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  1. I just think the 32 bit thing is kind of pointless, seeing as people have been able to get good audio out of the zooms in the past and other brands, even on tape. I don't believe it will have a strong impact on our workflow. As of now it's just a selling point. However, it's fun to see that zoom are strong believers of "we'll fix it in post". Because if anything, 32 bit workflow and being able to not gain stage properly will only mean more work afterwards.
  2. Still, what does it sound like? And also, file sizes?
  3. I'm gonna paraphrase a Ray Charles quote (I think) that Jeff W has in his signature (I think); "i don't care if it has 99 bits, what does it sound like baby?" I mean 32 bits sure sounds impressive. But it doesn't actually tell us anything about the preamps... It's just a number at this stage. And a marketing scheme
  4. I don't get why Zooms webpage isn't updated with info about this or any other product they launched...
  5. Well.. Nova is clearly targeted towards bag work, with an all in one solution, whereas Scorpio is clearly targeted to bigger jobs, and it could also be bagged, scaled down, if you wish. That's how I see it anyway. The Flip thing, and digital encoders are a very nice touch. Well they couldn't call anything the Novaxx, seeing as anti-vaxxers is a thing... Speaking of the Maxx, which Zaxcom claims is their best preamps, are these preamps new or the same as the Maxx or Nomad? Or better?
  6. You're thinking that it's blown? I'm thinking it might be a blast (to use!) It could be the bomb But I think the name also is logical; NOmad and deVA, obviously. I like it.
  7. This one is no shocker, but really cool! https://zaxcom.com/products/zmt3-x/ The ZMT3-Flex was announced a few months back, really cool. Two inputs to record two lavs. Cool be great for simple two person on a bench type situations, or very sneaky stereo ambiance recordings or whatever. Nice.
  8. Another announcement from Zaxcom This one ticked many of my boxes I must say: https://zaxcom.com/products/urx100/
  9. Olle Sjostrom


    Following the trend of lowercase topic titles ending with an exclamation mark where we discuss a new product announcement from one of the major manufacturers of recorders. Zaxcom Nova: https://zaxcom.com/products/nova/ Initial thoughts: Rado's experimenting with the OneUnit seems to have materialised into this. Not really surprised. Kind of a natural step for Zaxcom. Price point: 4995 without receivers.
  10. Olle Sjostrom


    But you can use the Icon platform in your studio to control your daw, as well as the Scorpio. Sure, you might not have a home studio and go post one day and production the other, but still... you might someday! I kinda like the idea that SD incorporate other players related into their systems, helping out other manufacturers in a way. And vice versa. I’m not saying you’re wrong, quite the contrary, I do agree with you more than not. But modularity and changeability is something SD has considered here, and if a company is great at making recorders but not great at making controllers, they should do exactly as SD have now, in my opinion. That said, SD are known for listening to their customers and making very good products after a while. So maybe someday we’ll have a CL-Scorpio!
  11. Olle Sjostrom


    Thank you! I'm getting sloppy with reading all the fancy moving picture sound tech stuff since moving to radio land. Congratulations on, once again, making a very well thought through product.
  12. Olle Sjostrom


    Well, maybe that'll change in the future as well. Time will tell I guess. I have a premonition that in the near future we'll not only be sound mixers, but also DIT, or bit-bucket for video. I sort of see an integrated Scorpio-PIX solution where we'd have a fully fledged audio mixer and a bit bucket drive for video, so that all media is delivered via us.
  13. Olle Sjostrom


    Dunno. That's settled then.
  14. Olle Sjostrom


    Ya don't think SD might make new accessories for this in the future? Maybe a Superslot-Dante rack thing?
  15. Olle Sjostrom


    So the two com circuits are routed to two specific channels, like boom1 and boom2? Or is it two com circuits as in you can com, via a button for example, to any output but only two at once, as in you have outputs routed to boom 1, boom 2, director, dop, script supervisor and camera feed, and you could talk to any of those channels, but only two at once? edit Reading the block diagram, from what I gather, the former would be true. Any of the two com signals can go to any output, so talking to com1 will feed Audio on selected outputs, and same for com2 and slate.
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