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    I'm Moe Chamberlain, and I mix commercials.
    My brother is the famous and talented Crew Chamberlain, who introduced me to this business 25 years ago. I love films and sound, wife and kids (and depending on the day, sometimes in that order!).
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  1. Tim, Well, it looks like the A-10’s are not for you after all. Every user has different needs. I’m sure that given the vast array of tools at our disposal, you will find the solution that works best for you. Best of luck, Moe
  2. Hello Tim, I can’t speak to the DPR situation, but I might be able to shed some light on the A-10 RF hiss. We too encountered this on our Schoeps CMIT and 641’s when we first started using the A-10’s. Our CMIT’s are also in Cinelas. First off, the original cables that Audio Ltd offered (with the blue cap) provided less RF shielding than their subsequent, more robust cable. These are a tad thicker and longer than the originals, and we have had zero problems since. Another thing to remember is to keep the cables extended down the boompole, away from the mic as elegantl
  3. Hello docsound, Thank you for posting that video from Rycom. That’s an impressive range test, to say the least. Even in optimal situations, those distances stand out. As I posted earlier, I use Wisycom for my IFB system, and their range continues to blow my mind. My post was never meant to disparage the Wisycom brand, or any other, but merely to express my opinion when compared to my digital A-10’s. And as someone noted in a later post, there seem to be many who are dissatisfied with the performance of their Audio Ltd experience. They work for me. Wisycom se
  4. Hello Bems, I’m a longtime Audio Ltd. user, so you should take my opinions with a grain of salt. However, I’ve just run a side by side test with the Wisycom system to see how they perform together, so I thought I’d pass along my impressions, biased though they may be. To address your first question, I found the A-10’s to sound better than the Wisycom’s, but that may be because I’m so used to hearing the clarity of a digital signal. We performed tests on male and female voices, as well as the dreaded “key test”, first with a DPA 4060, and then with a Sanken COS-11. To my ears,
  5. AZW, While many of us older sound folks have had great success over the years with the classic long shotgun microphone in various situations and environments, most would say that a basketball gymnasium is not one. If it’s an exterior court, you might have better success; but like all of us filmmakers, the frame pretty much dictates our ability to capture clear dialogue with a boom. In any case, I’d recommend a Schoeps. Despite having used just about every “shotgun” made over my career (Sennheisers, Neumanns, etc), nothing beats a CMC641 for natural clarity. Best o
  6. Dalton, I have not used the MM 1 with the A-10, as that would sort of defeat the purpose of the system. However, many years ago I used the MM1 with the CMC641 into a Lectrosonics 411, and it sounded pretty good, all things considered. Now, maybe it’s the clarity of the digital transmission, but to my ears the Schoeps through the A-10 mic preamplifier sounds as close to a hardwired boom as I’ve ever heard. But please remember, these things are highly subjective and strictly my opinion. I believe Zaxcom and Sony and Lectrosonics all have excellent systems as well for
  7. I’ve been very, very happy with the Audio Ltd. A-10 transmitter on the end of the boom pole, cabled to a Schoeps cmc-641. Brilliant sound, easy to use. Moe
  8. Hey Jeff, That’s a slick set up. It’s phenomenal how far our sound world has come in so short a time. We should all count our blessings at all the options at our disposal these days. Thanks for sharing. Moe
  9. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Al. Great little documentary. I got this album for Christmas (along with my first stereo!), sophomore year in high school. Fond memories. Moe
  10. Hello Sciproductions, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the preamps were the main factor in my buying the Nagra Seven, but it’s certainly a consideration for me. They sound great to my ears. But that sort of opinion is simply that: an opinion. It’s also simple to use in the field, has a well laid out menu, features a touch screen (which is not everyone’s cup of tea, but one that I value highly) and after several years of use has proven itself to be remarkably reliable, in all conditions. It also makes me happy using it, as esoteric as that may seem. Having said all that, the
  11. I use my Nagra Seven in the field often, although not on my cart. I use it for documentaries, insert car work, on buses, trains and other tight quarters requiring portability. If you don’t need multiple tracks, where a simple two track mix will suffice, the Nagra works very well for my purposes. Brilliant preamps, easy to use, very reliable. Not for every scenario, but a very nice tool to have at my disposal. Moe
  12. And of course, “How does it SOUND, baby!”....
  13. If we’re still on the original topic, then I can attest to the A10’s resistant to moisture. I’ve had them on many a sweaty actor over the summer, and they’ve come back to us literally dripping wet. We’ve had zero issues regarding moisture. If we’re now discussing the other systems, I can’t comment. Regards, Moe
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