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  1. Does your microphone has been wired for Lectrosonics and need to be re-wired for Wisycom? I am not sure if Lectrosonics and Wisycom shares the same wiring scheme. Check it out.
  2. Hi Ari and welcome!
  3. Agree, Wisycom manuals isn't helpful at all.
  4. Happy Birthday, Sir!
  5. Story takes place around 1905-1909. Live-physical location at Museum of the City of Athens. We can't touch anything from museum, only some paintings (modern era); so that doors with glass behind gave my nightmares. It's the most interesting project I started as assistant sound - boom op after many years. PS. This is going to be a television drama series, 30 episodes. We are shooting 5 pages per day so far. Thanks to Allen Lee Williams III for the black jacket recommendation.
  6. That's a good test for Deity products under Sonosax mic preamps I really like the sound from R4+
  7. VAS

    Zoom F4

    Looks more attractive after firmware update.
  8. You said Transom and came to my mind this absolutely beautiful article for Walter Murch. https://transom.org/2005/walter-murch/
  9. For SR Receivers: http://www.taiaudio.com/lectrosonics-sraes3-sr-receiver-adapter-plate/
  10. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/post-production-forum/
  11. I will pass it to my fellas for studio and live enviroment. Thank you sharing, Simon!
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