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  1. I just today put this together for run and gun shoot Philly tomorrow. MixPre-6 2 with the Hirose Power adapter, SRB RX, G3 TX for IFB/Cam hop, Hawk Woods Cup, Battery Bud 2, all in a small Petrol bag, that I have had kicking around for many years. I am bringing along my old Sound Devices 302 to drive a line, for the sit down interview portion of the shoot. I think I may have subconsciously put this kit together, so I'd have an excuse to use my beloved 302 again. My main kit uses a 664 and 3 x SRB's, but have had a handful of gigs over the last few years where I've wanted to shed a few pounds and build a second kit that I could wear all day and still fit through a crowd. Once the MixPre added a TC generator, among other features, I was sold. We'll see how it goes.
  2. Eric, Thank you for serving the production sound community. Best of luck with whatever you decide to venture into next.
  3. Committing to $25 annually. Thank you for keeping this critical resource, up and running.
  4. Just listened to the entire interview. I like the sound bubble analogy, so true and a great way to explain mic placement to someone who doesn't record sound for a living. Definitely puts the Senator into perspective. I would have enjoyed him as a teacher, back in college.
  5. I am putting a feeler out for a good client of mine. Can anyone recommend a sound mixer in Columbus, OH? Straightforward 1-3 person sit down interviews. Looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience and Lectro / Zax / Sound Devices equivalent gear. I will share rate, a few more details and contact info, once I have a good recommendation, but it is very reasonable. Let me know and thank you in advance.
  6. I know this is a bit off topic, but am wondering if anyone has been having luck using the ListenTech LR4200 Receivers and more specifically as budget double system camera hops?
  7. Thank you for everyone's reply. I appreciate and agree, with everyone's concerns. Everything I suggest to them, will be with a signed disclaimer. Something will definitely go wrong, at some point and this I have pointed out. These are folks that appreciate the value of hiring real sound professionals and are ONLY using this in very confidential and sensitive situations where only one person is allowed into a maximum security facility. If you can't bring the sound mixer with you, best next option is to tap into their knowlege / problem solving skills and make the best of it. With that said, thank you for the suggestion nickreich. I did some research and came across a couple promising, budget units, which I will test and swap out the lavs on, before delivering. I am going to suggest two units, on each person, one set at a very low level.
  8. Ditto. They are great little boxes.
  9. Mattg


    I am starting to see them in standard camera packages, especially since the Mavic Pro came out. It's small and easy to fly. They just opened a camera drone specialty store, in Brooklyn, so will probably be seeing more of them. They're mostly used for MOS, in my experience, also on House Hunters shoots, for ultra wide scenes, where the dialog for the closeup is used.
  10. I am researching a two channel, wireless audio package, for a client. They are looking to use it on a no budget project / favor and have some experience with shooting, but very little with capturing audio. They realize they'd be better off hiring someone, but the people they will be filming are not willing to have additional crew in the room. Budget is $3,000 I am not very familiar with the prosumer and lower end stuff, having used all Lectrosonics and Sound Devices, for 15 years Recorder requirements are Small in footprint, records 2-4 channels, XLR inputs, best possible sound quality, blue tooth transmitter for monitoring or sending scratch track to camera, decent limiter, long battery life Wireless requirements are straightforward to use, best possible sound quality, long battery life, relatively compact Advice / ideas welcome.
  11. I ended up opening the mic and re soldering a faulty ground connector, which fixed the offending buzz. I would have preferred sending it back to the manufacturer, but having performed the EMI mod in 2013, felt confident enough to take a look. It was an easy fix this time around, but given your replies, I am not looking forward to dealing with future repair/maintenance. If anyone from Sanken is listening in, we love your products but really need improved service options.
  12. Can anyone recommend a licensed Sanken Service center, for a CS-3e shotgun mic, preferably in the States?
  13. Thank you for the idea Abe. I ended up posting to their sales forum for free, by selling through Ebay. Item number 301898972714 Auction ends Tuesday, March 22nd at 6:43PM EST.
  14. I love my Sanken, CS3E. Works well for both.
  15. Hey all. I had a beautiful Gretch-Ken Industries sound booth, set up for a couple years, to work on a long term project. The booth is now broken down into it's 12 sections and in a storage facility in Brooklyn. I'd love to find a new place to set it up, but it is looking like selling it is my only option. Does anyone know of a reasonable place to post a sound booth for sale, other than CL? Have any of you had luck selling something like this on Ebay? The booth is 8x8 by 7.2 high, active ventilation, with two windows (one in the door) double insulated. Beautifully designed and easily transportable (fits in a cargo van) Please share your advice / experience.
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