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    I'm a freelance sound recordist in Melbourne and run my business as Moose Audio. Cut my teeth on friends short films and worked my way into the sound business over the last few years. Currently working on a cooking show for one of the national networks and hoping George Lucas will discover me for his next film...

    My gear setup is a fairly standard ENG one. I run a Sound Devices 633, Lectrosonics SMDa/UCR411a and SRb, Sanken COS11's, a Rode NTG-3 and an Audix SCX1-HC as my basic kit.

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  1. I noticed that the Sound Devices 664 and 688 have word clock I/O on the bottom and it just got me thinking about it’s use in field recording and production sound mixing. I’ve actually never used word clock in any set up either in studio or field so I’m wondering what it’s use is? Obviously it is useful enough for Sound Devices to include it on their recorders but I’ve never come across it being discussed nor had any need to use it myself, but hoping to expand my knowledge in this area. TIA!
  2. What type of paint do you add to the epoxy to color it? I tried acrylic ink but it affected the curing of the epoxy. Also when filling the XLR-f with hot glue after soldering, how do you fill without filling up the space behind the release button. This has been a big challenge for me.
  3. Ed Denton

    633 lockup

    I was working with a head sound mixer who provided the card. He’s one of Australia’s biggest sound mixers who runs a cart with a 688 and 788t on-board. Suffice to say he wouldn’t have given me a card he didn’t trust.
  4. Ed Denton

    633 lockup

    I recently had a catastrophic failure of my 633 and wondering if this is a known issue: I had my folder setup with top folder as the project title middle folder [daily] and bottom folder [scene]. Recording to both SD card (SanDisk Extreme 32) and CF (SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB). Recorded a whole day no issue, but at the end of the day I needed to make some changes to the file names on the CF that I was handing off to producers. I went into the take list and changed the scene name and when I hit enter I got an error message saying “file does not exist!” Then I tried to turn of the 633 where the whole machine locked up and wouldn’t power down. Even unplugging the external power and removing the internal AA’s and still it wouldn’t power down (I actually have no idea how it was still on, there must be an internal backup battery). I had to search online for the force power off method which worked. I turned the 633 back on and checked the card which thankfully had all the files still in place. I tried again to rename the scene and again the 633 locked up and would only power down with the force power off method. I often change the scene name and I’ve never had issues before. The only thing I did differently this time was using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB which I believe is an approved CF card. I have never had problems with my SanDisk Extreme cards. Is this a known issue?
  5. I've heard that you can get Comtek to mod M-216 transmitter to have the BNC antenna connector so it essentially becomes an Option P7. Has anyone done this mod themselves? How do you open the transmitter case without breaking it. Does anyone know the part number for the BNC connector?
  6. Not trying to be a dick about it, but I have to say: you get what you pay for. Expecting all the build quality and features of Lectrosonics and Sound Devices, but paying a third of the price for Deity and Zoom, you’re gonna be disappointed. Not to say that Deity and Zoom make “bad” products. But there are reasons why people pay considerably more for these brands, and you are experiencing them first hand.
  7. I’m wondering whether this is normal thing or whether I’m not using my Comteks properly. Say I’m feeding an M-216 from the bag and running a few PR-216 receivers. If I turn off the transmitter while the receivers are on, they get blasted with white noise. I thought Comtek PR-216’s had a squelch but if they do it doesn’t seem to be particularly effective. If this is a function of normal operation I can’t understand why people love Comtek so much. There are so many situations where it is impossible to turn off all the receivers when changing a transmitter battery for example.
  8. In the video demo that Andrew did at Gotham Sound https://youtu.be/rc4HCo6gPjE at around the 3.02 minute mark he mentions that they are actually stereo transmitters and that they can be used as a camera hop or audio/timecode signal. Outside of this brief mention I haven't seen anything more in any of the demonstrations or literature about this and how it works with the Duo receiver. Can it operate in a diversity mode like the Lectro SRB "ratio mode"? So if you have one transmitter transmitting in stereo will the Duo receiver automatically switch to picking up the stereo signal and feed each side of the stereo signal out of the two outputs (in a camera hop kind of configuration)? I'm looking forward to checking them out when they are available in Australia. I spoke to the Australian distributor today and apparently he received a shipment today so I'll finally be able to get my hands on a model. Looking forward to putting it through its paces.
  9. Bouke, you may not agree with what Vincent has to say, but that is no way to engage in discussion on this forum. Vincent is a well respected member of this forum and it is not appropriate to use such disrespectful language here. This is not Facebook or 4chan.
  10. Anyone know of any updates regarding the release date of the Deity Connect? It was slated to release 16 April but all the usual suspects still have it as preorder/coming soon.
  11. I have some cables that are balanced 3.5mm jack to female XLR that I used for old RED cameras with 3.5mm audio input jack (why oh why RED?). One of the 3.5mm jack broke so I cut it off and stripped back the insulation to replace the 3.5mm jack and what I discovered has me baffled. Inside were 3 conductors as you would expect, but they don’t seem to be insulated in any way from each other. I am so confused as to how the cable works when the conductors are just running together with nothing separating them. Can anyone with electronics knowledge explain how this would be possible? Perhaps a coating? But even so it would be very thin and prone to failure I imagine. Never has issues with the cable until he connector broke.
  12. I’d love to see a review of the Duo on a camera next to a Terradek spewing out 2.4 GHz noise. For me the real value of the Deity wireless would be as a camera hop as it is less likely to be effected by body absorption. But if the receiver is likely to be slammed by RF spew from a Terradek then it could be a big issue. Basically every time I use a wireless camera hop there is also a wireless video monitor so you can expect this to be a common setup.
  13. Any one at NAB stop by the Deity booth and check out the Connect system? Any indication of when it will be available. No updates on the website for quite a while now.
  14. My main things would be some form of lateral pin connectors, whether that be hirose, TA5 or basically anything other than 3.5mm. As I said in another post, I have had hella trouble with 3.5mm connectors on G3 transmitters when a talent has it in their pocket and puts pressure on the connector the tip of the pin is "levered" away from the contact causing crackling audio. I'd love to see a small IFB receiver with headphone jack and volume knob. In this case I wouldn't have any issue with 2.4gHz, in fact it could potentially be very beneficial as the transmitter in my bag would have no change of messing with my UHF talent receivers. All the other things are not a big deal for me. I have some Lectro SMDA transmitters that don't have removable antennas, it's not a big deal. They are actually less clunky than my SMQV with removable antennas.
  15. My initial thoughts on these are that they would be great as camera hops. My understanding from watching the video is that if you are using it for a camera hop, you would only need 1 transmitter pack as it is a stereo transmitter. Only needing 1 stereo transmitter, the fact that it is in 2.4gHz so you won't be getting RF spray on your talent mic receivers in your bag and the bi-directional aspect all seem perfect for a hop. The downside for me is the 3.5mm mic connector. My brief dabbling in the world of G3 wireless was quickly dispensed when I had issues with the 3.5mm connectors. When a talent has a transmitter in their pocket or belt it is common for there to be pressure placed on the connector (if they're sitting for example). Even with a locking connector there can be a slight lever action on the 3.5mm shaft which causes the tip of the connector to intermittently lose connection causing horrible crackles in the audio signal. This doesn't happen with lateral pin structures such as TA5 or lemo. I just have a total lack of confidence in 3.5mm connectors on talent wireless.
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