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  1. VAS

    26 Videos From IBC 2018

    Any video from Sonosax?
  2. VAS


    450€ ex. VAT / This comes with or without a Boom Operator? LOL Pianissimo seems more logical step at this price range.
  3. VAS

    Store recommendation Italy

    Can't production help you with delivery?
  4. VAS

    Deity Connect.

    Yeap, not bad for first generation of wireless from Deity.
  5. VAS

    Deity Connect.

    Not the receiver, but the transmitter.
  6. VAS

    Deity Connect.

    It's an interesting product from Deity in 2.4 GHz wireless game. I found it a little big (transmitter dimensions) for my work, when the size of G3 is also big for my needs. Also, I will be interesting to read or hear a test with induction kitchens where G2 / G3 has been failed to me. Since this is the first generation wireless from Deity; isn't bad overall. Truly, I like the yellow colour; because it has the same colour of my favorite football club (lol).
  7. VAS

    DPA 3mm lav mic

    URSA has been announcement a Mini Mount for 6060.
  8. VAS

    Store recommendation Italy

    Hello Rafa, - NAGRIT (Rome) - AUDIONOLEGGIO (Milan) Otherwise, you can buy from Audiosense (Belgium) or Pink Noise Systems (UK) as Constantin said about shipping methods. Regards, Vasileios
  9. VAS

    Sound Devices / Audio Limited A10-RACK

    Q: Can you feed your main recorder via Dante (say Sound Devices 970) and your backup recorder via AES or analogue outputs simultaneously?
  10. VAS

    New from Lectro.

    Noyz Boyz Price: Around 1.000€ (ex. VAT)
  11. VAS

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Hello Timo, I would like to congratulate you for your new position and job. Regards, V
  12. VAS

    Lectrosonics RPS4 Rackmount Power

    Thank you, Larry and Jeff!
  13. VAS

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Guessing: The SRD (D for pure digital)
  14. VAS

    Lectrosonics RPS4 Rackmount Power

    Is there a picture from the back?
  15. VAS

    Rates, rates, rates

    Don't forget, most of the time producers playing "mind games" with rates. They want cheap, says "LA Mixers" (do a list mister) accept those rates. Maybe it's true, maybe it's false. One thing is sure: They want cheap most of the time, so they are gambling.