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  1. I was hoping to hear more about Wisycom Bluetooth about availability, as well as Sound Devices wireless. We didn't see the sides of new Sonosax SX-RX8+; only the battery slot. Schoeps kept the cards closed for digital mic preamp, only statement was "will hit the market".


    We asked few of them about portable - like slot in receiver from Shure, but they have skipped.


    I think the concept of Sound Summit can be improved by a lot. Doing 2 hours live it was little tired for me (as viewer pov).

  2. Hi, 


    What Stuart posted about DME. As far I know, all wireless for F1 has been moved in that band.


    Currently we have some problems in 600 band in Romania (plus we are missing record functionality for safety). For Greece 600 band isn't bad, but government start to sell spectrum for 5G. 

  3. There is a quick and simple advice:


    Microphone closer to the mouth means: Less gain & better S/N.


    The case in production sound, isn't about self-noise of microphone or mic preamp always; but collaboration with other other departments.


    Numbers - specs from any output (microphone) or input (mic preamp) means nothing when you deal with a noisy location; and there you need a "friend of sound" (I miss you Jan).

  4. There is no common rates between sound mixers around the EU; because the cost of business & cost of live is different from nation to nation. For example, UK & GER has better salary compared to Greece (where I am working & live).


    TV Drama, Feature Films & Documentaries is main industry. I know it's hard to get your feet at the start (like me when I changed only a city - can you imagine), but I would suggest you to start from Berlin - where you have lived before and you be will closer to your partner.

  5. 21 hours ago, sciproductions said:

    What is happening with all these trade in deals! They are devaluing the used market way too much.


    With Aaton it may not make a difference, but with Sound Devices if their users can gain more money selling their old recorder they might be able to spend more on a new one (it might be the difference between a 888 and a Scorpio).


    I don't understand how this devaluing used market. Used market it's up to buyer if will use the money to buy something new regarding technology or give it for medical hospital reasons or whatever reason is. Trade-in market, to take that deal you have to buy their new line. It's different.

  6. On 9/3/2020 at 3:26 PM, IronFilm said:

    So you're using the second DIN connector instead of the usual main DIN connection on the USO?


    Yeap, the second DIN - SYNC. What I have notice, between LTC & SYNC, the level is different.


    LTC has Standard, Low, MIC while SYNC has Standard & High.


    LTC Standard is around -15 while SYNC Standard is -20 at levels. With that setting, post says it's 1-2 frames off in some scenes.


    Next episode of #problemsolving (lol) will completely eliminate the "Server" and "Client" status (so basically the communication between ONE's) and use it as standalone units taken TC from Mix-Pre 10 II. Let's see.

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