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    Ex boom operator, sound mixer from Sweden. Nowadays I work with national public radio in Sweden, occasionally taking jobs in the movies

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  1. Olle Sjostrom

    Boom Op Kits

    When I worked as a boom op I had a Zuca bag filled with stuff I could use. It also served as a stand for the boom so I could put it away at times. I wanted to be able to quickly mount extra mics, if needed, and different amounts of tape. Batteries, straps, lavs etc. i also had a fanny pack or waist pack with small stuff. Mostly tape and a leatherman
  2. Olle Sjostrom

    waterproofing and mounting a lectro bodypack?

    Nowadays I work in public radio, but every year we broadcast a happening here in Uppsala, Sweden, where our show hosts are all on rafts in the small river running through town. they are wearing wetsuits and Lectro transmitters with a handmic (Sennheiser MD21 with a condom and vulcanising tape). The Txs are SMQV, or the european equivalent which I can't remember now. We put the TXs in Aquapacs or equiv, and stow those pacs in wristbands on their arms. It works great! But the river is obviously not salty, but the TXs never come out wet, even if the show hosts fall in the water. The show hosts are on the river for about an hour. So I can't vouch for these packs for longer periods of time and with salty water, but they work, sure. Have fun!
  3. Olle Sjostrom

    K-Tek KBAC1 boom pole clip.

    You can use gear ties from Nite Ize as a boom holder on a bag. You just take one of them and wrap it around the pole, and bend the rest of the tie to make a hook. Then hang it on you bag or shoulder strap. Better yet, if you have two gear ties you can make a loop with one and put it on the shoulder strap and keep the one on the boom. Not elegant, but it does the job pretty well
  4. Olle Sjostrom

    Proper Lav Mic Techniques

    Shure I know how to wire a talent!
  5. Olle Sjostrom

    Samsung Onyx

    Well finally someone DID something about that HORRIBLE sound in every theatre for the last 50+ years. this 7.1, Atmos crap is just not Hi-fi enough!!! / end of sarcastic sentence. I'm getting old. Getting tired of every new tech in fields where everything still works and noone is complaining
  6. Olle Sjostrom

    Wireless mic use in Iceland ?

    This is from the PFS, the local authorities for radio communication in Iceland. As in most of the EU, the band 470-694 is for radio mics use. They do require license though, but you can find the proper documents on the site. I'm not an iceland native, I just googled it, so I'm not speaking out of any deep wisdom. https://www.pfs.is/library/Skrar/Tidnir-og-taekni/MHZ_21.12.2015.pdf
  7. Olle Sjostrom


    Haven't tasted it yet, but this beer had too good a name not to post. Cheers!
  8. Olle Sjostrom

    Cloud-based mixing

    Reaper has this, I think. I also think nuendo has had it for years... I could be wrong
  9. Gain knob on the mic is a real good idea for that type of application!
  10. Olle Sjostrom

    Samplitude's "O-Ton-Modus"

    I second Reaper for this. Even th ough you might think installing a full DAW for simple playback operation, Reaper can be customized into anything and even though it's a fully fledged DAW it opens up in no time and can do the simplest things, as well as the heavy ones. Custom actions and playback control is one of them. Takes a little setting up but it's pretty stable when it's up and running.
  11. Olle Sjostrom

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    Don't forget about White Monday; where the aim is to sell off used items instead of buying new stuff all the time. This forum has great potential for that. Just a tip.
  12. Olle Sjostrom

    Camera operator dies on set

    Tragic news again. Mark Milsome, a camera operator, died on set on Nov 18 shooting a stunt scene. Very sad. I don't have any connections with him, just saw the news. Very little is known about the actual accident, what happened and why. http://deadline.com/2017/11/camera-operator-mark-milsome-dies-stunt-forgiving-earth-bbc-netflix-drama-republic-1202212192/
  13. Olle Sjostrom

    #metoo and sexism in general

    Jan, Wow! Thank you Jan for that. I hate to think "boys will be boys" because it sort of gives them the right to be. Thank you for being so impolite with those people not showing respect. That's really what they need. To see that not showing respect just reflects it back
  14. Olle Sjostrom

    #metoo and sexism in general

    Well it's a sort of predicament to the whole patriarchy, that certain higher ranked gentlemen are excempt from certain obligations.
  15. Olle Sjostrom

    #metoo and sexism in general

    You are correct. The ways of being an ass are many. However, as the thread title might imply, I was suggesting that "being an ass" in this case was being sexist. I apologize for my being unclear