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  1. Sound Devices 744T MK II : 1. Four Mic preamps with faders knobs 2. AES42 Two(4) Digital Input 3. USB 2/3 support 4. Recording to SD & CF cards (no HD)
  2. 302 size Sound Devices 4 channel mic in mixer-recorder + HPF adjustable AES42 and of course without unnecessary AA battery tube. Sennheiser 2 channel bodypack diversity receiver, compatibility with G3 and 2000 Sennheiser company crew correct mkh 8000 series cold and humidity problems !
  3. Here's my big (heavy) mixer bag: SD 664/CL6, Sennheiser 2000 DIY BDS, Mixer and wireless powered by a 2 separately NP1 battery MDR 7506, Petrol Pegz-2
  4. vidman


  5. Hello everyone, I'm an production sound mixer from Lithuania. Maybe you will be interested, my DIY battery eliminator. Wireless - Sennheiser 2000, DIY plastic box-holder for receivers, two units NP1 battery, one - wireless, second - mixer. The sound bag - Petrol Pegz-2 (sorry my poor english) Vidas
  6. Hi Alan, I would like to ask you which model of Clamp do you use Thanks, Vidman
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