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  1. Hey, in a sense it already is. Even if you're the one telling the AI to do the work.
  2. But when a friend is German you really need to have all your ducks in a row! 🤪 Joking aside, yeah the lav is showing. Feels good to know that even on high stakes shows, these little “mistakes” come up.
  3. Sad to hear it doesn't work well in Reaper. The Goyo worked perfectly, I haven't paid for Clear yet but then it sounds like maybe I should wait...
  4. Great video! And sorry to hijack the thread, BUT: As a swede, I feel I have to mention this is in fact in danish (which to be honest is veeery similar to swedish, but I couldn't stand thinking people thought this was swedish, and I would imagine if any danes saw this they'd be equally aghast)
  5. Swedish radio is using Glensound for our "OB-backpacks" (essentially a giant cellphone with a Glensound MINI CUB-preamp for the mic and return signal). Sounds fine.
  6. I know, it’s a synth, right. But man… the sounds in this are just unbelievable. For sort of synth nerds: it’s basically a two sine wave oscillator synth, with sort of FM and feedback shenanigans.
  7. Well, anywhere on the body of a soccer player is potentially a bad spot to put a transmitter. I think the "safest" place would be high up on the inside of the thighs or possibly in the armpit. But, uncomfortable, sure. I mean players regularly take the ball on the chest, they take hits on the back, hits everywhere since no part of the body (except front calves? shins?) is protected by anything. In American Football (as we Europeans say) or Ice Hockey you could stow away a tx under the protective gear, but in soccer it's just.. well, no such thing. Taking a ball with the chest, where a transmitter would be, sounds hurtful. So does taking a fall in high speed with the TX on the back.. Thighs or armpits, I'd say is where it'd be least prone to potential damage or be the least uncomfortable. But it'd still be uncomfortable.
  8. I worked on a show recently where the director really did care about the actors and their delivery of lines, not just the camera, which is a rare thing over here. They usually just read the lines exactly and no one cares. This director didn’t exactly do what yours did, but sort of; she would really listen if we said “we need another take” or if the floor was creaking, she’d really make sure to either change the blocking or that we get clean lines in other ways, like taking the time to put out mats and so on. Very nice to actually have the head of everything on your team. My experience is mostly that you as the sound team are the only ones to actually care about the actors delivery and performance, the actual playing so to speak… the directors are more focused on pleasing camera and props dept, and forgetting a bit about the actors.
  9. Nevermind this mic, I want the 15 year delay pedal they keep hidden away somewhere or perhaps: better late than never
  10. Ok so it's not free, it's actually in Beta. I received an email yesterday saying that beta testers get a hefty discount for when the product is released. I imagine from release the data model will be better and give less artifacts and be even more optimized.
  11. No not directly for us working there, it might even have the opposite effect if productions turn to our side of the pond for actors and crew, but not yet. We have other issues, like economy and major networks lying off huge numbers of people.
  12. Hi y'all! So I left the movies for radio, but still I keep using wireless mics and recording stuff outside, as if it were a movie shoot (but without the cameras). And in post, I still use the same tricks. However, I stumbled upon this little plugin called Goyo, which is a noise and reverb reducing plugin using AI in some sense. GOYO Voice Separator | De-noise, De-Reverb, De-Voice - All in One Plugin Quick review: It does what it says. I hear artifacts if I crank it hard enough. It's great to be able to just turn the BG down a tad, and then I can hardly hear the artifacts. Especially not if I'm imagining sitting in a car or listening in headphones on the subway, or on my kitchen table radio. I've found it to be super quick and very easy to use. It's free, as of now. I have it in a big mixing project now, using maybe four instances and the CPU performance is not affected much.
  13. No idea. I guess it's irrelevant in the "heat/pollution" ratio. The benefits are larger than the losses...I'd imagine..
  14. In Sweden we burn trash all the time, but it's recycled as heat and energy to houses.. I'm not saying it's 100% clean, probably a whole lot of that burnt trash is not recycled as heat or energy, but a major part is. At least that's what my propagandaed brain is telling me. Just sayin', burning doesn't need to be bad. But we've done this since the 50s, and changing the infrastructure in other countries may not be doable.. I'd imagine you'd have to dig new pipes and/or lines to be able to do it. But again, not sure..
  15. Could be that the light casts a real nasty shadow on the subject’s face. Sure they could remedy that, but then the industrial look, as Constantin says, would be “moot”.. It sure looks like the mic is lit in such a way that if it were any farther down there would be a shadow. Some hot young DP with a bunch of cool lights has been told not to give sound an inch.
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