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  1. Don't forget, most of the time producers playing "mind games" with rates. They want cheap, says "LA Mixers" (do a list mister) accept those rates. Maybe it's true, maybe it's false. One thing is sure: They want cheap most of the time, so they are gambling.

  2. 7 hours ago, mikewest said:



    VAS tell this in the same detail to the Producer and say that you know how to save his post money!




    Let's start with the basics: I am not sure if we are shooting scripted or reality show. lol


    To answer Veit: Do your best. Atmos / Room Tone, 1 or 2 seconds silence after "action" for editing (have a deal with actors here) and if it's small scene (say 2 or 3 lines) take some wild lines.


    That brings me to the question about: ADR on location. Hmmm

  3. 18 hours ago, Daniel Ignacio said:

    Just bought the app since it was apparently updated earlier today. Works on iOS 11.4.


    Only speaking for myself: Found it pretty underwhelming after using it for 30 minutes. It has pretty limited options for file naming schemes, and it doesn’t support mine. The app’s UI is pretty rough, and I also can’t seem to get rid of the timecode field from the reports. I can imagine it working for some people, but I requested a refund.


    Anyone know some good alternatives?



  4. I am currently working in a daily tv series in physical - live locations.

    We are shooting 1 episode (45 minutes episode) in 3 days. A & B crew, so 1.5 day per crew.

    Today was a reshooting scene (say ep.1, sc.1, 1 page dialogue) where we had dialogue (near wrap time at both times) next to heavy traffic.

    So, putting a lavalier is not an option.

    That scene, at both times, dialogue was next to heavy traffic.

    That scene; will not be in final edit.

    "I want time to put wireless - You dont have time to put wireless".

    Case closed, next please and don't call me again at 16.00 at Sunday.

    These guys have no idea what they are doing.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Derek H said:

    Too small I’d say. Better to focus on the full featured panel first. 




    My suggestion was:


    - Twelve faders (100mm)
    - Twelve rotary pots (trim, pan, output level / user adjustability)
    - Dedicated Solo / PFL buttons

    - Transport controls (record, play, stop, pause, timecode, metadata / user adjustability)
    - Power via Hirose or AA batteries
    - Slate & Tone Switcher
    - No plastic
    - Not necessary the same size as R4+


    It's not necessary to be the same size as R4+, based most cart mixers has 1U rack receivers or monitors installed to their carts. Cantarem II is a good example; but dedicated transport controls, trim pots and PFL is something crucial is a mixing surface.

  6. I will start from what I don't wanna see:


    - No 2.4 GHz band

    - No narrow bandwidth (470 MHz - 600 MHz / 130 MHz bandwidth is enough)

    - No fixed antenna

    - No XLR input (transmitter) & output (receiver)

    - No infrared controller (like Audio Limited 2040)

    - No special batteries (like Sennheiser Digital 9000 Series)



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