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  1. VAS

    TC arri mini

    Such a things can drive me crazy. I feel you
  2. I hate the term "best" in our field, but I would suggest a fully digital wireless kit. Like Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Audio Limited.
  3. I own an Ambient QS boompole. 3 sections. In scripted tv drama helps me to spend less time with lock - unlock
  4. VAS

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    DANTE Card Available https://www.sonosax.ch/product/024352/
  5. Assume you don't buy a mixer-recorder based on your current bag. - Zaxcom Nova - Sound Devices 888 - Zoom F8n - Sonosax SX-R4+
  6. There is no common rates between sound mixers around the EU; because the cost of business & cost of live is different from nation to nation. For example, UK & GER has better salary compared to Greece (where I am working & live). TV Drama, Feature Films & Documentaries is main industry. I know it's hard to get your feet at the start (like me when I changed only a city - can you imagine), but I would suggest you to start from Berlin - where you have lived before and you be will closer to your partner.
  7. VAS

    Aaton trade-in

    I don't understand how this devaluing used market. Used market it's up to buyer if will use the money to buy something new regarding technology or give it for medical hospital reasons or whatever reason is. Trade-in market, to take that deal you have to buy their new line. It's different.
  8. Still 1 frame off with stand alone mode from UltraSYNC ONE. First time we experience such a problem, only with this camera. Hmmm
  9. So, finally we found what's the problem (I hope). We have switch off the connection between UltraSYNC ONE's (Master & Slave Mode) and convert it as stand alone; taken the timecode from Mix-Pre 10 II.
  10. Yeap, the second DIN - SYNC. What I have notice, between LTC & SYNC, the level is different. LTC has Standard, Low, MIC while SYNC has Standard & High. LTC Standard is around -15 while SYNC Standard is -20 at levels. With that setting, post says it's 1-2 frames off in some scenes. Next episode of #problemsolving (lol) will completely eliminate the "Server" and "Client" status (so basically the communication between ONE's) and use it as standalone units taken TC from Mix-Pre 10 II. Let's see.
  11. Hi Philip & David, Both camera & UltraSYNC is up to date. We have changed the output routine from LTC to SYNC, post says it's 1-2 frames off now. I am done. Hahaha
  12. The drift even when we have UltraSYNC ONE plugged (and not touching) to BMP. Post is complain a lot, but nothing we can do further. We have tried every possible tweaks. Grrr
  13. Something that puzzle me, we are using 3 UltraSYNC ONE (two for camera, one for Mix-Pre 10 II) and post says it's 4 frames off. Everything set at 25 FPS. Can someone tell producers, not using those cameras for "real jobs"? I hate them (lol).
  14. Hi Elias, Θα επικοινωνήσω μαζί σου σύντομα. Sorry guys for the greek. hehe
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