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  1. Oui! Do you know if there is a way to go back in firmware?
  2. Did a movie at April for theatrical and Netflix combo (not as sound mixer), both was 24/48. No issues as far I know. Only issue was 1 Tentacle which for no reason decided to change from 24 to 30 for 2 takes.
  3. Firmware: 2.14 Does anyone have encounter some misfuctions with menu after 2.13 and 2.14? Trying to convert a unit as stand alone, normaly a sub-menu after is to keep Tx on or Off; but for no reason directs me to choose the RF channel (solution is to change for something else and then go back to do it again - sometimes works, some not). Another one is does not let me choose FPS, direct me to other menu page. Things got worst since the merge with Atomos IMHO.
  4. Sorry if I will be off the topic, But for me is: Child = No wireless I don't know if I am correct or wrong, but that's my pov regarding child and wireless.
  5. Plug in a Sennheiser MKH 50 straight to Sony A7 is not the best idea, because that camera has been designed to capture image. That's why you don't get that issue with audio interface which designed for sound. Mix Pre 3 II is my answer.
  6. I was hoping to hear more about Wisycom Bluetooth about availability, as well as Sound Devices wireless. We didn't see the sides of new Sonosax SX-RX8+; only the battery slot. Schoeps kept the cards closed for digital mic preamp, only statement was "will hit the market". We asked few of them about portable - like slot in receiver from Shure, but they have skipped. I think the concept of Sound Summit can be improved by a lot. Doing 2 hours live it was little tired for me (as viewer pov).
  7. Nearly 70% you need lower mW output power and better signal reception (aka fin antennas).
  8. Happy BDAY, Jeff! Thank you for everything which you have done in our industry! Best Regards Vasileios Alexandris
  9. Hi, What Stuart posted about DME. As far I know, all wireless for F1 has been moved in that band. Currently we have some problems in 600 band in Romania (plus we are missing record functionality for safety). For Greece 600 band isn't bad, but government start to sell spectrum for 5G.
  10. Glenn, Is it possible to have DME band? Recently tests with MCR54 from Wisycom at Greece and Romania (which I am here for a project now), DME band is like a clear summer morning sun. Noise floor is -10 dmuV average and lower. Thanks
  11. Now we are talking Zaxcom. Looking forward to hear more from the field about this.
  12. Lemo connector will be available as option instead of TA5?
  13. There is a quick and simple advice: Microphone closer to the mouth means: Less gain & better S/N. The case in production sound, isn't about self-noise of microphone or mic preamp always; but collaboration with other other departments. Numbers - specs from any output (microphone) or input (mic preamp) means nothing when you deal with a noisy location; and there you need a "friend of sound" (I miss you Jan).
  14. VASI

    Schoeps CMD

    Well, I was wrong: https://schoeps.de/en/products/colette/microphone-amplifiers/cmd-42-beta.html?fbclid=IwAR1nISeiVfwqjr_VH-V0KS951sKO0KQt0bl_aTjMd7GayddySEhc5g42jT4
  15. Tape around cable and the two things (don't know exactly the name) which is for tighting the fur.
  16. I am using this as much as Ι can (if clothe allow them - visibility) and I don't have problem with noise from fabrics.
  17. My first real source - school for production sound, JWSOUND. No other community - forum have that information and great personalities. I am feel like to be part of this forum.
  18. VASI

    TC arri mini

    Such a things can drive me crazy. I feel you
  19. I hate the term "best" in our field, but I would suggest a fully digital wireless kit. Like Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Audio Limited.
  20. I own an Ambient QS boompole. 3 sections. In scripted tv drama helps me to spend less time with lock - unlock
  21. VASI

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    DANTE Card Available https://www.sonosax.ch/product/024352/
  22. Assume you don't buy a mixer-recorder based on your current bag. - Zaxcom Nova - Sound Devices 888 - Zoom F8n - Sonosax SX-R4+
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