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  1. Hey all My wife is a producer and is coordinating some interview shoots for a client in several locations across the country taking place in late August through early October. She's seeking sound mixers in Seattle, Denver, Black Hills SD, Huntsville AL, and Athens GA. If you're a mixer in any of these areas and are interested, please email her at jbaroody@earlylightmedia.com. Thanks! Steve
  2. I'm open to any light, honestly. as long as it's dimmable and bright enough. Cart isn't finished being constructed yet, but can attach in pretty much any way, but would prefer attaching to baby pins that will be on each corner of the cart top.
  3. I'm looking for a hinging or articulating arm long LED light bar to light my follow cart work surface. I've seen something from Chindha that would mount to a rack unit, but would need something bigger. Would be lighting a 36" wide work surface. I thought about using a piece of 8020 or a putting a channel in a nice piece of hardwood and gluing an LED strip light in it. Somehow inserting a 1/4 20 threaded insert and attaching to a cinearm or articulating arm. Any ideas?
  4. I'm interested in upgrading to a dante system and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for certain dante workflows? How do you incorporate the system into your cart? Anyone using a remote setup running out to set? Pictures of setups maybe? Thanks so much!!! Steve
  5. So, I just put together this cart last week for a show I started this week. It's working pretty well so far, but the main issue is that its top heavy and the wheels don't seem to be spaced the right way in order to support the weight when pushing. Of course pushing from the smart wheels side is easier, but it's tough getting it moving from a static position. I was thinking to maybe outrig the smart wheels so they are a little further out from the base, as well as getting some larger back wheels to help getting over bumps and such. Anyone have and thoughts or ideas on how to get this done? Thanks so much! Steve
  6. I'm working on a follow cart and would love to add some inovativ grip handles that rotate. I'm waiting to hear from them to see what the diameter of the rods are on their carts to match, but was wondering if anyone has done this modification at all, or have made similar modifications with DIY handles? They would be attaching the the sides of a rack case.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their advice! I ended up going with a bunch of penn elcomm drawers. They were extremely helpful on the phone and were able to get all the drawers to me in 2 days with free shipping! I'll be building the cart on Monday, so we shall see how it all turns out. I'll be adding some rear supports for sure. I ended up going with 14" deep drawers since I don't need the 18", so gotta figure out how to support them. Info and photos to come! Steve
  8. I'm looking to build a rack case for my follow cart on an upcoming show and wondering if anyone would have anything bad to say about aluminum drawers? I know they will save me on weight, but do the hold up to heavy use like steel drawers do?
  9. I'm looking to set up a comms system for an upcoming shoot and was wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a product that allows you to have audio from zoom go through a walkie? I've seen pictures of some hardware but can't make out the branding.
  10. Got it. Is the license require the Part 74 License?
  11. If I'm reading the FCC guidelines correctly, is it true that there's a section of Block 25 that can still be used? Looks like it's open in the duplex gap (653mhz - 663mhz). If this is true, is it still worth holding onto or buying some systems in block 25, especially for IFB's where you only need one or two transmitters?
  12. I’m building a follow cart and was looking around for Rackman aluminum drawers with no luck. Forgive my ignorance, but are they still making stuff? If so, where can I purchase them? Thanks so much, Steve
  13. Thanks for all the thoughts! I was thinking about getting a stereo bar and setting up both a SM57 and a 50 for both loud and dialogue. Excuse my possible ignorance, but would it still be safe for the element of the 50 to be subject to all that loud signal?
  14. I'm working on a marching band documentary and focusing on the drum core. Spent a day shooting with them already and rolled with a sm57 on the boom and worked out pretty well for loud playing. However, we keep going from loud playing to talking softly. Outside of changing gain DRASTICALLY on a dynamic mic every time they stop playing and start talking, does anyone have any recommendations? I plan on having time to wire at least one person next time with a red dot mic, but there are a ton of subjects we want covered and I'd rather try to boom people. Thanks, Steve Saada
  15. I’m thinking about getting a src 941 for my bag, but trying to figure out how to set it up with my RF distro. I have the dual band PSC rf multi, but need to get antenna’s. Been thinking of getting the Shure “pipe bomb” antenna, which would cover everything I’d need, but would I need to add any filters to the line? I’d think the antenna coupler would filter them out. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/ua860swb-antenna Anyone have a bag set up with 941 and RF distro?
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