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  1. I am with JonG point 2 on this one. Before thinking about buying I would advise to work as a trainee and second assistant (or utility, you have all these names in the US I do not know about!) as much as possible, with different teams and setups. Then on short films as well. Since your topic is about gear, although I consider gear to be only 20% of the job, my point here is to get to experience different gear in real life situations, and how experienced sound teams use them. So you can then choose according to experiences and your own taste. Basically never buy a mike just because someone else told you it is the best one. We all have our « best& worst mikes, headphones, preamp, recorder, etc... » and guess what, each of us has a different list. Better for you to make your own with your ears and experiences on the field.
  2. +1 for the Neutrik, very easy and convenient to remove compare to any other brand and that is a major plus. They are also easy to mount on the cable.
  3. I do not follow you. 1.2v*2.55A=3.06Wh for the Eneloop, the EBL are rated 3.3Wh, so on paper the EBL should run longer (slightly) with 240mWh extra capacity.
  4. Thank you again Johnny for buying and doing a full run of conclusive tests !! My friend said he run his wisycom MTP41 for longer time with one of these ELL than with the eneloop pro, BUT he has not done real test like yours, so it just a feeling really. And since he changes them at lunch time before they could shut down, there is no point in comparing the run time for him. But the weight difference is what makes him choose the lithium over the nimh ones. He actually bought them first for a shoot in Siberia at minus 30° Celsius average temperature, as they are suppose to handle cold better than nimh. Then he sticks to some of it for the weight advantage. Also the small USB charger over the bigger nimh dedicated charger is a plus if you can carry only one bag.
  5. Thank you so much Johnny for the tests! And Larry for the explanations and very plausible theory. I also guess that the self protection of the power management board of the battery, as with any Lithium rechargeable batteries, would shut down earlier to prevent under voltage state of the cell(s). Johnny did you get to see what is the battery telemetry status of the tx before shutting down?
  6. Mmm there would be no space for fitting the resistors inside the plug. Maybe unless you use cms but i am not even sure. You might need to have a small inline “package” along the cable for the resistors. It can be very small as -if I understood correctly- your signal is unbalanced so you just need 2 resistors. I use Vishay CMF55 metal film resistors for that purpose. Very silent.
  7. Hey Johnny, looking forward for your feedback on the test. You are right and furthermore it should run for a slightly longer time than the nimh , as on paper 1,2v 2450 mAh NIMH would read 2940 mWh.
  8. Look for a cosy Airb&b that has a big GSM 4G (+5G) antennas next door, the ones you don’t wanna take your kids to live nearby 😅 that would be a good RF testing location for a start I suppose.
  9. A friend just gave me a praise on these AA lithium rechargeable, not IpowerUS but similar except they do not need specific charger: https://www.amazon.fr/EBL-Rechargeables-3300mWh-Tension-Constante/dp/B08SGQZ56V/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=pile+aa+lithium+rechargeable&qid=1667749503&qu=eyJxc2MiOiI1LjQ2IiwicXNhIjoiNS4xMSIsInFzcCI6IjQuNjUifQ%3D%3D&refinements=p_89%3AEBL&sr=8-2 They do cut very fast without warning as the voltage remains constant (as discussed previously) but he says he just change them at lunch time and they last much more than half a day in a Wisy MTP40s. For him not having to carry big charger is a massive plus. (look at the page they charge via micro usb)...
  10. Oh It seems it cannot be used with the PHA60 for wireless boom! Major fallback. The MPT60+PHA60 set sounds very good and works very well but kind of heavy on the boom so we were hoping for the lighter version🙁
  11. Hello, there should not be the B letter in the ref of the Lemo connector: it should be FGG.00.305... the FG can change depending on the type but the important part are the last G. then 00 then 305. Apart from that it looks like the correct size except I am not sure if the right angle would work as the plus is very close to the lens. I always used straight plug so cannot be sure. Beware that the new Alexa Mini LF has another different audio in plug (yes, I know, a real pain....)
  12. Thanks, I really like the idea that the short SMA to BNC cable is also used for bag work for the bowtie. But with the female/female BNC socket you have a total of 4 connections par cable along the way. That is a lot if you need to troubleshoot RF issues. Although the Neutrik socket is very unlikely to have issue appart from dirt and oxidation. I will probably try that setup, thanks. Afterthought remark: Neutrik does not do any 50ohm socket. Do you use the 75ohm ones?
  13. Thanks, they do look sturdy. Too bad they do not ship to France, I will search for equivalent since they seem like no brand Chinese made it should not be difficult.
  14. You mean one block adapter like this one: https://www.mouser.fr/ProductDetail/Vitelec-Cinch-Connectivity-Solutions/VA506?qs=HAjLtCtd%2BdacAwHFvLvH9A%3D%3D I really wonder how it can fit and if it does allow for connection with the male BNC as that must be very close to the MCR54. Sorry I had to look up for the word "snug up" and it can mean "comfortable". Do you mean it is tight but still comfortable? Thanks
  15. Hello I just wrapped the first feature with my new combo SD888+SL2 +wisycom MCR54x2. it was a great setup to work with. Only one thing was quite annoying: I had antenna cables made with SMA on one end and BNC on the other one. is it just me or really the position of the 2 SMA connectors on the SL2 was not designed with efficiency in mind ? The ergonomic is terrible and it is a real pain to screw and unscrew the SMAs from the SL2. The MCR54 are quite high above the level where the connectors are and that makes access to the connectors very narrow, especially once in the bag which is always for me (Ktek smallX stingray.) I have to find a solution for a more efficient way to change antenna cables. Basically I regularly need to switch from short cables with the Betso bow tie on the bag to 2m cables on the cart (for dpla Sharky betso) or longer ones for higher antenna position. Is there any of you using SMA to BNC female adaptors? there might be a bit of db loss but I hope it is not much. I am hesitating between a hard one block adaptor or a mini cable adaptor. Then of course turn all my 50ohm cables back to BNC-BNC 🤣 Suggestion welcomed. thanks Fred
  16. Hi, just a little note after the end of the shoot about power consumption: (with the enelooop pro but with others too) the battery meter can stay at 10% for quite a long time and then it shows 0% and still you have time for the end of the take and change them.
  17. I use Eneloop pro (new ones) and I need to change them in the course of the day, but I never actually pushed to the point the tx goes off. Nor did I have time to test. The battery telemetry is not yet accurate and can be quite misleading. Sometimes back from lunch break it can read 70% so I do not change them , then just after half an hour it is down to 10%; So I would say 4 to 5 hours continuously on with 20mW and 3 to 4 hours with 50mW tx. Again because I wanna be safe and changing as soon as they display 10%. I have not use recording. Adding the PH60+ schoeps cmc6+mk41 last more around 3 hours in 50mW. Indoor or outdoor and no obstacle the 20mW is working good (antennas Betso active, MCR54rx and SL2).
  18. Hello, I am replying to myself after my first week and a half shoot with the MTP60+MCR54 and the PHA60 I used the wireless boom much less than colleagues in the usa but when we did use the mtp60+ PHA60 with a Schoeps CMC6 mk41 or minicmit, we both, my assistant and I were very pleased. Sound is pretty decent, actually good. No problem whatsoever occurred and mikes seemed to be powered seamlessly. the overall weight can be a turnoff for sound people used to Zaxcom ZMT4 or even audio ltd A10, but unlike with the lastest, It worked like a charm indoor from distant rooms as well as outdoor. the battery telemetry of the mtp60 is still behaving weirdly so we changed batteries more often than probably necessary, but no sudden shutdown. I did not tried the recording option yet. The Bluetooth control of the tx is such a breeze! No more bothering actors for gain or frequencies changes, I love it!
  19. Thanks Rich. I did not know the COS11 could take 12v. I have an adapter for lav from XLR 48v I was gonna try but if I can plug a COS11 directly even better.
  20. Hello, I am not familiar with headset (headphone+mike combine) and their TA5 socket/plug. I actually use a separate mike (usually dynamic) for slate and com and my HD25. So I want to make myself a cable to plug to my 888 TA5 headset socket and get out a headphone plug and a XLR mike input. Now after searching around it seems the standard is not to use common ground for HP and mike as in a headset the mike seems to be unbalanced electret. But Sound Devices gives this pinout for their socket: TA5 jack Headphone and slate microphone connections [pin-1 = HP right, pin-2 = HP left, pin-3 = ground, pin-4 = Mic -, pin-5 = Mic+] It seems to suggest to use common ground for HP and balanced mike. I think it should be fine but I am a bit hesitant (and it is late here my eyes are getting tired) so I figured I should discuss first 😉 Any opinion before I start soldering? Thanks Fred
  21. Hello, just a late chiming in as I have received my antennas cables from an Italian manufacturer that I did not know about and is not listed in this thread. I still have to test them in the field but already the feel is very good and if they achieve what is on paper then they are close competitors even ahead of Times Microwaves 50ohms cables. They are called Messi&Paoloni: https://messi.it/en/catalogue/50-ohm-rf-coaxial-cable.htm They exist since the 50s. Don't be put off by the slightly tacky graphic design of the website and try their calculator with their different models of cable. I choose the Hyperflex 5 cause I did not need long length (2.5m) but easy to store and light but not much loss cable. It feels very nice not too hard nor too heavy. I will edit a report after a testing period on shoot.
  22. Hey when I found myself in the USA, I would really love to have a visit at your recorders collection, but please don't take me anywhere near that dentist room !! 😂
  23. Hi Anyone has tested the PHA60 with the MTP60 for a wireless boom? Very curious to know how it handles power hungry mikes as the PHA48 was quite bad in that regard. Specs gives: Phantom power 41 ± 2V @ 5 mA That is just 1mA more than the PHA48 but now should be ok for a Schoeps CMIT5 (4.4mA). At least the design is much more interesting and at least practical for a boom. Thanks
  24. Thanks Codyman and Constantin, so I wrote to Schoeps directly sales@schoeps.zendesk.com, and a Niklas has been very helpful although he has no other information than where and through which reseller the items were sold. At least I could check that correspond to what I was told so I am good to go. But I guess we should expect that manufacturers or other systems where you can register your serial numbers would know the name of the present owner. Not that they have to disclose it but for us to be able to signal a theft or loss on other places than forums and social medias so that the SN is known to the manufacturer to be a lost or stolen one.
  25. Hello, Is there a way to check the serial number "owner status" for lack of a better word, somewhere? Main reason is when buying second hand gear. How do you do it? If we contact the manufacturer what shall we ask that they would accept as non intrusive? Thanks Fred
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