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  1. What I like about A10-RACK is the support of other wireless receiver brands.


    The switch between a shotgun to a lavalier in A10 Tx without damaging the electronics is a huge plus.


    When a transmitter acting for both case senario (boom or lavalier use) without the need of extra investment on plug-on is welcome (since we are talking a $$.$$$ investement).

  2. 22 hours ago, r.paterson said:

    As a big Sanken fan i thought this must be a Killer mic at the launch news,  but the lack of reviews on any forum would suggest either no one has one or it isnt the Killer Mic the initial launch seemed to suggest..


    We are not a video community. I wonder how many years or months or days has been passed when MKH 416 was labeled as "a standard" weapon.



  3. 18 hours ago, Alex Weinberg said:

    The c vs b preamp sound virturaly identical you just lose the filtering options. Thanks JonG for making me feel better about humidity and the Schoeps.


    The difference between MMP-B & MMP-C Preamp isn't only at filtering options. The MMP-B Max. SPL is 138 dB; MMP-C Max. SPL is 146 dB. The MMP-B is single balanced output and the MMP-C is impedance balancing with active drive. You can see a different current consumption and also a maximum output voltage (in RMS terms) between them. If I had to choose between MMP-B and MMP-C, my choice will be MMP-C.

  4. I have Mini Mounts with DPA 4071.

    Way better from rounded concealer from DPA which you can easily lost parts of it.

    Also, check the video below from Matt Price during IBC about Mini Mount / Sanken COS 11 and dealing with wind.


    Starts at 3:40



  5. 10 hours ago, IronFilm said:

     I'd hope though that Deity makes a smaller TX in the future, but for their first product? I feel this is a close enough to a good size to make it be. (as going a lot smaller leads to functionality/price/battery life compromises)


    Yeap, not bad for first generation of wireless from Deity.

  6. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:


    A G3 receiver is too big for you?! They're pretty small already. 
    And remember the Deity is a dual receiver, so you need to compare it to the size of two receivers. 


    Not the receiver, but the transmitter.

  7. It's an interesting product from Deity in 2.4 GHz wireless game.

    I found it a little big (transmitter dimensions) for my work, when the size of G3 is also big for my needs.

    Also, I will be interesting to read or hear a test with induction kitchens where G2 / G3 has been failed to me.

    Since this is the first generation wireless from Deity; isn't bad overall.


    Truly, I like the yellow colour; because it has the same colour of my favorite football club (lol).