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  1. "The modular concept of the HD 26 PRO makes changing cabel or cushions easy" ah the cables I had (have) to change every other month... hope they addressed that finally
  2. Hey the soundmen (and woman)! It's been a while since I wrote here. want to share some stuff that happened to me. At the end of last year, on the last day of a show,at the beach afterparty I fell down and broke my back. was in bed with terrible pains finally got up to take another job and yesterday after 2 days of working got in a big car crush. My boom op (driver) injured his leg and my utility is in hospital with light brain damage and torn ear. Im having bruises all over my chest and have difficulty breathing. My side of car is completely wrecked and police said its a miracle I made out alive. Going out to work tomorrow. reason I write this? none. love you all and love this forum. be safe, life's crazy. Nikaaaaa
  3. I might be wrong, but I recall a discussion about this antennas and someone saying its just the next hype. Would be nice if someone actually got their hands on this for a test.
  4. guess the same method (as captured in the pics) would work well for dpa's .
  5. my current utility Goglik Giorgi Gogoladze. Some people just hold the boom properly and get the job done, but this guy does it with style.
  6. strangely enough this problem is most obvious when encoders are in input trim mode. in output mode they seem to behave normally. +111 on than!
  7. yep its the opposite: with very fast movements the values change in tenths of the units (db's) and with slower movements the changes are quite unpredictable. VERY slow movements are much like fast movements but most of the time one would need something in between. not having the linear control is a fail. anyway, I'm gonna re install the firmware and see what happens.
  8. yet another question to seniors: Im mixing a feature now and for the first time Im using the cl-9 controller (used cl-8 on previous jobs). yesterday I had a very dynamic scene to mix, going from very low whispers to very loud yelling. While it was fine with my mix track where I ride the gain with faders I had problems with the trim gain hitting the limiter. I couldn't understand the logic behind the rotary encoders behavior If I twist the knob very fast values change very slowly (6.5,6.3, 6.2, 6.1,.6.0) and if I turn it slower its just random (6.0, 2.3,-14.7) sometimes it just skips 15 to 20 dbs. Im running version 2.18. should I upgrade? downgrade? re-install the current firmware? leave the trims very low and safe for this kind of scenes (barely hitting -40 mark on meters) or should I just get over it? PS my boom op was doing a good job moving the boom further and closer according to the acting but still ...
  9. its defo not the broken cable case. made a quick check this morning. I have a day off tomorrow and will do the cleaning. thanks for tips guys! love this forum!
  10. Some time ago my 744t and 302 started to crackle and hit when moving the cable/connector on the xlr ins. Because I almost never use that kit anymore I decided to put the problem aside until I have more spare time, but recently my new mm-1 started to act the same. any idea what could it be? dust? damage? I will record some samples later but any advice from someone who experienced it would be great!
  11. I have an ashtray on my old cart
  12. ok another question B&H doesn't have this in stock atm and I need this pretty fast. any other shop you can suggest (while Im browsing on my own)?
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