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  1. how much money was spent printing signs saying " we're closed "
  2. Hhmm... at some point everything turns into a joke.
  3. In speaking with another sound mixer his feeling was that the processor should be as fast as possible. so... - A very fast processor - Additional mic line inputs as well was high on his list - Additional data ports (i.e. usb 3.0 or Thunderbolt) Neal Garon
  4. I'm with Wyatt and Constantin, I wouldn't want much to change about the deva D sub for analog in and out (like 12 mic/line in 's would be fine) possibly dante connectivity. Hard drive maintained (SSD) Thunderbolt (another data port of some sort) Never Clip Zaxnet Neal Garon
  5. Thanks for your post Glenn Just info for you to read and ponder Appreciate your participation Neal
  6. I don't see evidence in any of these posts where people want absolutely everything in a box on their cart. If I am developing a new Deva I would like to know what my end users would like to see implemented. I am also in the near future in the market possibly for a deva. Here is I guess what prompted this thread: Due to the responce on the JW sound group we have decided to make an optional fader attachment that will add 8 more rotary faders to the Nomad. The panel should allow for both fader control as well as Zaxnet control of wireless transmitter gain. We will announce price and delivery at a later time. Thanks to all for your feedback. Glenn Sanders President Zaxcom Inc. I like keeping it real too
  7. ahhh thanks for the pics very nice job !!!
  8. Obviously this thread is starting to go in a direction or develop a tone that was not intended. a simple... realistic wish list was all just ideas for glenn to see and decide whatever he wanted to decide just realistic feedback
  9. Very Nice Todd any other pics? Im looking at having something very similar built Any contact info for Jeff Dozer?
  10. The fins and lake pipes might be a bit much ... Nice ideas
  11. Hoping Glenn would chime in here Interested other opinions and ideas relating to a wish list for the next DEVA Would 12 or even 10 (full size xlr) actual physical mic lines on a future Deva be something most would be interested? Not that it would be used all the time but when its needed it could really simplify things. Also ZAXNET to be added I would assume is a no brainer what other options would you have on your wish list?
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