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  1. I think ATM is atmospheric pressure.
  2. Was that cost effective? Or would it have been cheaper to hire someone who could have minimised this expense, and give you a few professional pointers along the way. Good luck with your projects by the way, they look like fun to make!
  3. Try Kris at Richmond Film Services +44 2089406077 at their new premises in Shepperton Film Studios. Always very reasonable
  4. Jeff, there's a very good obituary in this paper. His influence reached across the world.
  5. Well, you were right Matt. I got a reply from Neutrik basically saying 'not a chance' ! Not very helpful. Those Remote Audio ones look good though
  6. I have no need for these low profile XLRs in my workflow, but I have just sent an email to Neutrik with a link to this thread suggesting that they should consider making their own versions as there is obviously a market. If everyone did the same maybe they could be persuaded. We seem to have some influence on the manufacturers of other equipment we use! I know that we aren't the only users of XLRs but there would seem to be enough of us
  7. I remember the 804 as a lovely sounding mic to use indoors
  8. My first thought is that he had inputs on the camera set to mic level and was feeding too hot a level from the G3s so turned down the input levels on the camera to try and compensate...
  9. Sshh! Don't disturb him, he's sleeping!
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