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  1. First the whine: why would you put an emotional dialog driven scene in pouring rain?! I’d flail a little and say something about production having to plan for ADR and really letting the actors train and have the time to do that properly. The expectations they put on you, seemingly not knowing this requires all the crew to actually help you, are sky high. Not fair… After whining, I would try to come up with solutions to get the best sound I can, using all the tricks above. The one method I’d probably propose first and foremost is to have the close up shots be free from rain ON the actor, but maybe have a trickle in just front of the lens and maybe behind the actor on to some mats, or even better, grass beds. I’d probably use a CMIT anyway, but a DPA4017 or the ones you mention will be fine as well. But never mind the drops; the pumps and all the other gear will be more obtrusive at that point. Back to the whine: production won’t save anything by not budgeting for ADR. You can’t change the laws of physics and noise. If you write like that, you have to factor in the effort it requires to get that sound. So in a sense, this is not on you. This is on production to accommodate you and your ability to capture the sound. You can consult them and advise them on how to achieve the best sounding scene, but no matter how you chose to do it, it’s gonna cost them a lot of money and effort, whether it’s in ADR or on set. They need to know this. They could even give you the right tools to do ADR on set, that would keep the actors in the mood, still wet, but everything’s quiet. You’d need a playback system and phones. That’s kind of it. I really hope you get what you want and not having to take the piss for it later. have fun!
  2. So in a scene where you'd have to bank to channels 9-16, wouldn't the noise from all those 8 other actors or whatever overshadow the motorized faders? I struggle to find a scene that would require more than 8 channels of audio that were so silent that you couldn't make a tiny noise. I imagine a scene like that would have to be a big wide master shot or a walk and talk... But I might be wrong of course. I've complained about rack focus units making it in to the boom channel on very tight close ups, and no one in post ever noticed cus it was easy peasy to cut away. If you're planning on having one actor on fader 8 and the other on fader 9 and constantly need to switch between I can see an issue there. It can't be that bad, for the end product I mean, the other aspect is of course to not disturb people behind the camera concentrating, but I mean video village is often whispering things to eachother, taking notes clicking pens... The ratio between "Making my job easier" and "Making a small noise" might be worth it, if it helps you to get better mixes overall. I dunno. I think you'll be fine s'all
  3. You know who would know the best? hint: it’s the fanatics who built it !
  4. We all knew it was spam, we're just practicing our right to derail threads.
  5. And if you're working as a Boom Operator swinging your pole all day, and really good at it, maybe so good that people would call you a star (?!) then you could buy yourself a Polestar 2 and just glide silently up to location. ... Nah. Maybe only for the name. And that one time that "joke" might be funny.. to that one guy in the crew who appreciates puns.
  6. A bit OT, but this topic is already OT to begin with so I don't see the harm...
  7. Will SD make a plugin on the Scorpio to compensate the high frequency delay on Mars?
  8. Sometimes, just posting an issue on here will solve it for you since the machines and the AI that run it won't tolerate being outsmarted by such trivial beings as humans and their puny hands
  9. A bit of a derail, but the one thing I don’t like about sugru is the way that it comes in these small packs (over here they’re sold in packs of three) but if you open them and take just as much as you need, there’s no way of sealing the bag up again. So all of the sugru you didn’t use also dries up. But maybe I’m just stupid, I think I’ve tried every way of sealing the pack up again with no result.
  10. You could try Sugru (not sure if that’s still around in your part of the world, in Sweden it’s called Kintsuglue else these days), it’s a sort of rubber cement, like a clay, that dries and turns into a rubber like sturdy lump. But it needa to be quite thick, so it might not be useful anyway
  11. In the case of Zaxcom it probably has something to do with patents maybe?
  12. During gymnastics, high jump and pole vaulting contests I've heard they put a contact mic on the pole itself to get the sound of it wobbling. Which is kinda cool.
  13. Yes! I'm in favor of miking pretty much everything that could be useful for anything. So if the situation you describe would arise, I would at least try to put a single mic up at a little distance
  14. There were messages sent out via retailers, at least here in Sweden, but I'm guessing that's the way SD did it internationally as well.
  15. Honestly, I have no idea about minimum distance, I’ve only ever used my ears to determine those things. I think it varies with the rooms and reflections and also the size of the mics and diaphragm. I’ve used the formula “at least a mic length apart” for both configurations. But again, it varies. You could also put something in between the mics, like a piece of padding, like a disc, to elleviate some issues. with the lavs, I have only ever used them mounted on a backpack with maybe 20-30cm between the mics, and the backpack serves as that disc I mentioned earlier
  16. Well there’s really only one way you can mount them, and that’s the AB way, ie one capsule at each end of the rycot. Pointing away from each other.. might still be a bit tight, but could work. i’ve used two Røde NT5s in a a røde blimp a few times, but in the ORTF config, since the nt5s are cardioid. Worked, no cancellation but also not very small. Line Audio has the CM4 which are super tiny and dirt cheap, I think they have an Omni mic as well, not sure… the smallest form factor is obviously using high grade lavs, like the dpa 4060. With xlr connectors they sound good enough, I’ve recorded tons of ambiances with lavs just mounted on a backpack.
  17. Post audio is better discussed in other groups. Once again, this group is a fine group of seasoned veterans in the dialog for movies sound recording and mixing area. In short : if you want to record dialog in movies there is no one microphone or recorder that will make your sound sound like ASMR. You will have to have access to lots of different microphones for different occasions, Lavaliers, plant mics, omni mics, cardioid mics, different lengths and sizes, wind protection, cases to carry them in, a cart to put the mixer and equipment on, a car to carry the cart.. You name it. You seem to have an idea of where you want to go, so just go and play around with your ideas and then try to learn more, get to know people in the business in you local area or reach out to people in here, there are plenty of German mixers in this group. There does not seem to be any advice from here that you will be able to fully understand yet, this group is above your pay grade so to speak, as if now at least. So do come back when you have more under your belt. Until then I suggest you read up, video up, and practice practice practice.
  18. Ok, so.. What you're saying now makes me think you're mainly interested in recording sound effects, and not synced dialog for film? The latter is what most of us are doing for a living (well, not so much me any more unfortunately, but I refuse to accept defeat and will linger here and curmudge (!?) until they pry the boom pole from my dead cold hands). If you want to record effects only, you would still be wise to check out other mixers and inspiring sites or reddit groupd, freesound etc, but you could also do a lot of great things and recordings with a used Zoom H4n. It's not so much the tool, it's the carpenter.
  19. Hi and welcome. Paul beat me to the punch, but hey, the more the merrier! If you think the price of a H8 is expensive, you're in for a few surprises. I don't think anyone in this group would advise you to buy an H8. Not because it's not potentially a good recorder, but because it's not suited for the needs of this particular group of professional sound mixers. No you don't, is the short answer. But if you need to ask that question you need to know more. Try to find a mixer who can take you under his/her wing and learn from them, or go to school. Yes, everyone knows. This, too, is a question that if you need to ask it you know too little. But, yes, any microphone can be plugged in to any device that is designed to have microphones plugged into them. The first thing would be to learn more. And if you're wondering what other pieces of equipment you need, just watch videos and read on here, it's a great resource. You will need a lot more than just a recorder and a microphone. I would recommend that you get in touch with local mixers and have them show you equipment. Or rent equipment before you decide on buying. ...and yeah, tough room. But... If you'd pop your head in a well established car repair shop to ask if a Dacia Duster is a good buy, considering the price, and if you can put fuel in the tank, then you'd get some weird looks as well.
  20. Did you open it up? You’ll have to do a lot more troubleshooting than just spraying it then. Again I’ve never used one, but something tells me that something in that wheel is weird, and you should try to see if you can somehow disconnect it or remove it and see if it helps.
  21. Never having used one, I would bet that that wheel is the culprit. There's some junk back there tricking the wheel into thinking you're pressing it to make it scroll. It looks like an easy enough fix if you can open it up and clean it. You could use electronic cleaner if regular "Topz" or the likes wont do it
  22. Just saw this video. The part work the focus is interesting. It made me wonder how this would react to booms. But in the other hand om guessing this camera is intended for visual fx shots or other really tricky shots where audio isn't going to work anyway.. I'm thinking maybe its intended use is video where presenters have Lavaliers. But then again I'm guessing it will take like two minutes before someone decides to shoot a feature film on this camera. https://youtu.be/V7DnNoAnbDc
  23. I liked your review Roland. Thanks for that! Very thorough. Nice to see that Rycote are taking the fight on Rode in making affordable mics!
  24. My god that guy must be hearing very poorly. At least I am now having listened to him blaring out monotonously for 18 minutes straight without breathing. I fear for him.
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