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  1. Brilliant and bonkers all at the same time. Bravo Harry Potter!
  2. Penis bridge - otherwise known as Westminster bridge, London.
  3. Ahhh Malibu! Jeremy Sugalski hard at work.
  4. Try looking at these 2 for further details. Well done Glenn a marvelous introduction and really interesting product. I cannot wait to get my hands on one and have a good look through it's promised features.
  5. Happy belated birthday Crew.
  6. jeoh

    Tom Curley!

    Well done Tom. Hooray to all your team!
  7. What you see is completely different from what you hear. The tools wether digital or analogue are only just that, tools, our most important asset? Our ears and the extensive experience that's between them. I pick the analogue dinosaur any day.
  8. I already have 2 tiny lockits and am looking forward to the possibilities of how I can expand my system. Hooray. I am loving the idea of a fully integrated system we are finally coming up with a great solution for a modern workflow.
  9. And now new releases from Zaxcom too……Oh what a show, so sad I'm not there, again to re-iterate Simon's comment, videos please…….
  10. I am gutted to be missing this, I thought I could make it, then work got in the way. Going to NYC for a week. Wishing you all loads of fun with this, there are so many exciting so many new products to check out! I will be eating tuna subway melts in your honor! Julian
  11. Price comes in at $4,495. Wow now that's just brilliant.
  12. Please all members of 695 should get on board. I suggest we also remind friends and acquaintances with an email asking for their support too.
  13. Hooray, and congratulations all round!
  14. Talk to Director and Producer, pass on your concerns and then, as Crew mentioned, hit record.
  15. I will be in Vancouver this week and I'm trying to fill up a couple of light days, anyone in production at the moment who fancies a visitor? It's always good to meet new people. Julian Howarth CAS.
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