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  1. I was invited to a showing of 'Star Trek' up at Skywalker, in the Stag theatre. Introduced by Ben Burt, it is a great place to hear the film and it was so wonderful to hear Ben talk about his passion for film and film sound, I could have listened to him all night. A true legend, and a thoroughly nice bloke.
  2. Very nice. Certainly looks bigger on the inside!
  3. Great to see everyone there. What an excellent resource of information in one room!!!!!!
  4. South Wales has been a hub for many quality productions in the UK for quite a while now. Television such as Doctor Who, Merlin, Torchwood and Sherlock were, and still are, made there, Wales has also been the location choice for Features such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Clash of the Titans. The location choices are just endless and the crew base is growing and very experienced. Last year we also filmed the US TV series "Da Vinci's Demons" for Starz in Swansea, which has just been picked up for a second series. Hooray! It has been a privilege to be a part of this resurgence in British film and television and long may it continue.
  5. Cannot wait to see your fully loaded cart. Bravo, I love this kind of stuff.
  6. Well said. Bloody brilliant and congratulations.
  7. Don't think it's nonsense, I have always thought that my carpets were one of the essential pieces of my kit. Where do you get/source your mats Phi?l I'd be interested to find a decent supply, I much prefer the rubber backed type as they are much easier to lay and re-use.
  8. So sad for all involved. Condolences.
  9. Just been using this slate on my last 3D shoot, certainly helped a lot. Amazing system and quite a lot to get your head around. Belt AND braces is the best way to go!
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  15. Here here. Congrats to all.
  16. I believe it to be UK. Don't forget also it's Diesel.
  17. If smell the stench of an Oil Lobbyist. Why sell a van that does 40mpg when you can hawk vehicles that guzzle around 15! I repeat SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!
  18. VW Kombi Van, 40mpg, feels and drives like a car, seats 6 and carries all your kit. What else do you need? I had one of these in the UK,. Used it for 5 years and sorely miss the fact that I can't get one in the US. Please please VW sort your act out. I think most Vans in the US are too bulky, have terrible fuel consumption and are not really thought out that well. The only company to start to change their thinking is Ford (Transit) and bless them for it!
  19. I'm in Swansea for the next 3 months working on the new David Goyer Series - Da Vinci's Demons. If you're ever near please feel free to drop in!
  20. I have arrived in the UK to find all my equipment waiting for me! Excellent service, prompt and very helpful! Brilliant!
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