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  1. gareth john

    Black Friday Sales 2018.

    Hi Noel, I've had amazing support from them in Europe, same day collection via fedex after reporting a fault, turned around and back to me in under 3 days. it might be worth contacting Jan Zastera direct via info@betso.eu cheers Gareth
  2. gareth john

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    Using one on a job right now, A & B cams have TS3's and C cam has the Betso. Working well so far and 2nd AC's love it. Have to change batts on TS3's every couple of days, Betso was going for 2 weeks before needing battery change.
  3. gareth john

    Zoom F8n.

    I use pre amps all the time, will always choose a cabled boom over wireless unless the shot dictates otherwise.
  4. gareth john

    DPA 4098 - first impressions

    I agree regarding DPA build quality - from my experience some of their products aren't designed with film production in mind. We use 4018's for car rigs & have had the MMP-ER active cables fail 3 times now, it's obviously fine planted on a Cello in a studio but on a fast paced film set they need to be more robust - though they do sound fantastic... If anyone from DPA is listening please make a "heavy duty" version of the MMP-ER & ES cables
  5. gareth john

    G3 system as "Comtek" IEM

    I think the majority of UK mixers use Sennheiser evolution for comms. I go out of 788t at -4 into a SK500 G2 TX with sensitivity set at -20, best sounding IEM system i've heard with zero hiss. Use a line level cable: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sennheiser-Line-Input-CL2-XLR-Replacement-Cable-Transmitter-SK-100-300-50-/151210700656?var=&hash=item2334dc2f70:m:m5X8fFDgo8tbHpG6lWP--xw
  6. gareth john

    DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Like Jose, we use the DPA 4018's with the side exit cable (MMP-ES), they sound fantastic & easy to rig - I've had 2 cables fail on me though, they're not contructed with fast paced filming in mind, need to be more robust imho
  7. gareth john

    "Aloha" featurette

    currently working with Eric Gautier, what a nice camerman! One camera, 35mm, rehearsals - proper old school film making
  8. gareth john

    New Hawkwoods/Wendys Broadcast Power Distribution Rack

    Hi Nathan, I'd be interested if it had mains as well, wouldn't need to draw more than 10amps. The ability to switch between 12v battery & mains would be great (as the PSC cart power did) cheers Gareth
  9. gareth john

    Picture Monitors for Cart solutions?

    I use the smart view duo as well, still need an up converter if your on 35mm though. I saw these on a video assist rig, 4 screen HD & composite, looked very good: http://www.globalmediapro.com/dp/A25JX3/Osee-RMS-4342-SC-4-x-43-inch-LCD-Monitor/
  10. gareth john

    UK Kit insurance

    I'm with Aon (mention Bectu for a discount) 0845 070 0387 cheers Gareth
  11. gareth john

    Canon 1D Mk IV, anyone used it ?

    Hi all, having experienced the joys of shooting on 5d's & 7d's, now got a shoot on a 1d Mk IV coming up; anyone know if it has the same imputs & firmware update as the 5d allowing manual gain control etc ? thanks Gareth
  12. gareth john

    Magliner cart with 19" rack

    Hi All, Planning on putting a cart together using an upright magliner & a 19" rack, probably a 16u SKB shock rack. I'd either like to use the vertical cart from filmtools, or sit the rack on the 'toe' of an upright magliner. I've never seen the filmtools carts, wondered if they'd take the weight (whilst wheeling along on the back wheels) of a fully loaded rack. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks Gareth