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  1. Ahhh i see. Thanks very much!
  2. Hey Sound Geeks, I'm unsure about the TRXLA2's power roll set up as I'm getting some readings on the screen that seem weird and aren't explained in the manual. I could do with some advise please. I thought the settings to use power roll from 25mw to 125mw should be: TX POWER set to 25MW and POWER ROLL set to record trigger. This would then boost the power to full from the dormant power setting (25mw) However, when power roll is set to on the TX POWER screen shows (50MW) underneath where the power setting shows 25MW. what does the power in brackets mean? Also, with the above settings, when i go into the power roll screen (which is set to record trigger) it momentarily flashes up with a '50MW'. what does this mean? is that the power it's kicking up to when record is engaged? The other way someone suggested it could work is to select full power in the power screen and turn power roll on. Enabling the power roll would reduce the power from 125mw to 25mw when not recording. Which way round is it? What settings are you guys using?...Glenn?!...Help!! Many thanks
  3. Doug Martin

    HD26 Pro

    I love them. I had the HD-25's before, and while they sound quite similar, i believe they're more detailed. Nice and bright which is great for accentuating rustle issues and they sound amazing on the voice. Not quite detailed enough for mixing music in my opinion, but thats not what they're really designed for- thats just an example of where the reproduction quality doesn't quiiiite cut it, compared to other types of headphones. For what we do i think they're awesome sounding. The isolation is great and, i think, improved over the 25's which got worse as the headband slacked off on a hot shoot. The 26's don't look like that'll be an issue. these feel more rugged that the 25's which i think were pretty tough already. I thought the auto-opening headband would be annoying but i like it now. It makes the cans feel super sturdy on my dome. The only thing so far that im still getting used to is not being able to to comfortably wear the cans round my neck, as the headband wants to choke you. so you have to use the flip-up-ears, which actually work great with the auto-opener. Time will tell if they suffer from the same cable issue of the 25's but as the whole system is new- im hoping not. So far, so good, and id recommend them. Boom
  4. Thanks guys, Zaxcom said this about the LED levels/colours: "It should be like this: if(peak >= -20) G-- if(peak >= 00) GG- if(peak >= 9) GGG if(peak >= 12) YYY if(peak >= 15) RRR" So it can still hit red and not be distorted as it has 5db of clean headroom from the start of the red light range. Gotta say im LOVING the unit with the TRX900CL. Doug
  5. Ok, so i know i'm being an idiot but i'm not sure where: I'm the proud new owner of a TRX900CL & QRX100 for use as a camera hop from my 664 (I know thats not where im being an idiot). Im setting up the gain structure for the hop and although the TRX shows juuuust -20dbfs with my 664 on 0dbu, the QRX is still showing red on the led's when my limiters (set to 17dbu) are slightly activated. My question is: Should the red led's ever show red with proper gain structure?! Im sure i've got everything set up properly prior to the QRX so what's the dillywho? Any advise is much appreciated. Thank you Doug
  6. Shout out to my UK Soundies! Hope you're having a busy year... I'm looking at buying a wireless link to camera and could really do with some advise, please. I've found a lot of info on here and in other areas but nothing that hits the nail on the head. My question is: what frequencies are people in the UK using (and plan on using in the future) for wireless hops, given that some frequency distance is required between the hop and the adjacent receivers? I'm currently using the Audio Ltd envoy system (channel 38) and although my 4 mic RX (microns) are in the low end of the band and the hop TX is in the 22-24Mhz area, Im still getting loads of spray on my Mic RX when in the bag (no surprise as the Hz are still quite close). So, I'm wearing the hop TX on my belt and using my body as a 'RF sponge' but my range is still radically reduced. The hop TX are also on low output power, which i believe is 30mw. Now im looking at buying a hop so id like to know if there are any bands i could sneak into that are far enough away from the 606-614 band so as my hop could sit happily in the bag with the mic RX? The new zaxcom TRX900CL camera link looks perfect for me but im sure even with their attention to reducing RF spray, im still going to loose a lot of juice from my mic systems if the hop is used in the ch38 block. What are you guys & girls doing? Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  7. My Vote: 1.ECM 2.Cos 11 3.AT 4.TR50 Awesome post dude
  8. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I'm using the 3.5mm jack. I replaced one of my jack ends with a five pin but as the jack wasn't balanced and therefore didn't provide enough cables for me to balance the 5 pin, the output is super noisy and really spews out the camera working. So the jack is the lesser of two evils. Great to know its not just my mixer. As a sneaky side question- anyone know if the SD breakout/return input accommodates balanced returns (for a 5 pin)? It'd be great to jam sync TC but production don't want it. Backup recordings as always. You guys rock. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi all, Firstly, I have searched the forums. Secondly, thanks in advance for any advise you can offer. My issue is this: whilst recording to an XDCAM 800 with my 552 I'm getting a weird rhythmic clicking coming back on the return. Quite quiet but there none the less. Here's what iv tried: It's not there when listening direct from the camera. It stops when my inputs are removed from the camera. Most importantly it's not being recorded to tape. Iv swapped the tails. Unplugged everything from the 552 Switched to battery power & unplugged hirose from 552. Tried a different umbilical Tried a different camera (same thing) Tried the return b input on the 552 All to no avail. I'm thinking that, because the clicking stops when I unplug the inputs from the camera it could be some sort of ground loop issue in my mixer? Anyone else experienced this or know about it? Your wisdom and help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I love the access to both places and people which the general public dont get. Filming under armed guard at the North Korea/South Korea border is one of the most exiting things iv done,period. And I was getting paid for it. Sweet tomatoes.
  11. Thank you very much guys. Definitely some food for thought. This forum is great. And a special thanks to Mike. You're awesome. Sarcastic face thingy.
  12. Hi there, I have a Micron transmitter (TX700B) with a 6 pin 'lemo' mic input. I would like to turn it into the wireless connection between my 416 mic and my bag and therefore need it to power the 416 with 48v. If anyone knows how i might go about building such a cable, any advise would be much appreciated. I know the cable can be bought but im feeling a little sick at the cost and anyway, it would be cool to build it myself. Many thanks in advance, Doug
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