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  1. Congratulations to all the nominees! Bravo!
  2. Brilliant reply Marc. I owe you thanks for the coffee splattered lap top I now own! Ha!
  3. 788t SSD with CL8. I've really grown to love this machine. Hooray! Would really love to start looking at a good vehicle, but there's so much more kit yet to get. Back in the UK, I bought a VW T4 Kombi van. 2.5TDI Diesel engine, seated 6 and kept my entire sound package secure in the rear. I even used it to work out of on those ever so frequent, rainy days in Wales. Such a shame these are not available in the US. The ford transit, however, is a fantastic alternative, even better if it comes with a diesel engine.
  4. $20.00 New to the forum and enjoying it thoroughly, Hello and thank you. Julian
  5. Brendan Beebe, Sean Bynes - Venice Jeff Welsh - Dubai Still getting sand out of the kit boxes!
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