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  1. But the pots on the Nova are not just simple pots... Sure, I donät think I'd like to scroll through banks of faders on rotary encoders on a big mixing project, but then it's the wrong tool for the job. This is a great machine for ENG/Reality jobs, where you have a boom and four wireless, with the possibility for more. There is not mixer to rule them all
  2. Maybe the output level of the nano is either too low or too high for the black magic so it doesn't see it as TC. Can you adjust the output level of the nano?
  3. Or a 2.4ghz system? Or a new digital modulation?
  4. Anyway, it’s Interesting how everything can be analyzed and make a point out of, even though it’s totally moot. Adjust the temperature and move on. And on farting: I have a lot of male friends who fart to get attention. It’s stupid and offensive. Just don’t do it. I don’t feel raped if anyone does it, I just feel sorry for the asshole (no pun intended) farting.
  5. Wow. We just got trolled by a troll who got trolled by another troll
  6. While the thought of 32 bit and full dynamic range is cool and all, I still think that the target audience (single person video shooter, run and gun) is going to be disappointed. While the audio in that video is fine, thing is the mic is connected directly to the unit. Many video shooters have wireless systems that are inferior to the preamps of this unit, and the dynamic range of the recorder won't help then. Sure, for car rigs or other cramped rigs, it would be awesome. But still I imagine those video shooters buying this thinking all their audio will sound great and have no distortion and be "raw". And then they put their Rode wireless system on their talent with the wrong gain staging.
  7. Totally OT, but why is it that new members creating topics get the name of the poster instead of the topic? Or is it just coincidence? Well I don’t know exactly, but I believe it’s googlable, for example “what frequency for shutter speeds” , like for lights and screens. Have very little experience with GoPro in a professional context, but my guess is that you could indeed remedy the problem with changing or adjusting the frame rate or shutter speed of the camera. Doubt you could do much with the tsc...
  8. I just think the 32 bit thing is kind of pointless, seeing as people have been able to get good audio out of the zooms in the past and other brands, even on tape. I don't believe it will have a strong impact on our workflow. As of now it's just a selling point. However, it's fun to see that zoom are strong believers of "we'll fix it in post". Because if anything, 32 bit workflow and being able to not gain stage properly will only mean more work afterwards.
  9. Still, what does it sound like? And also, file sizes?
  10. I'm gonna paraphrase a Ray Charles quote (I think) that Jeff W has in his signature (I think); "i don't care if it has 99 bits, what does it sound like baby?" I mean 32 bits sure sounds impressive. But it doesn't actually tell us anything about the preamps... It's just a number at this stage. And a marketing scheme
  11. I don't get why Zooms webpage isn't updated with info about this or any other product they launched...
  12. Well.. Nova is clearly targeted towards bag work, with an all in one solution, whereas Scorpio is clearly targeted to bigger jobs, and it could also be bagged, scaled down, if you wish. That's how I see it anyway. The Flip thing, and digital encoders are a very nice touch. Well they couldn't call anything the Novaxx, seeing as anti-vaxxers is a thing... Speaking of the Maxx, which Zaxcom claims is their best preamps, are these preamps new or the same as the Maxx or Nomad? Or better?
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