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  1. Funny! I was always amazed with how much you could do in the time between "quiet on set" and "aaand action". Lots of last second rerigs and "hope no one sees this". And I guess that's in every department..
  2. IMO, you can’t be a volunteer for something or someone making money. Especially if that business or person makes money off of people wanting to “volunteer”. It’s not charity work. You could seek internships and learn from other mixers. If you do work and gain responsibilities , you are working and should be paid.
  3. I work in radio nowadays, and I'm about to broadcast our weekly science show where one segment is about the first "victims" of vaping, people have suffered different diseases from vaping . If the same material is used in smoke and fog machines, they could also be subject to further research.. and then perhaps legal action? Not an american so I wouldn't know.. Anyway, the researcher's name is Brandon Larsen, and here's a quickly googled article about that: https://www.livescience.com/vaping-lung-injuries-toxic-fumes.html
  4. However, Cantar mini is hardly mini compared to the SXR4+, correct?
  5. I really like the concept of this app. Simple and easy, it does one thing, you don't seem to have any ambitions to turn it into an app that gives you everything you need (I for one don't see a benefit from getting directions to set or stuff like that). The simple beauty of an app that is the replacement for a paper. Great idea. Shame I'm I not in the business (and frankly I think you are too cus my language is spoken by 10 million people and I imagine programming Swedish into your app won't be an easy task). All the best
  6. Just checking if I understand correctly.. you download the app, and the app searches your inbox for PDF files that look like they could be today’s callsheet? And that is all you would see in the app, as in if there isn’t a PDF file that looks like a callsheet in your inbox, nothing is displayed? I’m not the target user and I can’t help you with using the app since I’m currently not in the business where callsheet are a thing, just interested in how it works:)
  7. Also, if my mic produced wine, I'd bring glasses out post wrap. Jokes aside, if my mic produced a Whine, I would Def check the possibility of replacing the cable altogether from the head. This is more usual with dpa mics. The other thing might be the capsule itself. I would reach out to Sanken too. Good luck!
  8. It's totally possible that the fibres of the pole are weak at some point in the pole. I'm no manufacturer but I mean the fibres are woven together (?) so I guess every single point in the pole can't be exactly as strong as the other... And I was unclear with the tape. I put the tape in the locking collar. So in the Psc pole there was a little piece of white plastic between the locking ring and the next section. I put the tape on that little white plastic, and it made for a tighter fit and that eliminated the creak for me at least..
  9. When Dave Fisk worked for K-tek,he put up a video of him cleaning a K-tek pole. I think he used Windex (might work with any window polish) and WD-40. I've used that with good results on K-tek poles. Not sure how well that method fares with other poles, but I guess it can't hurt. I've used olive oil to grease collars and threads in emergency situations (Only oil I could find) Creaking would suggests that somewhere somethings not gripping tightly enough. I had a PSC pole that creaked when I turned it. I got rid of it when I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it and put a strip of magic tape on the last collar (the one closest to the bottom), there was probably a 0.02mm gap or something and the tape solved that, for the time being, at least.
  10. There's probably more behind it than I know. I'm just an ignorant, emotionally devastated, viewer trying to think about something else
  11. Wow, I can see why. I need a therapist now. Very gripping... Sound : Some fine display in dynamics as well, the neverclip must've come in handy. Picture : very fine images, by i can't help but thinking that four cameras means that they didn't really know what they wanted? I mean in the edit, it doesn't seem like they're using every angle.. Or maybe just very clever editing and very lazy viewing and analyzing on my part. To all of you who still haven't watched it; do it. Great show.
  12. Watching this now and OMG. Very immersive series. You did a fantastic job, no doubt. Great work
  13. No you're not missing anything... I was being sarcastic in the Swedish way. Sure, 32 bit is great and all, but it's still not magic, and it's still not going to solve everything for everyone, which some of the advertising suggests. And the newbie crowd, like the videographers who don't have time for learning audio at all, will still not be able to get good audio. Neither will aspiring photographers be able to get great images from a camera with a full sensor and Lightroom if they don't learn the basics and hone their skills. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the benefits of 32 bit, I just think the marketing is a bit weird...
  14. Clipping is a thing of the past! Unless of course if you, like everyone else, are using wireless systems with inferior dynamic range. Sure, you'll be able to get that whole range, but it'll still be less than what your recorder is capable of. It's only if you plug a mic straight into the recorder that you're safe. This will have a lot of newbies confused. Or is it magic!?
  15. This is now the "full size sensor " in the sound world. It still needs to sound good, not just be able to not sound terrible. It's still not the same thing..
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