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  1. VAS


    Are you planning to use transmitters only for actors or you need to be flexible with boom? With MTP 40 you can have a wireless boom; of course with phantom power supply plug on. Otherwise MTP 41 is small which I like a lot.
  2. VAS

    Sony UWP-D21

    Thank you, David!
  3. VAS

    Sony UWP-D21

    Hello, Does anyone know if the new version of UWP-D Series (D2x) have the same wiring scheme (locking 3.5mm plug) like the previous version (D1x)? Thank you! Best, V
  4. MixPre Series v5.01 is out Sound Reports are now available on original MixPre-3 and MixPre-6. USB Output routing matrix no longer links Track L with channels 1-10 on MixPre-10T and MixPre-10 II.
  5. VAS

    SD 888

    I don't think Sound Devices need in their line 883 and 888, but I am not running this company; so. Between these two, 888 is way to go for many reasons. I was hoping 8 series will have 32 bit, A-B Format for VR, less weight, ability to play with A10 wireless via recorder and finally all inputs will be capable of AES42 / AES3. Maybe an integration of ACN or B:Link for timecode purposes. Upgrade from 663 to 883 is no go. Upgrade from 663 to 888 is way to go.
  6. Congratulations, Zaxcom! You nailed.
  7. Hi Kuba, I haven't tried Line Audio for dialogue purposes, but for music. It sounds very good, excellent microphone. I wish if Line Audio had a supercardioid version of it.
  8. I like the sound of 4071 from DPA.
  9. VAS

    New SD 833

    RF64 and the "hidden connector" is the most interesting for me, otherwise has a "logic" features as production sound recorder.
  10. Don't make the mistake to buy Sennheiser EW 100 G4. 100 series plug on transmitter does not provide phantom power. You need 500 series - EW 500 G4 plug on transmitter.
  11. We are using over 5 months now, Timecode Systems Ultrasync ONE. No problems so far, we have damage one cable (at BNC termination, not DIN). I am charging them every two days; 20 hours of operation / 10hr continuously and still has battery lifetime for 3-4 hours. Size is small. I like the silicone case with velcro. Is there a 90 degrees of DIN connector?
  12. VAS

    Best Lavs?

    Capturing a motorbike from distance during dialogue will sound the same with XX.XXX equipment and X.XXX equipment. In terms of good quality gear: Currently I am first assistant sound* for a big budget tv drama in Greece. We are using Wisycom, Sonosax, Sanken, Sennheiser, Rycote etc; all the well knowning manufacturers. I like the combo between Wisycom - Sanken - Sonosax. Sometimes we win the battle of good audio, sometimes we lose the battle. TV Drama take place in 1900 - 1920 year, so the challenge is big of not capturing modern background noise. Generally I am a big fan of Sennheiser MKH 70, Sennheiser MKH 50, DPA 4071, Sanken COS11D in terms of microphone. I have been impressed with the headroom and sound quality of Sonosax SX-R4+. What I am missing from Wisycom, is the ability of change settings from distance (let's say bluetooth ability), because if we need to change battery or gain or frequency to the transmitter, clothes is not an easy to deal with it (bonus: make friends at wardrobe dept.). *Good film sound starts from a good first assistant sound; make sure you get one. BTW I have no clue if I am good or medium or bad first assistant sound lol
  13. Something like this will help? https://ursastraps.com/product/backstraps/
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