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  1. I’m building a follow cart and was looking around for Rackman aluminum drawers with no luck. Forgive my ignorance, but are they still making stuff? If so, where can I purchase them? Thanks so much, Steve
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts! I was thinking about getting a stereo bar and setting up both a SM57 and a 50 for both loud and dialogue. Excuse my possible ignorance, but would it still be safe for the element of the 50 to be subject to all that loud signal?
  3. I'm working on a marching band documentary and focusing on the drum core. Spent a day shooting with them already and rolled with a sm57 on the boom and worked out pretty well for loud playing. However, we keep going from loud playing to talking softly. Outside of changing gain DRASTICALLY on a dynamic mic every time they stop playing and start talking, does anyone have any recommendations? I plan on having time to wire at least one person next time with a red dot mic, but there are a ton of subjects we want covered and I'd rather try to boom people. Thanks, Steve Saada
  4. I’m thinking about getting a src 941 for my bag, but trying to figure out how to set it up with my RF distro. I have the dual band PSC rf multi, but need to get antenna’s. Been thinking of getting the Shure “pipe bomb” antenna, which would cover everything I’d need, but would I need to add any filters to the line? I’d think the antenna coupler would filter them out. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/ua860swb-antenna Anyone have a bag set up with 941 and RF distro?
  5. I've had some success with sliding a hush lav onto the antenna. I cut/pull one hush lav in half and slide one down to the bottom of the antenna and leave one up at the top.
  6. I'm looking to upgrade my bag's wireless distro and looking for the right distro box. Anyone have any experience with the smaller BSRF or the PSC rf multi? I know the newer rf multi covers 941, but there aren't any antenna's I know of that cover both UHF and 941, skipping the in between cellular channels. I'll be using src's and 411's, for reference! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  7. I just got my part 74 license and I’m looking to get into block 941. Anyone have any good experience in the US so far in this block? Are there any antennas that cover 470-960? I know the new PSC rf multi has a new option that covers both 470-618 and 941-960, but not sure if anyone has used antennas with great results yet.
  8. Looks great! I'm assuming you have your comtek transmitter buried in the bag and extend it out to the front of the bag? How do you have it mounted on the front? Also, are you using the antenna distro as your bag power distro as well? Is the bag you're using the ktek junior?
  9. Looking to upgrade my bag’s RF distro and wondering what y’all do to keep things clean and efficient!
  10. I'm working a job that has a lot of standard interviews I'll be using my 50 on, but the client also wants to record a podcast style interview as well during a convention. I was thinking of just using 2 50's, but does anyone have any recommendations for better mic choices that may have better isolation? Thinking something cheap that I could potentially get at guitar center then return after using!
  11. Read the manual first thing, still chooses a mismatched frequency.
  12. Correct, that’s exactly what it’s doing. Did you figure it out in the end?
  13. I just got my SRC B1 and a SMWB B1, and trying to smart tune seems to always tune to a "mismatched" frequency outside the range of the transmitter. I also tuned on B1N and still tunes to mismatched frequency. Anyone have this same issue or know if I'm missing something? Also, It feels like the SMWB runs pretty low with COS11's... Had to have my gain on them set close to 35 to get movement on the SRC. THANKS! Steve
  14. Does anyone know when the TAI Audio sale on the Betso TCX-2's ends?
  15. Hate to veer off this a little, but can someone tell me the differences in the mixpre10t and the 6 series? I get the streaming capabilities and what not, but outside of that, what's the difference?
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