for it would be the house based reality shows where I'm routing 20-30 channels through it. I've used MADI with a rental DM2000 in the past with great success and am looking into purchasing my own board and jumping into the world of Dante. Any experience with this series would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey all, I have recently moved my home base from Los Angeles to Nashville, TN. If anyone is looking for a mixer or supervisor in the Nashville, TN area I would be happy to be a part of your productions. I've done mostly reality and ENG bag stuff, but have also supervised a couple board based shows as well. Since my network has been and still is in LA, I'll be available to work there for longer multi day gigs. I'm currently non-union and happy to provide resumes or references if desired. I have a valid passport and willing to travel. Thank you! Todd Steinhauer todd@uwalumni.com 615-669-1399/323-963-4424
  12. Thanks for the share Johnny. That thing looks great, I can't believe it works that well and is only $30. Checking Amazon now...
  13. Hey all, thanks for the ideas and posts to this last year. I got a little sidetracked with this project, but I did end up buying a Toshiba FlashAir WiFi SD card. I'm still playing with it, but on the basic level of setting up and transferring it totally works and is consistently successful on my 6 series mixers. It's best for small files, but I was able to upload a large audio file to my iPhone (via their app) as well. CSV file is easily editable in Numbers on my iPhone and can send right along pretty quickly. I did have some small issues though. Using the pass-through internet feature on that card, but I need to do more testing. I hide my wifi's SSID and I think that is giving it problems. I also had an issue deleting the large audio file I uploaded to the iPhone app. I'll post an Amazon link and walkthrough of this sometime next month. It's a little tardy, but thank you all for sharing and brainstorming with me on this. Best, Todd Steinhauer
  14. Hey All, I'm looking for a solution to quickly dump a sound report from my 664 to my iPhone so I can email it off quickly at the end of my workdays. Research so far has led me to WiFi enabled SD cards, WiFi SD card readers and Lightning SD card readers. Currently I think my best potential solution is the WiFi enabled SD cards. It is smallest of the solutions. Most cards seem to have their proprietary apps you have to use to transfer files. Some, like the Eye Fi brand, only allow you to transfer photos and video from cameras. Toshiba Flash Air seems to allow all files to be transferred from their SD cards. Documentation on these products, their specs and transferring functions has not been the easiest to find. NOTE: I am well aware that these cards are not approved media- they would be used to quickly transfer a sound report from the CF to the WiFi SD then onto my iPhone. I am not looking to record successfully on said cards. So before I go blow some $$ on something that may not work, I thought I would ask you wonderfully helpful people here at JWSG: Has anyone had experience using this solution or these WiFi cards in a Sound Devices mixer for simply transferring files to their iPhone/mobile device? Does anyone have another solution that they successfully use to get sound reports to their mobile device in the field without lugging around a laptop? Thanks! Todd Steinhauer
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