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  1. Love them. I use the cm3 always for ambiance mics, crowd mics and pretty much anything. Especially for fx or music, they're awesome. I’ve put a pair in a zeppelin in kinda ortf config. Great quick setup. Kind of uncharacteristic, which is a good thing obviously haven’t used them for voice though, but I think it wouldn’t sound great. Not bad but not great either..
  2. Cell phone ifb? Like an SIP or webrtc connection? That'd be awesome.
  3. I think the key thing here is har the outbreak in China had such a huge effect, and what China had to do to dampen the effects were very radical. That scared the western world, I mean we couldn't even shut whole cities down like that. And no one has any immunity, no one had been exposed to this virus, so potentially everyone can be infected. Then I think the smart move is to just shut things down for a while. I mean, sure it might not kill people in any greater way than regular flu, but since everyone's a potential victim (there are vaccines for the flu) that needs to be taken into account. I'm pretty positively surprised that big events close down. In the darker parts of my brain I thought everything would be churning on and the weakest people would be infected and die off. Maybe not responsible to shut things down, fiscally i mean, but humanely it might actually be. We'll see where it takes us. But I agree that is kind of blown out of proportion. But again, we've seen the flu and we have the defense mechanisms up and running for it. Even though it kills more people, Corona is still potentially able to infect everyone and make a ton of damage to large communities. Not just economically..
  4. Quite a busy scan though. That's the wonder of it all I guess, that it works anyway. In Sweden, even in the busiest parts, I probably would never have that much RF...
  5. Fascinating! Thanks for the warning. Weren’t thinking of buying, most definitely won’t be buying now.
  6. +1 to all. I learned that fabric type can really make a difference. I did a hospital series where the actors wore scrubs made from a thick cotton material. We hid the lavs in their name tags on the outside of the scrubs. Worked great in the winter. When summer came their clothes suddenly started rustling like hell. We learned that they had had cotton tank tops under the scrubs in the winter. So tree forced the, to keep them on. Rustle gone
  7. But.. In the photo of your post are safety pins? Wouldn't use that as a spacer. Paper clips are fine. On a documentary I did a few years back I used undercovers wrapped around like a burrito (It created a sort of cone in the end) on the lavs (dpa4060), and then I mounted the lavs upside down on the subjects. Worked great on t-shirts. I wanted a non stiff solution to a quick mount. I'll see if I can find an image Here's one.
  8. Yeah, it’d be great if you could be able to split one section at least: the top one, so that you can take it off for tighter locations. Sure, most people I’ve seen have a bag on their cart that they take off and lug around when they change to cars or whatever, but there could be a middle way with the top section, so to speak. Sometimes you might want to be able to just have that top bit sitting on a table or something. So the idea, for me at least, is to have all the essentials in the top bit and be able to take that off for tighter spaces.
  9. Another vote for Reaper here. But if you know your way around Audition then I'd stay with that and hone those skills instead of having to learn something anew. If you still want to change I can see no other option than reaper, honestly.. It's cheap enough that you can buy a new license every six months (which of course you don't have to) and still not break the bank. There's a learning curve, no doubt. But it's highly customizable so when you're up to speed you'll be able to work really fast. I've worked with most daws and I can safely say that reaper is by far the one that suits me the best right now. It takes everything and silently takes care of any issues with file type or bitrate.. It's ridiculously fast and flexible. Very complex and deep. Worth reiterating ; learning curve. But once you're up the hill you can really look down on the other daws.
  10. Oh, and can I also add : (this might be of interest for anyone) Radio and podcast is really fun and important. I got employed at the Swedish public radio as a technician and I've learned a lot and I'm not breaking a sweat. Ymmv, but if you still want to keep doing some sound, radio and podcast are seeing a new dawn. Spotify and others are putting lots of money into podcast, and a lot of exciting tech stuff is happening in the audio only world. You could do both recording and mixing with much of what you already have. Again, just saying. Maybe you know already
  11. Thanks! I like to think I'm fluent, buy that's just in the spoken form.. Writing is a different beast... But I guess watching all those movies with subtitles really paid off in the end
  12. Hope everything works out for you and that you find something that suits you. Can I just say that I Love your writing. You have a real gift there.. Just saying..
  13. Thank you! So yeah, Rails was what I meant. Detachable rack rails would be awesome. And detachable sections too. I’m dreaming of being able to have one part of the cart, like the lower, contain rack width equipment, like receivers, batteries or the likes, and the top section containing the recorder and maybe some redundant battery powered receiver, so that the top section can come off and be put in a car or in a small space where you couldn’t fit the whole shebang. But on the other hand, now that Nova is out and can have 8 receivers in a bag, I might as well just take the bag.. (again, I don’t have any movie equipment any more since I work in radio nowadays, But if i were to invest in movie sound equipment I’d invest in Nova for sure, thus not requiring as much of a cart) But as a radio sound mixer, a cart is surprisingly useful. We do use a lot of rack width equipment and one VERY large mixer (still rack width but just impossibly heavy and cumbersome: Digico) and then another lovely small custom built called Seeport from a Norwegian company called Seem Audio. Anyway, a cart that’s customizable would be awesome, seeing as I, if I were to switch back to movies, would probably keep a foot in both worlds (? Again language, this proverb is a verbatim translation of a Swedish one.) and want to be able to go back and forth between minimal setup and heavier setups... On the topic off tipping over: I don't think I've ever had a cart tip over, even when I'm overloading it.. Maybe a slightly longer (deeper) base than the shelves would give some, even more, security.
  14. I guess I mean I'd like the maximum width of the cart to be 19" so if I wanted I could mount bars where I could put rack width equipment, but also be able to take those "bars" ( sorry not a native English speaker so I probably am at a loss of words here) off if I wanted to put something wider in there instead. Depth wise I'm not really sure.
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