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  1. Hi Ari and welcome!
  2. Agree, Wisycom manuals isn't helpful at all.
  3. Happy Birthday, Sir!
  4. Story takes place around 1905-1909. Live-physical location at Museum of the City of Athens. We can't touch anything from museum, only some paintings (modern era); so that doors with glass behind gave my nightmares. It's the most interesting project I started as assistant sound - boom op after many years. PS. This is going to be a television drama series, 30 episodes. We are shooting 5 pages per day so far. Thanks to Allen Lee Williams III for the black jacket recommendation.
  5. That's a good test for Deity products under Sonosax mic preamps I really like the sound from R4+
  6. VAS

    Zoom F4

    Looks more attractive after firmware update.
  7. You said Transom and came to my mind this absolutely beautiful article for Walter Murch. https://transom.org/2005/walter-murch/
  8. For SR Receivers: http://www.taiaudio.com/lectrosonics-sraes3-sr-receiver-adapter-plate/
  9. https://www.gearslutz.com/board/post-production-forum/
  10. I will pass it to my fellas for studio and live enviroment. Thank you sharing, Simon!
  11. VAS

    Schoeps CMD

    Nothing has been changed in electronics since then. Also, I am not sure if Schoeps is positive to develop this product further; so I am not holding my breath.
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