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  1. Hi Timo. Sorry for never answering. Still can't get it to work, everything is on the latest version, ios, Adobe, tonmeister. The only way around is sending myself an email, but if I have no internet is no use. Can you help please!
  2. If you mixed the film, technically you own the rights to the recordings until they pay you and clear the contract, unless your contract says otherwise. So take those recording as ransom until they pay. If they release the movie without paying you, than is copyright bridge
  3. Hi, working with the app at the moment. It is great but have a problem. When I go to share the report, I have various options but the only one that works is to Mail. If I want to open it on Adobe reader to save it locally, I have the option but when I press it nothing happens. Any idea what is happening?
  4. Hi Jeff, you can use one of this http://www.kingston.com/us/wireless/wireless_readers#mlw221 and plug the final card and put the report on it or a separate SD card.
  5. Just use AA they last forever in this units, don't complicate your life
  6. It happens here in the UK too, but again on small jobs and not on commercials... although there are some individuals around. As a rule i tell producers: If camera has at least one assistant, so will I.
  7. Getting the Beetle delivered today and app is ready to rock. Have a commercial tomorrow so will posts 'on the job' analysis.
  8. Can you really tell it was 2 frames, and not 1 or 3 or 2.5 out? Can you just say 'it felt a bit off'?
  9. maybe the tiny mic from ambient, could work well for a big stereo rig
  10. I sometimes use a DPA 4060 as a plant. They sound great and do have enough bass to play with. Remember there are some small DPAs that are created for instruments with a BIG frequency range, thus giving you a more rounded response without the tweak for dialogue. Also, you can get the BLM6000 adapter from DPA, and convert it into a very flat boundary (as per Larry's post) very quickly and effectively. Also because it is rubber, it stops all does annoying mechanical noises that you get when mounting on a table or similar surface.
  11. Rado: You can buy a cinela, a rode, a K-tek and a rycote windshield. All very different in prices and quality. Hardly a monopoly.
  12. One thing I did in the Qatar desert was to cling film my gear. Wrap it all' membrane switches work fine, and you can remove rotary faders, wrap and then reattach . Doesn't look pretty but keeps dust off
  13. Hi Dennis. You do need a visa 100%, coming from any country of the EU and UK. The visa free agreement is only for tourism and business, but working is not business. Careful with the journalist visa, it allows you to work only "if the material being filmed will be used to disseminate information or news". You might need another type of visa. check this page http://london.usembassy.gov/niv/media2.html Good luck
  14. Timo, if waiting means a better, more complete and more future proof product, we are happy to wait. Thanks for the update
  15. The best thing to do, if running dialogue, is to get them to do a slate clap, like in the old times. That way if they decide to ramp back to 25 the clip, or a bit of it, they can sync the audio back with the clap. Also, be aware that if they go suddenly back to 25, the camera will be out of sync, so re-jam. You might know this but just in case.
  16. I had a Sanken Cs1e (no schoeps because it was heated room so very humid) and you are right it was a Lectro HM. I also use Cinela mounts, so all that helps reduce weight
  17. It's the longest K-tek, it's 20'11" (6.3m) fully extended. Useful in those kinda situations
  18. On the Olympic Aquatic Centre in London. I had to match the techno-crane!
  19. Or you can just use them as VERY effective people silencers on set. Just put a little sticker on them that says: 'Not a MOS shot'
  20. I have been working with cl-WiFi for a bit, but just this week I realized a missing feature that will be great on the new ambient tonemeister app: ability to trigger the tone. When setting headphones or line to video, it will be great to wirelessly activate it, rather than keeping it running. Any chance of that Timo (Mr ambient)
  21. I use a sennheiser g3 rack transmitter (you can also use the body worn one) on the 864mhz. I have a few sennhisers rs110 (or similar) and works like a charm. You can put an external aerial so range is great
  22. Hi all I know many of you use Movieslate as your sound report creator. I'm looking into it, but i like the option of using Cl-wifi to control and input metadata directly into the 788t and then exporting the CVS file for Movieslate to create the report. How are you guys doing this on location? The help menu of MS talks only about the option of emailing the file back and forth. Firstly that seems silly because what if I don't have internet on location? And assuming i'll have internet, how do i get the CVS file out of the 788t? If i have to use a computer for that, i rather use WaveAgent. Any ideas, solutions, apps? I guess all this will be solved with Ambient's Tonemaister app, but that is a couple of months away... hopefully. Thanks
  23. Point taken mark, i just sometime like to make it simple for post people. This is mostly for jobs where i'm by myself of the bag, so generally the sound report is non-existent, but you are right, they can see metadata after. Cheers
  24. Hi everyone On my cart I use a 788t and love it, but i was getting tired of carrying so much wait around when all i needed was 2-3 tracks for small jobs. Now I have a Sonosax MiniR82 for those jobs and sounds great. One thing is that it creates sequential file names, noting to do with metadata. I do prefer to give production files that are named after the scene and take, like in the case of the sound devices recorders. I found a workaround for it, by uploading the files to my computer and renaming them with WaveAgent. It works great and it's very quick, but it means I also have to carry my computer. Does any one does this and know an app for either android or iOS that can do the same? Ideally i would like to do it on my phone or on my iPad mini. Thanks a lot Diego
  25. I got one of the uhatent (german link avobe) as the Peluse is very hard to get here in the UK. I have to say is very well made and i love the camo. You can see the agency envy faces on the photo!
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