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    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    I would buy sooner or later the MixPre-3. One boom - Two wireless - EXT Timecode. 90% of my jobs is one - two wireless and one boom. For the needs of atmos bla bla I have three mic preamps / ORTF TRI (three CCM's or MKH 8040). Plus Wingman App if I need to go fancy and sexy (hehe). For 4 wireless and more needs; then I would consider the F8 or something else.
  2. VAS

    Sony FS7

    You can't advertise the "ultimate docu camera" and you don't include timecode I/O. Just saying.
  3. VAS

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    Hi Ilari, I tried a starquad cable from receiver to recorder; still no bueno. The problem was from transmission side (tx and lavalier). I wonder if I had a digital wireless, things was better; but I don't know.
  4. VAS

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Yes, Simon. I am not going to make "experiments" (last minute) with dialogue in an entire cooking show, because the editor it's lazy and without post audio.
  5. VAS

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    Director wanted from me to record a slow motion audio. What can I answer to that? Tell me. Hahaha How many times, Christian. How many times...
  6. VAS

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    - Can you record audio at 50 FPS and not in 25 FPS? Goosebumps
  7. VAS

    New Sound Devices Products

    Me too. For a second...
  8. VAS

    Show me your bag

    So, you have that bread, actually, David. Hehe
  9. VAS

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Banks here has been failed before the "speculation" has been driven the people to wait in ATM's. Wrong example, but I understand what you mean.
  10. VAS

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Let's not start here; again, this discussion. Please. We have already discussed this over two years.
  11. VAS

    Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    It's a miracle itself accepting audio, Blake.
  12. VAS

    View From The Office:

    Breaking Bad? Hehe
  13. VAS

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    I was trying to translate that "move" from Sound Devices. It's a really smart strategic move. Leave the "wireless" story in the corner for one minute. Sound Devices they have two offices in EU. One in Berlin and one in UK. My first question: Does that mean UK office will provide service support? My second question: Does that mean UK office will become a distributor and the other partners will become resellers? This is a good news for UK market. Sound Devices they don't sell only 633 or 688, but also video products (which is a bigger market). In terms of wireless story: The guys at Sound Devices are not fools. Of course will continue to support other wireless brands. I am not expecting something new in professional territory for 2 or 3 years from now. They already have the new A10 line. Maybe, we will see a wireless system in prosumer territory; like MixPre-3 / MixPre-6 product line. The competition here is high; Sennheiser G4, Sony UWP-D etc.
  14. VAS

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Maybe, this is the first time in history of production sound industry, someone buys other company in that scale. Let's see what the future will bring!
  15. VAS

    Samplitude's "O-Ton-Modus"

    OMG, there are so many useful app's from Rogue Amoeba. Thank you a lot, Matthias!
  16. VAS

    AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    That sounds a risky business from manufacturer POV.
  17. VAS

    Elon's Falcon Heavy Tesla launch

  18. VAS

    Deva 24

    A party for Deva 24 release would be the best way to celebrate! Hehe
  19. VAS

    Viviana Straps

    I recommend large size belts. I have 2 mediums, 1 small and 1 large. I found myself to use more frequently the large size; rather than medium. Have in mind, you can use the small size of belt as thigh, in some cases. Viviana also offers thigh and ankle versions. Also an XS small size belt. If I had to buy now, I would have chosen 2 large, 1 small and 1 ankle.
  20. http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/29601-sound-devices-mix-pre-3-and-mix-pre-6/
  21. VAS

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Very nice!