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  1. A view from my office at the final bow of Philippe Jaroussky and the "Apollo's Fire" ensemble, for a shoot @ Hertz Hall @ Cal for French TV. Dinky rig since I had to do lots of doco stuff (the day before all in cabs and on foot throughout SF) in between before and after everything with aerobic repatching and re-configing the 744T to get back into music recording mode. Wonderful music if you like Baroque stuff (which I do). Big props to Doug D (who passed the gig along) and Jay C (who slipped me the passcode to the place where I could grab the cable ends from a pair of DPA omnis flown in ORTF over the stage). This "saved the movie" for me after last minute concert manager nixage of the stand for my main pair, after being repeatedly told it was all good. 450' feet of cable to that pair but worth it! Fave moment: at the end of the job I told Jaroussky (the soloist) and the French director that I'd had fun pretending I was a European for the last few days: they answered as one: "NOT European, FRENCH!!"

    phil p

    French. Always have lifted the nose up and think they know everything. :ph34r:

  2. What's New

    • Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain, and easily adjust and match gain levels, pre-mixer
    • Use multiple audio formats in a session—including interleave—without file duplication
    • Record and master higher resolution sound with more headroom in 32-bit floating-point format
    • Get great responsiveness on slower hard drives with the enhanced disk handler
    • Record in low-latency mode, with direct monitoring when using third-party audio interfaces
    • Get the sound of System 5 console EQ and dynamics with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in
    • Get access to over 500 additional Pro Tools commands when using EUCON controllers
    • Work more easily with AudioSuite-rendered clips with reverse processing, handles, and more
    • Create extra long-format projects for sequential versioning with the extended 24-hour timeline
    • Open fade-heavy sessions faster and get better responsiveness with real-time fades
    • Export mixes directly to SoundCloud to share and promote your music to the world

    from avid.com

  3. " He will help me keep the logs straight, circle takes and make problem notations (for use later). "

    That is typically done by the mixer.

    " Shouldn't we always strive to boom something, rather than rely on lav's? "

    it depends...

    and sometimes the movie-makers are fighting us:

    " We need a production sound expert for our feature film, which shoots November 1-15. All of the sound will be taken with lavalier microphones, so we need a pro to come out and handle all of our production sound needs. It would be great if you had your own gear, but if not, just have a game-plan to get all equipment. These will be night shoots, going very late, and five actors will be the maximum number recorded in one given time. " (Craig's List)

    " Phase is Greek to me "

    Even the symbol we usually use for "phase" is Greek

    Or "Φάση" in Greek.. ;D

  4. Schoeps CMIT 5 U

    Sanken CS-3e

    Sennheiser MKH 416

    Rode NTG3

    I need to rent microphones but in my own city (Thessaloniki - Greece) we don't have any dealer to rent microphones. So based on the views and the various project that I hear.

  5. It sounds good. It's small... sounds a bit like the 416. I'm not sure I like the 8000 series at all really... I like the MKH sound better. But then again I'm a schoeps guy..

    Thank you for feedback.

    You have Schoeps? What model?

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