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  1. Hey, you definitely made the right choice picking ORTF against MS. MS is quite blurry in the rendition of space, To me it is more the feeling of a spacial soundscape than an immersive rendition. you should try as best as possible to listen before you buy. Because in your budget you can definitely be picky and choose according to your own taste. I personally prefer the good old Schoeps ortf (with 2 mk4 or wider) over any other, and not crazy about the Sennheiser 8040. Try Dpa as well, now that they make modular and short body. With these 3 you will already have a hard time choosing but it is worth it because they are all great AND all different so it really is a matter of personal taste at that level. I concur with all other advices given here regarding accessories. Add a good earphone! Again a matter of taste and a topic on its own.
  2. Yes if I had a full day for it: add half a day to go to shop And back (traffic in Tel Aviv makes every moves take ages it seems and we are based in Haifa 2 h drive) But we’ll figure out something like that I think. Thanks for the links!
  3. He is still around? I bought cos11 from him back in Ramps time long ago 😆I will try, Thanks
  4. Hi, I need to rent urgently a compact sound cart in Tel Aviv or area (Or Haifa). The one provided here is much too big for our type of shoot. no need for control surface slider but it must be strong enough to hold dpla antennas and booms. Thanks for any input.
  5. It is quite fancy for me to be able to get a scan on all locations discreetly during technical reccie!! Getting an idea of the fx availability before getting the gear is pretty reassuring. (PS: sorry Jerusalem’s sun is stronger than my display but it is quite clear from 470 to 700Mega)
  6. Hi everyone, maybe off topic but I though it could fit here. I have read several time that the great Jimi Hendrix used to carry a Nagra with him whenever he was attending jam sessions and recorded everything. But I have never seen any proof of that. Even after hours of research on the web. Anyone has a photo of Hendrix with a Nagra?
  7. I found a basic Wiko android 8 phone in a drawer, ordered the sdr dongle, waiting for it. now I am wondering about the antenna. I do not see how a single whip antenna like the one on your photo would allow a good scan from 470Mhz to 694, and even less up to 800. What antenna do you recommend for a scan from 470 to 800Mhz? A dipole? I read someone advising a telescopic antenna. I guess you would have to do several scan with different lenght step by step? Does the app keep memory of the different medium band scans and can then assemble them to view the total wide band? Thanks
  8. I had one of my L size vdb boom reworked by vdb to replace the collars with the quarter turn new ones. I like it very much. It does not prompt to blocking itself from dust or water as the previous full turn system was. Actually the new collars are not simply quarter turn: the all locking system is totally different. No more dreaded screw thread but a clever locking system. Much more efficient imho. they charged 150 € if i remember correctly to change all the collars. it definitely was worth it.
  9. Hello, does anyone have tried real life shoot comparaison between the MiniCmit and its older brother the Cmit5 ? Any reasons that would make you choose the longer Cmit5 rather than the Mini? (apart from the High boost). Thanks
  10. That looks great, well done! Here the first set of questions 😉 1) what Bluetooth version is used? 5? 2) can the microsone be paired with any other playing devices other that the control pack? 3) what is the distance range between the control pack and the microsone? 4) Do you have a list of tested compatible TX devices for the control pack somewhere? Thanks and have a good time at NaB. PS: thanks for the 2 colors availability ! I will definitely get both.
  11. Some Update: "Rust" production fined over gun safety failure in Halyna Hutchins death https://www.kftv.com/news/2022/04/21/rust-production-fined-over-gun-safety-failure-in-halyna-hutchins-death
  12. Hello, I have been trying to communicate with Canare Japan (headquarter/sales) for a big order but the emails addresses provided on their website have never responded (about 9 month now) despite several attempts. (my goal is to have product shipped to Kenya...) Anyone could provide me with a more direct contact that is responding ? That would be appreciated. Thanks Fred
  13. Look at Traco power products. They make good stuff. this model should do (15watt, input 9-36volt, F=20MHz) but look around in the website as they make a lot of different ones: https://www.tracopower.com/int/series/thm-15wi
  14. Grant, like everyone said you should regulate down to 5v. But I see in the manual that the power supply is rated for 15w so that’s 3amp. Not so common to find a 12v to 5v car battery charger that allows more than 2,5A. Also regulating down from 14,5v to 5v with a linear regulator is going to generate some heat and loss/waste of energy so you might want to find a good switching regulator that operates in a frequency high enough to not generate noise in your machine. If I remember correctly it must be at least twice the sample so 192k x2= 384k, if you find one above 500kHz that should be ok, 1mega even better.
  15. You probably are right about the authorities not making use of the pinpoint, but it is a gamble as much as with an insurance. Except the insurance will charge thousands. Only for you to recover peanuts when you in need, or a fraction of the cost of your gear... Anyway I am not much about the worried type, just thinking that in some situation/places a mini gps tracker hidden in your bag and/or peli might become helpfull.
  16. Bouke, I am with Grant over insurances here (no pun intended). I considered them one of the biggest crooks service of the capitalist world. His story is édifiant enough, no need to give mine. I might be naive still, but I actually put more trust into the police services that might be glad to get some help apprehending organised high jacker groups like those starting to raid film set. That is something to explore, thank you. I did not know about it. Is it working without a sim card?
  17. Hi, reviving this post again, as technology evolves, and the need for some kind of safety for the gear increases... There are some companies that makes pen size gps trackers that can be hidden in a sound bag permanently. Even while recording is the idea. My question is regarding RFI. As far as I know GPS trackers work with at least 2 to 3 frequencies around 1.5 and 1.2 Giga Hz. Are there any risk of experiencing RFI issues with the devices being very close to the recorder and receivers? For the receivers our antennas filters might be good enough to filter that out but any inputs/experience would be welcome.
  18. @Constantin Do you remote control your BFA from the SL2? I saw the SL2 allow to remote control the Wysicom LFA so I figure (and hope) it could also work with the BFA... Thanks
  19. Hello Has anyone already used the extra Aux antenna output of the SL2 to add one (or more?) extra receivers and does it work efficiently? For exemple running 8rx in the SL2 with 2x MCR54 plus 2rx with a Zaxcom (Q)RX200 with antennas inputs connected to the AUX A&B of the SL2 and audio AES out in the AES in of the SL2. Thanks
  20. Can the separators be slided up or down, like if you ever want to stick in the SL2 ?
  21. http://www.cinela.fr/ Their site is under maintenance as I write.
  22. Sorry old topic, but does anyone know if the color codes of these two foe/friends great manufacturers are aligned or they came up with different ones?
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