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  1. Sorry to hear about your problem Dan. I think you were totally right in charging for your kit! The more we give things away, the more it will be asked for and then eventually taken for granted. Stand fast! Even if we are in LA then all the more reason to stand your ground, for the good of us ALL! Producers talk to each other and exchange stories of how much they can get away with. I understand feelings of nervousness about losing the job to another mixer, but making deals like that screw us all in the long run! UPM are used to having frank and heated discussions. It's part of the job! Just be Zen and carry on. Thank you for standing up and saying NO! Hooray to you.
  2. Luckily we are no where near London! Hooray!
  3. Ok final Details are as follows. The company we used in the end were a british based out fit called Dynamic International. They were customs broker, shipper and insurer all in one. Total costs were - Shipping ( USA to UK ) this cost included carnet and full insurance - $3000.00 Return costs ( UK to USA ) - $ 1300 And even better, after advice from Mr Lightstone, the costs were all picked up by the production! Hooray! Well off I go and I'l be back in the good old US of A in 3 months time! Have fun!
  4. Really interesting and very useful. Thank you Marc. I do have to bite my lip occasionally as I read some of the comments about sound by camera folks! My goodness how true the adage "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!" Still the majority seem to want to get it right, hooray for that. Now come on RED, sort your act out!
  5. Get Shorty As Good As It Gets Goodfellas
  6. Have a look at Timecode Buddy - http://www.timecodebuddy.com/ Amongst a myriad of other contenders, it was one of my favorites at this years show.
  7. Brilliant. Thank you and see you all then!
  8. Wishing you luck Mike. With your attitude and a little bit of luck you should do well. I'd reiterate the previous advice of never forget where you came from and who you met along the way. Network network. DC looks like a nice move for starters, stay keen, always be willing to learn new things, never be afraid to ask questions. Go get em'
  9. I love this, and would love to see a newer picture Brian. Classy stuff!
  10. I am checking the insurance, and double checking! Thank you Senator! I will publish the full and final costs when I get them, estimates so for are around $3500.00 for delivery to the UK and return to the US ( Door to door ) this includes customs brokering too!!! Hooray! Thanks again everyone Julian PS The job runs from June 4 to Sept 20, after then I'm free and available for work once again. Sad I'm missing the Summer in LA but see you soon after.
  11. As for Visa's, I am a UK citizen and also a legal resident of the good old US of A. Hooray! Thank you all once again!
  12. It is at my own expense for this project, hence me looking for the best deals, the production is based and filmed out of the UK they are helping me with the paperwork and some costs but not all of it. I have all the required paperwork (Carnet etc) as I am going to be bringing it all back. Please tell what else I might have overlooked/need? Thanks guys!
  13. I'm due to start 3 months filming in the UK and am looking into the feasibility of shipping my gear from Los Angeles for the shoot. There are 5 x 1610 pelican cases all packed with everything I need. Has anyone ever done this before? What freight companies out there would you recommend? Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Julian
  14. I would never go to that doctor again, my goodness! Next he'll be telling you to stay indoors cover in bubble wrap and only consume what you bring with you! You'll be going to an amazing place with amazing people, just enjoy it. Hooray!
  15. I also had mine recalled, it was returned reasonably quickly, and has continued to work very well for me. Hooray!
  16. 2nd units/ Dailies or just need the Day off? Please check my IMDB...... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0397719/ If you don't have the work, how about a visit on set? It'd be great to meet new people. Julian Howarth jeohowarth@mac.com 310 717 3383
  17. Just an article from the BBC website I thought I would share. Interesting. The technique exploits what is called the "orbital angular momentum" of the waves - imparting them with a "twist". Varying this twist permits many data streams to fit in the frequency spread currently used for just one. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17221490 Hooray for innovators!
  18. For a moment there, I thought I saw a mini gas heater attached to the side of your cart, a nice addition on those chilly nights, mmmmm. Congratulations on your retirement.
  19. I believe that "Subway Tuna" will go down in the annuls of history. Great line, great film and great job! Laughing my 4K off!
  20. We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde.
  21. Love your build, Malcolm. I had one of your carts while I was in the UK, I miss it! Julian
  22. All brilliant and too close to call. Congratulations chaps!
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