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  1. I use these for rock shows: https://store.sensaphonics.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ER-20+Pro
  2. Why not use the 633 AES out > D4 AES in option?
  3. One big advantage is you can easily make the pole waterproof. I use this Ambient setup occasionally. Glen
  4. They do make a version with regulated output. I could see that being a problem with the 788t.
  5. Overkill for most workdays but for extreme duty I love these. http://www.511tactical.com/tactical-battery-case.html
  6. gpiegari

    Schoeps MiniCMIT

    This new cantilever Rycote design is similar to the old Lightwave mount which was actually very quiet.
  7. The FS7 does provide metering with a visible scale. Press "status" and scroll to the second page.
  8. For maximum benefit of full feature set, best used with TRX900CL
  9. For power it does use the shorter shank switchcraft 760k Still 2.5mm so your other power cables will work, they just won't lock.
  10. Bought two immediately. So far, flawless with TRX900CL. Used with Canon C300, C500 Sony FS7, F5, FS700, PXW-X200 Camera ops LOVE them and so do I.
  11. The TC is NOT transmitted via Zaxnet but embedded with the audio signal IF you are using the TRX900CL cam link. This was a huge selling point to me and caused me to immediately upgrade my entire cam hop system. Initial tests are very favorable. The new features work as advertised and will be making work life better. The OLED display and status LEDs are great. Now I wish the TRX900CL had the OLED...
  12. Jose has broken the comparison down nicely. I went with the Betso because of the AA cells (already stocking/carrying them), the breadth of information on the OLED display, auto turn on/jam, and no need for a small screwdriver to adjust parameters. I also wanted a solid BNC connector and when I decided, BNC was not yet an available option on the Mozegear.
  13. Audio engine are impressive for the size. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_772A2PB/Audioengine-A2-Satin-Black.html
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