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    Mainly Music recording at Tippet Rise Art Center. But do all production audio for films as well.
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  1. Thank you much! I have thought about doing that. I just need to get the cabling for it. I do keep the TRX on the outside of the bag as far from the receivers as possible, and they are far apart in frequency, or as far as I can get really with the Blocks I have: Ch1: 512.500 Ch2: 520.100 Ch3: 538.300 TRX: 560.000 So I will push the TRX up more to 590ish and try to build a longer antenna. Do you run it up on your harness like by your shoulders? Would it be even worth it to get better antenna's for the receivers?
  2. Browsing gear tonight and stumbled on this setup: https://filmdevices.com/rack-n-bag-info/ Looks like it would be very handy! Not too expensive either. I love how versitle i can be to go from cart/base setup to a bag setup! Seems pretty affordable too. Anyone try one?
  3. Hey Guys, I have a bag with a Mixpre 10T in it and 4 channels of UCR411a's and 1 TRXCL3. I have always kind of had RF issues, certainly not great performance as I have had in the past when using this gear in other situations. Im just using the 1/4 wave antennas thats come with the UCR's and TRX. The TRX seems to do mostly okay but my lavs can be really spotty to the point I don't trust them as much as I need to. I do not work in an area where there is a lot of RF around, quite the opposite in fact as I work out on a massive ranch most the time. So nothing local is messing with me. I've cleaned up cabling as much as possible, and lifting the receivers up as high as I can or setting them on the bag helps. But I hate doing that. So looking for an antenna distributor to get a small boom with a nice antenna on it. But most units I see for are for the SRC receivers which I kind of wish I had just 2 of those for 4 channels of wireless in one of the antenna units made for them. Is there any unit that works with the UCRs? Or should I seriously consider switching to the SRCs? Thanks!
  4. Thanks all for your help and insight! I think for now I'll go with the MK41 capsule and try out the DPA 4017 and maybe 4018 as well. Appreciate everyone's input!
  5. Haha valid points on the microphone question in general. I do mainly music recording so know this is a silly question in a lot of ways. But always helpful to get a bead on things. Funny you mention exteriors, as honestly I don't think I've ever use the CMIT outside and not liked it. Really inside is where it can be, lets say questionable. So that might be more the area I need to focus on. You say Schoeps 641, im assuming you mean a CMC6 with an MK41 capsule? That is on my list to get. I have a ton of CMC6 amplifers for music recording with almost a dozen capsule options. Seems like a good move. The DPA also really interests me as I use DPAs in lots of other ways, my Lavs are all DPAs too. I appreciate the insight and knowledge! Monte I certainly have the budget to purchase a couple and try out. Not super concerned with costs of any of them, they all seem reasonable. 416 is of course quite cheaply priced I think. Still might be worth a listen. I think the 416 and the 4017 and MK41 are my current short list. I have no experience with the brand really. Have eye balled a few of their mics though. They make an M/S one I've thought about getting to mount on our cameras for a decent camera mic. How do you boom the SuperCMIT? Do you have a stereo boom pole? Of just use the one output? I do think getting an MK41 is my next move and I'd love to try the DPA one as I use their stuff a lot and really like it. Appreciate the feedback and perspective.
  6. Hi all, I have a been using a Schoeps CMIT 5 for years now and while it does a pretty reasonable job, sometimes its just to edgy/bright for sources. I have used MKH416s but its been a real long time. Considering getting one though, would it be a good one to have on hand? Any others worth looking at? I've thought about grabing and MK41 capsule as well. MKH 8060? DPA 4017?
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