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  1. If you are in the US and have a HMa older than October 2018 running v1.01 be happy with it. Mine was working great but I like to keep everything updated so I did an update not noticing the e in the version number. Careless. There is no update for this transmitter. All newer HMa transmitters use version 6.xx. I suggest talking to Gerland at Lectro and he will be able to explain. Lectrosonics possibly will update the support website to this issue soon. Lesson learned. Do not try to update your older HMa. You'll end up sending it back to New Mexico to get it working again. My block 941 ended up in a much lower block and set to 50 MW only.
  2. I just updated my HMa to the export 1_04 by mistake. I didn't notice. Why is the correct version not on the website? I've called Lectro but no one is available right now. I guess I'll have to wait.
  3. Now that I’m here I find the City to City spreadsheet overstates the RF saturation in Atlanta. Block 20 Lectro 00-77 is full. (523.000-523.900) It’s clear 77-BA. BA-BD has RF to avoid (530.600-530.900). It’s clear from (530.900-536.100) BD-F1. F1-FF is unavailable. Not too bad.
  4. I'm hoping to pull one IFB and possibly two mics for close range use.
  5. Looking at the Excel sheet listing most major market cities it looks like block 20 is totally unavailable in Atlanta. Can anyone give any more information about Block 20 in Atlanta? City_by_City.xlsx
  6. Dean said that it's not repairable. It probably costs more to repair than just replace it. Jay
  7. I bought the RF Explorer Pro. That is the solution. Thanks
  8. I'll call Dean. This ISO9VOLT hasn't worked for some time. Of my 3, only this "new to me" isn't working. Thanks again Jay
  9. If the deceased unit proves to be bad, is it repairable? If it’s the fuse or diode I assume I can replace them but can I get this apart without breaking it?
  10. Larry, thanks for jumping in. Your last paragraph states my fear. Under load it dies. Tomorrow I will take your advice and try to find a resistor that will create a load and see how this little circuit behaves. With the loss of RadioShack it’s getting more difficult to find these parts. I’m hoping Micro Center offer such resistors. I am using two different UM 400s in this test and they both react the same for the good battery eliminator and the dead one. Of the two ISO9Volt units that I’ve owned for years, one has always worked in the various UM’s I stick them into. One died for a few hours today then came back to life. It appears the resetting fuse did it’s job. What is the the duration for this fuse to reset customarily? A third ISO9VOLT that I just recently bought used with a UM400 hasn’t worked since I pulled it from the reused Lectrosonics shipping package. The owner, a respected mixer in Canada assures me it worked for him. It reads 8.89V across the snap pins from either a BDS with a fresh battery reading 16.2V, or a CH12 sending 18.94V.
  11. I'm having trouble with a couple of these battery eliminators. Plugged into a CH-12 wall wort they meter at 8.9V. When plugged into the UM transmitter they don't even fire the LEDs. I received one that I bought used and it was DOA. I pulled another one from my kit and the UM worked. I pulled another one to test the first and then it too was DOA. I'm stumped. I think something caused this to occur quickly. One on them went from working to not, suddenly. These are not cheap ($157) and I'd rather tinker with it or send it but the financial crossover is obvious. Anyone have any ideas? Any Lectro fanatics on today?
  12. Currently I use a spare UCR411a to scan for my R1a IFB radios. I am building another IFB package for someone else and this seems an expensive way to find free space for R1a’s. Can anyone else recommend another way to scan one single Lectrosonics block? thanks Jay
  13. Yes, Joes is great stuff and I've never had a talent that didn't tolerate it. Moleskin day after day can cause some red bumps on some guys that shave their chest. Using alcohol wipes is what makes this work. Without cleaning the skin of the natural oils will not provide a good adhesion and the mic will fall off when you can least afford it. Also I use makeup wedges inserted along the transmitter antenna to keep the antenna from touching the fleshy part of the talent. This improves range dramatically.
  14. I have had a lot of success with applying COS-11 to actors non hairy chests. I always do a quick wipe with an alcohol wipe first to clean off any body oil or cream they may have applied then a sandwich of Joes Sticky stuff, COS-11 then a big patch of Moleskin. This should stay on all day easily. I usually let the talent remove the mic themselves as it sticks like a Bandaid. Speaking of Bandaids, the Bandaid brand fabric stick really well but some people are allergic to them. For the hairy chests I too either use a 3-4" square of Moleskin to minimize the noticeable application or use a smaller B6 along the collar. If the Tee shirt has a logo I'll put the mic right in the middle of the Moleskin under the logo or artwork. When all else fails I have plenty of Neopax chest straps. The mic sits inside an RM-11 which usually works if the talent is up to wearing it.
  15. Thanks Courtney. I always Run as administrator. I'll check the compatibility mode. Remind me, is Lame.exe part of your package or do I have to find it?
  16. So the real question is, should I be able to create mp3 files with metadata running Win 10 using ver 1.196? So far I haven't been able to. It could be a local problem and It's been working very well under Win 7 for years.
  17. I've been trying to contact Courtney for some time about BWF Widget Pro operating under Win 10. I'm having trouble with it. Upon searching this group I find the Senator many years ago thanked Courtney for making a MAC version. Upon going to the website http://goodsound.software.informer.com/ it looks like a bunch of malware surrounding our beloved BWF Widget Pro. What is the story here? Is Courtney still on this group? If so can you please email me, I'd like to purchase some more seats to this MAC version if there actually is one. Thanks
  18. Whenever I've done work with professional puppeteers (David, Cookie Monster and Kevin, Elmo) they have always come with their own headbands. It's the way they do it all the time.
  19. I used the no pad directions as I can easily reduce the level at the Tentacle. I'm trying to reinvent the wheel and maybe I should just buy the cable already made up.
  20. I am doing something wrong. Using a .022uF cap parallel to a 1K resistor I can see code on the Denecke app using the scope tab but it says "no valid input" and no numbers from a Tentacle output at mic level. Does anyone have any insight into this problem?
  21. I should have checked the Denecke web site before I wrote this post. They make it pretty clear I need to add a 1K and .022uf cap to the circuit. That'll be a trick.
  22. I am making a TRRS-TRS cable to output code from a Tentacle to Denecke app on a iPhone or iPad. As I type this I wonder if the iPad has a mic input as the iPhone does. I'm using an iPhone 6S to test this. I have tried several obvious combinations but none seem to work. Can anyone give me advise on how to wire this simple cable? Is this as difficult as it seems to be? I'm feeding mic out of the Tentacle. Thanks Jay
  23. I transmit to talent using UM in the IFB mode to a R1a coupled to the Comtek M-216 and hi gain antenna. I keep the relay close to talent while the source can be quite a distance.
  24. Has anyone found a tiny flat top hot shoe mount that would fit a Tentacle? Camera ops are asking for it but I can't find much less than 3-4"X11-½". I'd like one that just holds the Tentacle.
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