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    I grew up in Cleveland Ohio where I started doing live concert sound back in the 80s. I started doing production sound in Kansas City 2006. I am in the process of moving back to Virginia where I lived from 1990 to 2005. ive been a musician since I was a teen which was a long time ago. :) Still playing bass in classic rock bands.
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  1. They do and Im not sure if you can see it but the florescent lights are sealed. All though he did call the re-winder they have on the bench "old sparky".
  2. See my first post for an explanation. Whats left of a film called A Trip to the Moon 1902. What can happen to nitrate film when its not stored properly. An example of a nitrate film in very good condition.
  3. See my first post for an explanation. Portable Nitrate Projector. The nitrate projectors had snuffers in the in case the film caught fire. Another view of the Nitrate Lab The Nitrate Vaults Inside one of the vaults. Some early films.
  4. I recently delivered a reel of nitrate film to the Library of Congress film storage facility in Culpeper VA. A friend in KC had a copy of one of Bing Crosby's first films and donated it to the Library of Congress. Thanks to George Willeman, nitrate vault manager, for giving me a tour! They currently don't give tours so I really appreciated him taking the time to show me around. Thought Id share a few pictures. I only saw part of the facility and plan to take Mr Willeman up on his offer to come back. Id like to of course see the audio lab too. If you're ever in the area they have a really nice
  5. Ive enjoyed and learned from many of your posts going through the archives here. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Bob Szabo
  6. I havent had a chance to read this but here is an 84 page PDF released yesterday titled: Promoting Spectrum Access for WirelessMicrophone Operations https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-15-100A1.pdf
  7. I gained 20 lbs. on a 55 day shoot last year that I'm slowly taking back off. The food was good and I ate WAY too much craft services junk food during the day.
  8. Thanks for bringing this memory back John. I had a copy of that from Mad Magazine! lol
  9. This is off topic but I want to ask if your cables from the 411 to the 788 had their shield tied to the connector shell? I made a set like this for my 788t w CL-8 and it seems to be fine. I have used Block 19,20, 25 and 26 in the bag with the 788.
  10. +1 Great show!! I watched the Wrecking Crew 2 times on pay per view last weekend. I grew up with all that music, been playing bass in bands ever since. I thought I heard Carol didn't agree with them being called the Wrecking Crew. Whether she likes the movie or not it should help get her recognition from people who have no idea how much she contributed the music of that era and like me are interested in also hearing her side of the story.
  11. Ive only used my Marshall M-LYNX-702 on one 4 day shoot and had no problems. I was able to get tech support on the phone in minutes for a question I had. Used outside on my cart on a sunny day. Good image quality.
  12. Like all of these kind of incidents the really story is a little different. It all happened exactly like I said but the guy actually fired a shotgun and had no intention to shoot anyone. They arent letting the guy back near us till we are finished here and we have police on set today.
  13. Im currently working on a low budget film in VA. Its a Civil War era film and today we were filming a battle scene on a semi wooded, mostly cleared hillside. We all heard a shot fired, not on set, but close to it. I figured it was someone target shooting a little too close by. We are in a rural area and there are several houses near us. I started rolling on a scene and a few seconds later I hear cut and people are running past me towards our base camp. I'm assuming someone got hurt but was puzzled as to why they were running away from the action. I then heard someone say there is a g
  14. I took my battery back to Advance Auto where I bought it and they tested it. It tested ok and the guy said it was actually a really strong battery testing above specs. He also told me it is the battery I should be using and is made for running lots of accessories on a boat or RV and made for deep discharge. He also said the Red Top is for cranking power and the Yellow Top was designed to do both. So why is the yellow top better than the Blue Top for what we do?. By Optima's description It sounds like the Blue should be just as good as the Yellow for cart use. This is from Optima's web
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