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  1. I think ATM is atmospheric pressure.
  2. Was that cost effective? Or would it have been cheaper to hire someone who could have minimised this expense, and give you a few professional pointers along the way. Good luck with your projects by the way, they look like fun to make!
  3. Try Kris at Richmond Film Services +44 2089406077 at their new premises in Shepperton Film Studios. Always very reasonable
  4. Jeff, there's a very good obituary in this paper. His influence reached across the world.
  5. Well, you were right Matt. I got a reply from Neutrik basically saying 'not a chance' ! Not very helpful. Those Remote Audio ones look good though
  6. I have no need for these low profile XLRs in my workflow, but I have just sent an email to Neutrik with a link to this thread suggesting that they should consider making their own versions as there is obviously a market. If everyone did the same maybe they could be persuaded. We seem to have some influence on the manufacturers of other equipment we use! I know that we aren't the only users of XLRs but there would seem to be enough of us
  7. I remember the 804 as a lovely sounding mic to use indoors
  8. My first thought is that he had inputs on the camera set to mic level and was feeding too hot a level from the G3s so turned down the input levels on the camera to try and compensate...
  9. Sshh! Don't disturb him, he's sleeping!
  10. Ok, you can't see the screen but since I started using these, about 5 years ago I haven't had any broken units, and they are cheap http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lowepro-Slider-20-Black-Brand-new-Free-UK-Delivery-/190386333577?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c53e8e789
  11. I have a Deva 5.8 and a Nomad 12 so I can't swap out the primary card! What I do is use a separate mirror card and call it X001 (or whatever roll no.) as opposed to 001. I then send in 2 mirror cards and 2 sound reports. I have thought of recording a number of empty segments on the Nomad to get the file number to be the same as my Deva file number and then mirror from there onto the Deva card, but never gone through with it!
  12. Because you are creating a WAV file , I don't believe you can 'listen' to the file on the card until it is completed. I imagine all digital systems work the same way. All you can ever monitor will be the input. 99.9% of the time all this works fine for us. Just occasionally there will be a corrupt file. I just apologize and make post another copy.
  13. For my Audio Ltd Rf DA I use these rather than a cable http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNC-Female-Jack-to-SMA-Male-Plug-Straight-RF-Coax-Adapter-Connector-Gold-plated-/251630908982?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones_Communication_Coax_Cables_Connectors&hash=item3a965ef636 and standard BNC cables or as Malcolm says, Henry at RFS
  14. +1 I have been told this too. I will still do tone but only if there is something particular in the sound of that space which I think will be useful to the editors...
  15. I had the great pleasure of meeting Gordon Hempton when I made a documentary series about Rolex Award winners back in the nineties. We spent a lot of time with him in the Olympic National forest and at Rialto beach. Inspiring guy
  16. Yes, Malcolm, I've got one of those too... Anyone want to buy a really big Fischer plug to 5 pin lemo? Anyone?
  17. I keep all my microphones in their own mounts to avoid swapping. And, yes, the bottom half of the basket is still not removable.
  18. I got a pianissimo last week, using it with a DPA 4071. Very light rig, no handling noise. Altogether very pleased. Oops, 4017
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