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    Sound Recordist for more than 20 years, with a strong taste in documentaries.
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  1. I plugged only pro mikes in the inputs (why da hell would someone plug an unbalanced source in that superb preamp ๐Ÿคฃ). Anyway, plug in plug out mikes frequently with +48v on could have been a cause yes.
  2. Not sure I follow you. Are you talking about the analogue unbalanced outputs ? I do not use these. I use AES out and always make sure I set the recorder's input on the correct setting before plugging. But anyway the problem appears even when tested stand alone (earphones output only).
  3. If it is who I think about and if he used it on his last film from 2018 then I disagree with you cause the sound of his voices was the worse he ever did in his entire career ๐Ÿ˜† (but seriously I think it was recorded on a phone or a cheap recorder of some sort, it really put me out of the entire film) As much as I like working on my gear, fixing and building electronic stuff, that is the one thing I would not venture. The mikes will be sent to Schoeps for a check up and cleaning anyway because of the excessive hiss on one of the capsule. They are 15 years old now, and one is even more so it is a fair time for a first check up ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. I contacted Sonosax and they said it should be serviced. Some phantom power issues.
  5. Yes no complain. Although I never had to be too close to the mikes and never tried in a soundproof studio. There is always enough noises around in real life on a real set to mask a distant and quiet fan.
  6. The fact that this Audiotonix group has no (apparent) experience in the Film industry makes it even more worrying. I really do not understand these kind of move, but I guess SD has good reasons because they were not having business issue asaik ? Along with PMC, wishing the best to SD employees!
  7. I wonder how production would react if I ask them to consider renting/buying one for my gear ! ๐Ÿ˜„ Yes time outside reduced the smell. Although one of the MK4 capsule is now producing a much higher hiss than before. Difficult to know if it is related but it might...
  8. Very happy with the Blackmagic video assist 7inch (previous version). Bought it second hand when the new version came out. SDI or Hdmi inputs and ouputs. In its smallrig cage it is pretty rugged, shoot in any location safe. on a cart only obviously as it is not a light model. It also has 2 TA3 analog audio inputs. I have put a SD card in but I actually never had to press record yet ๐Ÿ˜…
  9. it is the SN00056 I have noticed that the internal battery needs to be inside even when powering from the hirose DC in socket: Strangely if you take it out it does start and work with one mike but as soon as you plug 2 the machine goes off... Definitely will look at getting a new battery.
  10. Hi, I am having trouble with the M2D2 I am working with this month. It started giving me a weird high med buzz whenever I plug two CMC6 Schoeps mikes (+MK4 or MK41 same behaviour). When unplugging one of them buzz gone, either of them. When plugging the mikes directly in 688 no buzz at all. When plugging a MKH50 + a Schoeps the buzz appears but goes away pretty fast. I was outdoor in pretty cold and humid environment when it started but it remained when back indoor. We did extensive testing (M2D2 stand alone on internal batteries) and ruled out anything but the phantom power system from the M2D2. The CMC6 requires slightly more power than MKH50, even though still very low (4mA against 2mA) could that be one explanation? We tried 4 different CMC6, the younger ones retained the buzz but it goes after some minutes, with the older ones the buzz remains much longer (more than 5 minutes+). Again no pb with all of them plugged in the 688. I also did a thorough cleaning of the connectors. It seems to me that one of the 48v blocking capacitors could be faulty but not sure, especially it does not really explain why it works fine with just one mike plugged in. Any thought welcome Thanks
  11. Fred Salles


    I found the only physical weakness of the R1a to be the minijack connectors (I had quite a few being seriously damaged when using strong neutrick male connectors and careless directors). How does it seem on the IFBlue?
  12. I am using this system for the first time and it was working ok with CMC6 +mk4 or mk41 up until today when one tx gave me a loud hiss. Changing the XLR fem to lemo3 filtered cable solved the problem. We did not had any mishandling of the cable, how can it be damaged suddenly and obviously a component issue? My colleagues told me this issue is frequent and wisely advised to get many spares. If the issue is known and this post is already 2 years old how comes no improvement been made by audio limited? can we secure the online electronic in some way in the connector?
  13. Some solidarity from France. As you might know our fathers fought and obtained the law for a week of a maximum of 40 hours work in 1936 (Front populaire). The reference is now 35hours since 2000, 8 hours per day, overtime paid above that, maximum allowed 13 hours a day. Yet we still have to fight to maintain the law, and again we lost 3 persons from the grip dpt and a 4th injured for life due to a car accident on the way back home at the beginning of a feature shoot early this year. Productions often refer to the ยซ american model ยป to bargain for more time on set... We should be fighting for you guys and the rest of the world to get to aligned to a decent and safe work environment law. Instead we have to keep on fighting for at least the application and respect of a law voted 85 years ago...
  14. Only on documentary one man job do I use my head to rest the boom. (I have the curly hair that makes it not to slip). But as most comments here, it is only when the mike can or have to stand still, not for voice or not for long, and it is in between two both hands positions. I cannot stay for too long in that position though, it also hurt my neck nowadays.
  15. I would avoid the rec run system, the two machines cannot record the exact amount of frames I suppose. That is probably why you have this frame delay. Also running the sound rec longer than picture is highly recommended as you might know. If you worry about missing a rec on the audio why not just record it continuously while in the middle of the action (and stick to free run or TOD TC for all units)?
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