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    This year marks my 19th year doing location sound and I look forward to continuing to learn. I greatly appreciate the existence of this forum and the high level of activity and knowledge.
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  1. absound

    RIP Eric Toline

    He was a great teacher and sharer of knowledge that I too will miss. RIP.
  2. Hi All, In the past 2 weeks I have been asked to record 2 interviews remotely for ongoing documentaries and I opted for sending a simple audio kit along with an 8 minute "how to connect it" video I made on my phone. I sent a Zoom H6, a short XLR cable and a small folding tabletop mic stand to hold a Schoeps MK41. Did the usual COI with client and sent everything via FedEx. I had to wait 3 days to get the gear back and then hear if worked out. I did ask the interviewees to wear headphones for the first minute to make sure there was no obvious problem but beyond that there isn't much one can do to judge the quality of what is being recorded. Definitely don't want this to be the new normal even though it turned out really well both times. The Voice App idea isn't bad either. Thanks for sharing that Jim. Adriano
  3. Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I have a question regarding a file that is playing back a close to double speed. This was first noticed after it was transferred from the Maxx after a job along with all the WAV files as I normally do. After noticing the problem, which occurred on only the last file of many recorded that day, I re-transferred that file from the MARF thinking it was a simple transfer error. But the version converted from the MARF via Zaxconvert has the same double speed issue. Now I have played the same file in the Maxx and it is also a double speed. Obviously this is not how it sounded while I was rolling. Luckily for me, I was also feeding two cameras so no audio was lost but it is nevertheless quite disconcerting. I know I can experiment with changing the speed to closely match the original normal speed of the other files but I am really wondering what may have caused this and how to avoid it in the future. This has never occurred before on either the Maxx or Nomad and it did not occur with any other files from the same day folder. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Adriano
  4. Thanks for sharing. Looks really fun and beneficial.
  5. I asked Neumann/Sennheiser about this same issue a couple of years ago as I wanted to modify or upgrade my beloved KMR81s and KMR82. "Can't be done" was the answer. This is the response I received: "There are no upgrades or modifications to make the KMR 81 lesssusceptible to RF-interference. The circuit design already greatlyreduces the likelihood of intereference unless there are othershielding issues, which are nearly always resolved by properlyterminating the XLR-connectors (connecting the shield to pin 1 andthe ground lug). We recommend using cables that have Neutrikshielded connectors.Thank you for contacting Neumann USA." Adriano Bravo
  6. I have used the ones sold by Audio Department referenced by Gene for both the Lectro SRb and Zaxcom QRX200: Locking and Right angle at both ends and they work great. Adriano
  7. Hi Simon. Just saw your post seeking help. Happy to do it if you still seek assistance. Here's my info: Adriano Bravo +1(510)5511135 Soundbravo@gmail.com
  8. Hi Mike, Any chance you could upload a picture? I would like to make sure I have the right idea before I destroy my sled. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi Eric, I had a pair of cables made by Trew Audio to do exactly what you need. With parts and labor each cable cost $105 and they are worth it if you work with these cameras often. As Andy stated above, the main thing to consider is how often you think you'll work with the Epic. If not very often, you might get a more versatile version of the cable with BNC for the timecode and add a short jumper to go from BNC to the 4 pin Lemo so you can use the cable with a broader range of cameras. Adriano Bravo
  10. Hi Jeff, I would like to echo some of the above sentiments: The site is incredibly useful and I am constantly amazed by the spirit of generosity demonstrated by many members regarding gear and tips. I remain a reluctant writer but a voracious reader of many posts. Thanks for all the work you do to keep it going. Adriano Bravo www.soundbravo.com
  11. Hi, Congratulations on getting a fantastic microphone. In my experience, it is normal for this microphone to want more power than others and for the gain on your mixer to be higher than some other microphones. I have also found you have to wait about 10 seconds to have sound after you give it phantom power. Once it is working, it is a wonderful microphone for many situations. Adriano
  12. Derek H "I'd like to see a pic showing how you mount two SNA600s in a bag. " Yes please post a picture or two. Thanks.
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