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    5 years as a boom operator / sound mixer in a humble small town.

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  1. aside from ac and protection . you can move mic fast without worry indoors. I find if the breeze is enough to move leaves ,say 5 knots, I have to switch to my zep. Reason 2, its lighter than my zep. Use it when ever I can .
  2. Has anyone had success with opening a corroded battery compartment. I'm helping a friend try an open his Mix pre-D battery cap . I tried vice grips no luck. I'm trying wd40 over night but in the meantime more advice the better .
  3. Oh I found the info in the battery compartment. It's a k3u Sennheiser.
  4. I was thinking that as well. I was taught to place on the sternum in the concave of the chest. We didn't have a female in the class but we instructed between breast were the best placement. Picture a bunch of guys with shirts off, placing lavs on each other. We must have been a sight.
  5. I saw this today, looking for images of my old but loved sennheiser, trying to identify the model number and came across this image. Just for the recorded it looks like a stick of dynamite. XLR on one end and 6ft+ thin cable on the other connected to the lav mic. If you know this mic let me know. http://www.leewhitephotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/wireless_open1.jpg The author is claiming that the looping eliminates noise created from the cord when it moves. Just wondering if this is true?
  6. Thank you for this forum Jeff, I'm new in the field and this is my main source for all location sound queries. Hazzah
  7. noob question, did you go wireless to the cam or will you sync the sound in later? if so are you timecoded?
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