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  1. Yes. Only the top shelf would be totally fine
  2. If I were in the market (I work in radio, and though sometimes we do small OB gigs, it doesn't really warrant a custom cart. We have a sound cart though) I would like : - a rack width frame, but it should be "open" so that you could attach bars with rack holes to shelves, I hope you understand what I mean. I'd like to be able to put rack width gear on one section of the cart and have the cart be without bars on one section. - to be able to completely close it up and lock it. - to be able to change the positions of shelves and drawers easily, without too many tools. - a patchbay on the back, to avoid pulling cables in and out and through the frame. - I'm pretty tall. So I'd like a tall cart where you could either sit or stand, so that's why modularity and changeability is key.
  3. There's a thread already with a few reviews iirc
  4. Hopefully, production is wise enough to give the post production team plenty of heads up to record these sounds (or search archives for them). Otherwise, I’d say don’t bother and let them do the job. On the other hand, art dept must probably dig up a lot of old cars and stuff that you could probably have access to and record (or the post team). I’ve always found period pieces to be fun, and often times not at all as hard as you might think sound wise. In post, you’d be surprised with how much you can get away with in terms of time. It’s all about the feeling and not so much about authenticity. You know that of course.
  5. It's probably nothing less than AWESOME.
  6. I'll def check them out! Thanks!
  7. WOW BASH! I'll be brewing myself this christmas, perhaps gonna give it a name like "It Depends"
  8. I was once planning a short that was set in the 70s and the director, my wife, insisted on us having 70s gear. So we looked for some old stuff and found some things. But we ultimately settled on that we should use modern gear and then record a mix to a Nagra, record that tape back to the studio and edit in pro tools, mix on tape and then back digital again. Of course, that wouldn’t affect the sound in a lot of ways, so it was just a stupid hang up. The film never made it to shooting though So maybe David is doing the same thing but with a 90s movie?
  9. Maybe he’ll end up having the world record. Heh...
  10. Peak superlatives. Zaxcom and Rode better step that game up. (The superlative game, that is). Wow. It's a mic!
  11. Impressive self noise, however hardly a selling point since that's not often an issue in our line of work.. No 10 year guarantee?
  12. Funny! I was always amazed with how much you could do in the time between "quiet on set" and "aaand action". Lots of last second rerigs and "hope no one sees this". And I guess that's in every department..
  13. IMO, you can’t be a volunteer for something or someone making money. Especially if that business or person makes money off of people wanting to “volunteer”. It’s not charity work. You could seek internships and learn from other mixers. If you do work and gain responsibilities , you are working and should be paid.
  14. I work in radio nowadays, and I'm about to broadcast our weekly science show where one segment is about the first "victims" of vaping, people have suffered different diseases from vaping . If the same material is used in smoke and fog machines, they could also be subject to further research.. and then perhaps legal action? Not an american so I wouldn't know.. Anyway, the researcher's name is Brandon Larsen, and here's a quickly googled article about that: https://www.livescience.com/vaping-lung-injuries-toxic-fumes.html
  15. However, Cantar mini is hardly mini compared to the SXR4+, correct?
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