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  1. 8050 is great for plants but not on a boom imo. An 8060, on the other hand, is a great microphone.
  2. There are more advantages to cmc than just better off axis sound. The swivel mount for example. It all comes down to what you're comfortable with and used to. I've mostly boomed with mkh50 but those few times I've used a schoeps it just opens up for new ways of booming, both thanks to the off axis response, but also the ergonomics with the swivel and wind protection and so forth. With a 50, I personally feel like I have to be more on axis and be more precise in my booming, which is much more taxing. With a mk41 on whatever mount, I can move a lot smoother, and feel confident I can get the off screen lines or responses much smoother. That's also true for the cmit. That might not impact the way post will use the material, but on the set you have other things to worry about. But again, I can do the same job with an MKH50 and a schoeps, it just changes the way I can work and how I do it. And ultimately, if your mixer wants you to drive a schoeps, or any other mic, you do it. It's a matter of taste..
  3. I used the CM3 recently for an upright piano recording. Sounded fine. It was sitting very close to the strings and hammers inside the cabinet, held by a Nite Ize Gear Tie. The mic has no proximity effect, I think. To my ears it's a good mic for any situation in that it doesn't really have a character.
  4. You could use a significantly cheaper recorder than the adapter you mention, like the tascam dr60d, which is made specifically for small cameras. The zoomf4 is another, albeit more expensive option. You could look in the second hand market. The downside of having an external recorder is of course they need power too. In your scenario that sound kind of like a problem.. On the other hand, I don't know of any other solution that would make the sound work without batteries of some sort. The mkh416 wouldn't even make a sound of you just plug it in to a camera with an adaptor. You need 48v phantom for that mic. Excellent choice though.
  5. Tech theater is absolutely appropriate. I work at a local radio station which is part of national public radio so there's a huge organization behind. The main company has written rules about how we should manage our equipment. Alcohol wipes and other wipes, personal microphones and windscreens etc etc, even though our own science dept and in house doctor has come to the same conclusions as this report. For us, the "charade" is just to make sure that we don't get negative publicity (public radio in Sweden has a very important mission to inform the public, obviously). I would make the comparison with mouth protection ; in Sweden, mouth protection is considered useless for the public but essential to hospitals and people working in elderly homes and so forth. Whereas in other countries it's considered essential to everyone... I'm biased, but to me mouth protection isn't protecting anyone, it's a charade as well. (Whole other discussion, just making a comparison with tech theater)
  6. What a wonderful world we live in where we can have these sort of tools in this tiny little box. Hooray for engineers! Also want to hear real world usage before I say anything critical; i have my doubts. But it's awesome nonetheless. Imagine a light suppression with Cedar, and then NoiseAssist, maybe sounds great and will work great in combination? Or maybe not... I dunno.
  7. Nice! Help a European out here... Are your bills really huge, or is the rx8 small, or is the dollar closer to the camera than the Rx8?
  8. Let's hope! New tools are fun! But I still don't think it's gonna replace technicians.
  9. Oh I consider myself very tech aware and quite savvy. I work with computers every day and I still think I'm right when I say that computers, especially windows, can't update themselves and insure stability with all other softwares, licenses and peripherals. For instance, security settings may change from one OS update to the other, making mission critical apps or web pages not function correctly with the new update which makes the whole system moot and has to manually be downgraded to much dismay and lost work hours. This is happening now than twice each year in my workplace. We use windows 10, albeit a corporate version where we have people working exclusively with MS updates. That said, yes, computers can update themselves but they are still not self sufficient in all aspects and therefore is not yet a threat to us technicians. It's luckily a kind of a built in failsafe that we still need to supply power and the right codes for these machines. As long as the code itself can't code itself, we should be OK. But again, I can be wrong. And I'm happy to say I am! I am also aware that people in post use tools all the time, but this particular tool, to my eyes, is not a new tool in the sense that we as mixers or technicians will be replaced by the tool anytime soon. And I'm saying again that I think for this specific application, the sound and result is amazing. But for high end production sound, I think this developer has a long way to go. Nvidia will probably not venture into the world of pro audio with this. They make a lot more money selling graphic cards to kids than a few studios..
  10. Yes well, then again I think we should be more concerned about the actors.
  11. I'm having a hard time seeing innovation radically changing our workflow.. If you think about it, technology in post and recording has been developing rapidly, all these new RF systems and their remote capabilities and so on. High dynamic range.. Noise reduction is nothing new # this is just new algorithms, algorithms that see based on this application. AI is great, but it still has to be applied specifically to an application. There's no AI that can hear that this is a DPA4060 sitting too far away and has some bad rustling and knows exactly what to do about it. Then the software would have to recreate the voice of that actor, and then you'd have another discussion about if we really need actors. I wouldn't worry. Computers still can't update thermselves and make sure that all the other programs are compatible. And don't get me started on external hard drives and if you change letters or catalogs... Nah. Computers are still stupid, because we are (thankfully) still stupid.
  12. Yeah I love to be proven wrong! I tend to take these demos with a grain of salt. But again, even if it does sound acceptable, the bitrates are low. In a theater, you would probably hear all kinds of things. Those mics are very close to the mouth and are probably designed for specific application and position, whereas our mics are made to sound flat and reproduce natural sounds. And that vacuum I could hear in his speech. And there were audible artifacts from the RTX. That Krisp thing sounded better to my ears, but it still wasn't good enough for the cinema.. So yes, impressive, but it works because the sound quality is so low. It's made to make voices over gaming sessions clearer, which means that you as a player are listening to the games audio and up to maybe 32 people talking at the same time so I reckon removing noise from those voices world change a whole lot in that context. But I still think we're far off integrating this into our profession. But again, I love to be proven wrong!
  13. Chances are this will never make it to set or even post, due to several limitations, one being we often require much higher sound quality than these gaming services do. I mean the bandwidth of these streaming services are under 64kbit, if even that. Imagine being in post having a line that sounds fine and this is applied, it still sounds good and clean, but there's artifacts that make it just that little bit unusable. I still think it's faster to adr or find another line and edit that in. I really wish though that this will be great and can reproduce high quality sound. That'd be awesome.. But I'm not so sure.
  14. Sure hope so! I'd buy an actual tumbleweed in a heartbeat if it came in a box labeled lectrosonics
  15. Why don't you just release a tumbleweed already?!
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