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  1. Perhaps the only good thing about wireless with less range then..
  2. Oh yeah, I should’ve just written that you can trial it indefinitely. But even after like two three days you’ll have bought it cus it’s just so much bang for buck. Oh yeah, I should’ve just written that you can trial it indefinitely. But even after like two three days you’ll have bought it cus it’s just so much bang for buck.
  3. Give Reaper a spin! www.reaper.fm It can do pretty much anything you want and it's free as long as your conscience allows it to be. The stock plugins are OK. I too would buy into Nuendo and izotope later on, but start off with reaper and get a feel for what it can do. Lots of how-tos and tutorials on YouTube.
  4. On my watch list, too. About that PA constantly nagging, I feel your pain. Nowadays, I work in radio, full time, so I’m used to being the one saying “I am ready to mix now”, instead of the other way around. I filled in for a mixer for a weekend on a feature, and the PAs were real quick to ask me the question, as if the wires were the biggest Time Thief. It’s such a belittling question....
  5. Utterly amazing! Humans are so dominant and powerful and full of ourselves that we can now make anything a mirror. Magnificent art!
  6. Great! As I've transitioned into radio I've been working a bit with the Digico SD11, and it works sort of the same only even more complex of course, but that's a great feature that you can configure all the banks.
  7. Do you mean the clicking is audible in the physical world or just in the recordings in the computer? If th answer is the former, I tend to agree with Mike, lol!
  8. That sounds great! And you can configure which encoder controls which input in all the banks?
  9. Been following the build of the marble machine X for a year or more now. Fascinating stuff.
  10. I too wonder about this. And I think I've come to the conclusion that even if you could cycle each encoder individually (say 1 is zaxnet gain and 2 is channel volume etc, different colors for each encoder indicating they control different values) I wouldn't want that. I think it just overcomplicates thing to a point where I probably couldn't confidently navigate the unit and deliver good quality. Sure, you can learn anything, but the level of complexity cycling every encoder individually would introduce would be.. Too much for me. I'd much rather have to cycle through banks of five to get to the control value I want, even in a stressful situation. It narrows down the margin of error by a lot, in my head at least. However, I would love to be able to program the banks myself. Meaning I would like to have the ability to say Bank 1 should be channel volume 1-5, Bank 2 input trim for 1-5, Bank 3 pan 1-5 etc. Or Bank 1 channel volume 1-3, and trim for 1-2, Bank 2 Zaxnet gain for 2-5 and gain for output 1 So scrolling through banks, I would know which banks do what and so forth... But scrolling, switching between banks should always scroll all of the encoders IMO addendum: Well, posted before I read Glenn's post.
  11. But the pots on the Nova are not just simple pots... Sure, I donät think I'd like to scroll through banks of faders on rotary encoders on a big mixing project, but then it's the wrong tool for the job. This is a great machine for ENG/Reality jobs, where you have a boom and four wireless, with the possibility for more. There is not mixer to rule them all
  12. Maybe the output level of the nano is either too low or too high for the black magic so it doesn't see it as TC. Can you adjust the output level of the nano?
  13. Or a 2.4ghz system? Or a new digital modulation?
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