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  1. Trust me, you will continue to have that feeling after 15 years as well; about missing something. Haha Echoing what Constantin wrote
  2. Congratulations to all Nominees! I would like to give my special wishes and regards to Mac Ruth and his team; which I had the privilege to work in summer, here at Greece. 🙂 Regarding being "one" generic award; it's not a delicate decision from Academy IMHO. It's like to undervalue the beautiful work of the editing team. We all know what is editing and mixing; but... Congratulations again, to all Nominees; beautiful delivered piece from everyone! Best, Vasileios A.
  3. Greece: - No vaccination = Two times in a week, rapid test. Upload results in Gov app. Paid by their pockets. Mask required. - Full vaccination = No rapid test. Mask required. Today we have reached 6.800 cases; the worst since covid has been appeared here.
  4. Hi Mack, Check this thread:
  5. Chessington October 14th, 2021 — Audiotonix, the group which comprises the Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, and Solid State Logic entertainment technology brands, announces the acquisition of US-based Sound Devices LLC as part of its expanding group. The transaction, which was concluded today, further extends the Audiotonix professional solutions for audio production environments. Whoah some big news here from Sound Devices today. What did you think people? Full read: https://www.sounddevices.com/sound-devices-joins-audiotonix-group/
  6. Which line? Recently I had an exceptional experience with Venue2 Receiver (and VR Field - the old one) - SMQV Transmitter - ALP650LE Antenna. I have not experience with Digital, yet. Range was impressive with Digital Hydrid.
  7. Have you talked about this with DPA? I am pretty sure DPA will help you a lot! Curious to hear their feedback. Best, VASI
  8. Dear Fred, I will not touch "on-set" policies; but I have used Schoeps in salt water with no strange effect (don't know why people talking about durability issues with Schoeps). You are worrying about "decay-effect" in long term - understandable this - but trust Schoeps. The "decay-effect" on Schoeps (and DPA) is much better from some other microphone manufacturers - over the years. From a guy; which lives in country full of dust - salt and heat weather (which is more concern issue from smoking on set). Best, VASI
  9. So, here we go! Rycote made their first shotgun microphones in their history and world asking: "How it sounds, what's weight, is it good, have you throw it in iceberg; does it work in UAE desert? HC-15 & HC-22 Shotgun Microphones is here and this topic calling you to post your worst & best experience with these microphones. Don't be cute, don't be humble, don't be generous. We hate that. Does is it sound better from Schoeps? Does it built like Sennheiser 416? Simple, clean, to-the-point-answers. I don't ask to jeopardize your NDA; but people with no rental in some countries will appreciate your tested files. === PS. I can't add more than 2 "tags" when I create a topic. Invision Community; please fix that. :-)
  10. You can check here: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/forum/23-want-to-buy-want-to-sell/
  11. +1 for small transmitter. That is the missing line from Audio Limited - Sound Devices digital wireless. -1 for controling only via application and no display. - Neutral about battery runtime, no big deal for me (not only for A-20 mini or MTP41S or ZMT4). - A-20 series receiver is on the design board if I can understand correctly. - No word for fin antenna so far from SD.
  12. Using Brave, Firefox and Chrome - no issues accessing forum. *out of topic, but I am falling in love with Brave
  13. Might be a false unit, because 35 days now with FX9 - no problems.
  14. Assume their is no costume dept. in that commercial, talents comes with their clothes from home. This is a red flag (IMHO). Next time, tell your client - producer, to involve you at pre-production. Fix sound at pre-production cost less from post-production. Basically, demand more - set your red lines to your clients. It's not easy, but you will have less stress on set. Look if you can place lav at hair; if not make your adjustments (like lighiting, make-up, hair etc). It's part of the routine of filming. ==== That's part of the job of AD. Putting pressure on you to do your job quicker. It's not just about sound dept. - they doing that to make-up, hair, lighting etc. How to handle that pressure is up to you and keep moving forward. Some people are jerks, some not.
  15. Will wait to hear-read more about this. Sennheiser also unveil digital evolution series
  16. Thank you @Display Name, Today we discovered that the new unit was problematic from the build. Switched off unexpectedly, showing no battery; despite was full charged. That was a new unit with Atomos symbol, other 3 units (before Atomos) is good and healthy.
  17. Oui! Do you know if there is a way to go back in firmware?
  18. Did a movie at April for theatrical and Netflix combo (not as sound mixer), both was 24/48. No issues as far I know. Only issue was 1 Tentacle which for no reason decided to change from 24 to 30 for 2 takes.
  19. Firmware: 2.14 Does anyone have encounter some misfuctions with menu after 2.13 and 2.14? Trying to convert a unit as stand alone, normaly a sub-menu after is to keep Tx on or Off; but for no reason directs me to choose the RF channel (solution is to change for something else and then go back to do it again - sometimes works, some not). Another one is does not let me choose FPS, direct me to other menu page. Things got worst since the merge with Atomos IMHO.
  20. Sorry if I will be off the topic, But for me is: Child = No wireless I don't know if I am correct or wrong, but that's my pov regarding child and wireless.
  21. Plug in a Sennheiser MKH 50 straight to Sony A7 is not the best idea, because that camera has been designed to capture image. That's why you don't get that issue with audio interface which designed for sound. Mix Pre 3 II is my answer.
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