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  1. Since you mention "an older phone" or could be a compatibility issue with the adapter. IPhones are perpetually fussy about most things. I know for a fact that for some older IPhones, from iPhone 8 and older iirc, you need a powered USB hub to be able to use external interfaces, like the iRig devices. That could be the issue. Try it with a newer phone. Or a powered USB hub.
  2. Thanks Rick! The md21 is indeed odd. We 3d printed a part to just hold the mic, but there's no real way of hanging it in rubber bands or so. That said, 3D,printing might be a rabbit hole to venture into. Venturing into changing mics is probably even harder. And the mic is used in a boom during interviews or for OB. The backpack we use for broadcasting is pretty awesome tech, but that's another thread.
  3. Expensive, yes. And probably won't work the way we want it to. My issue here is obviously not the shockmount, but rather the mic itself. There are lots of reasons for having that particular mic..
  4. Thank you so much! That rycote suspension was on my mind, but I'm not sure about added bulk might add up to being too heavy for our reporters. But that first item is really interesting.
  5. So, the radio station that I work at are using MD21s for daily reporting. Due to a certain virus we mount them to a boom pole. It's not the right mic for sitting on a boom, I know, but Reporters like them and most importantly they are used to them. They don't break easily and a number of other reasons. Anyway. They screw on directly to the boom which is obviously making a lot of noise. My first instinct is to just put a mkh50 on it inside a zeppelin. But that'd be too heavy. And we don't have any 50s. Or any other good equivalent mics. Small Condenser mics and r
  6. I, too, work in radio and we had a lot of issues with this. The way we did it was to. solder a trrs cable. It's not hard or expensive, and it works great. But you can't record the audio on the iPhone itself there has to be a mixer or recorder in between. Here's a rough schematic. The 4,7k resistor in the sketch doesn't need to be that exact value, but it needs to exceed it. The 12 ohm resistor I'm not sure about. It's needed but not sure if it has to exceed 12 ohm or if it has to be exactly 12 ohms. iPhonesladd.pdf
  7. Hah! Isn't that what communicating with aliens really is though? Lfo1 modulation output going to pitch change of vco1, lfo2 output going to rate of lfo1.
  8. I imagine putting a recorder on a product at this price, might be an indicator that its range isn't great.
  9. But why can't you mic the coach?
  10. And a fine dream it is! And you're doing the best you can to your knowledge and equpiments' capabilities. It's their equipment that's not doing what they want, in my opinion. If post wants you to use a specific mixer for this particular reason, then opt for the post company or even production company to rent one for you. But I can't imagine that's going to be worth it for anyone.
  11. You could argue that Avid should be able to strip the silent channels and figure it out. To me, this seems more like an Avid issue and not an SD issue, if an issue at all...
  12. I'm proud that this document is still useful, or makes me happy (since I started it) but I just though by now someone would've made this information much more easily available than a spreadsheet online... Maybe I'm wrong
  13. Amazing to see that this is still alive. There has to be a better way or site than this document?
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