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  1. On 1/28/2019 at 11:03 PM, jbuerjes said:

    Hit play and the file list pops up. That's one step into the menu less. :)


    Hi Jule,


    Yeap, that's the way we go to playback mode. To exit from playback mode we have to hit the touchscreen and choose "exit from playback"; that's the problem.


    PS. Mic preamp and headphone amp from this little machine is amazing.

  2. 13 hours ago, dgirtsman said:

    I've had pretty good luck with the Ursa mini mounts. Has anyone tried the Bubblebee lav concealer or the Hide-A-Mic B Flex yet? I'm interested in hearing some reviews on those.


    I will start a project, March 2019.

    We will use Sanken COS11 with Bubblebee Lav Concealer.

    As far with minimum tests we did, looks like a pretty good solution for Sanken COS11 users.

    Pros: Metal clip, tape is really strong and size.

    Cons: Their specific tape with rounded corners; but you can cut your own tape without that bend shape, if your run out of stock.

    5 of 5 stars

  3. Firmware 3.3


    - Current playback: Choose the file - switch play - you hear the file. To exit from playback, you have to go into menu and press "exit from playback". Is there a shortcut or something else to make this routine disappear?

  4. Over 5 months now, we record both audio and timecode (FS7) at 50 FPS without a problem.

    They choose 50 FPS in 1080i, because at 25 FPS the viewfinder was not workable (glitch image when camera was in movement).

    I think that problem is in the design of FS7 viewfinder (maybe some older version models).


    Imagine to have a glitch audio at headphones because of problematic headphone amp and you have to listen it through one of the main output. Return and refund, now. lol

  5. I think, the size of pocket for URSA and Viviana Straps are the same; I do find the pocket for Sennheiser G3 to be very tight. Especially if you have to change the batteries or make some transmitter adjustments, you need to pull out the transmitter in most cases. Not fast workflow, but.. it is what it is

  6. 6 hours ago, ivanovich said:

    i recently rented a pair of a10s for a job to go along with my zaxcom setup. i was very happy with the sound and range. i downloaded the app (iphone x here) and it worked much better than i expected. granted, its bluetooth and BT range is t great, but all i had to do is startup the app and it worked nicely. it’s nothing like zaxnet which i’ve grown accustomed to. i did have to go up to talent to make adjustments (gain, freq) but it worked. zaxnet is the bomb diggitty in that domain. 


    i’m in the US, so didnt test out the record function. if jamming the TX is as easy as the bluetooth procedure it seems like a pretty solid system. again, nothing like zaxnet, where i dont have to do anything since it distributes TX commands along with TC. in the zax system you can configure the record function to do all sorts of things like start record upon power up, loop record etc etc. on a 4gig card i get 50some recording hours. 


    overall i liked the a10s. 


    I thought the life after ZaxMote was much easier for Zaxcom environment.

  7. What I like about A10-RACK is the support of other wireless receiver brands.


    The switch between a shotgun to a lavalier in A10 Tx without damaging the electronics is a huge plus.


    When a transmitter acting for both case senario (boom or lavalier use) without the need of extra investment on plug-on is welcome (since we are talking a $$.$$$ investement).

  8. 22 hours ago, r.paterson said:

    As a big Sanken fan i thought this must be a Killer mic at the launch news,  but the lack of reviews on any forum would suggest either no one has one or it isnt the Killer Mic the initial launch seemed to suggest..


    We are not a video community. I wonder how many years or months or days has been passed when MKH 416 was labeled as "a standard" weapon.



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