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  1. Those are the exact antennas that came with my old Lectro 195 receivers if that is what you are asking. Should work with any Lectro receiver of the big ol black box type ie. 211s, or 411's as long as the length is matched to the receivers block. Would likely work regardless of the block, maybe just not as well. CRAIG
  2. I don't believe the external GUI is out yet. I believe they are working on it. I hope this one can be used on iPad. I have the Deva 24 and am super happy with it. The sound is noticeably better than my Fusion was. I have an earlier version of the Deva 24 that did not have the zaxnet board in it yet and just sent it to get put in. Can't wait to get it back. Neverclip is awesone on all channels. Touchscreen has been no problems for me. Early firmware would crash every once in awhile but I haven't had something happen in some time now. I still run things through my Cooper so not using any of the mix surfaces at the moment. Maybe in the future, but I REALLY like my Cooper, soooo..... CRAIG
  3. It is Daniel who is looking. Sound Report Writer does run on IOS, and Daniel, if you read the instructions you will find it does the stuff you can’t seem to make it do. It is a simpler app that gets across all the info you need to go to Post for a little money. Movieslate is a lot more expensive, but yes, does a lot more stuff. For me, SRW is just fine. Craig
  4. Would you be able to provide a specific link to the one that is working well for you. There are a lot of antennas listed at L-Com. Thanks! CRAIG
  5. What amp are you using out of curiousity? Thanks... CRAIG
  6. Haven't heard anything yet. App is getting harder and harder to use and the warning that the app needs to be updated keeps coming up. Hope he can find the time soon to do so. CRAIG
  7. Morning all. I am a Production Mixer up in Vancouver, Canada who does mostly TV Series work. At the moment, all us broadcast people up here in the sound field are likely looking to the US to see how the sale of the 600MHz Spectrum is going to soon affect us up here, as it did/is down there. Though, there could be differences in how big it will, or could, affect our jobs, and the gear we use. Who knows what the Candian Government will do exactly. As of now, the Canadian Government has indicated it will be at least 2 years until an auction will happen. They are still trying to decide how it will happen, and what the whole process will look like. I plan to send an email, of a sort of impact statement, to the Canadian Government. I have just discovered canadians, and canadian companies have until November 2nd to submit comments about how the sale will/could affect them, if held. So all you canadian sound guys may want to start emailing fast! Anyways, after all that, I would like to hear from our US counterparts, their comments on how the 600MHz spectrum sale has/is/will affect them in terms of their gear changes, or otherwise. As an example, I sat down, and listed all the wireless gear I possess in the 600MHz range. I found that if I had to change it all to new blocks it would cost approximately $55,000 CND. Scary! None of my stuff is reblockable, as I have found out from Lectrosonics. I would have to buy straight up all new gear. Lots of boat anchors. Yes, I would be getting the latest and greatest, but the stuff I have now is still doing the job quite nicely thank you. So would love to hear from you. Thanks... CRAIG
  8. Been doing it like mike westgate has described for years as well. Basically using the boom mixed into lavs to get it to sound like it looks on the wider shots. Whether post uses it or not is a mystery. CRAIG
  9. I heard fom him right away. He is very busy right now. He is also an active mixer. It is on his list, but not on the too unfortunately. He assured me he will get to it soon. Craig
  10. Thanks Jose. I have sent an email and we will see what happens. Cheers!
  11. Does anybody know the creator of this app? Tyler Faison I believe his name is, of inaudible labs. Apple has sent a note saying the app is in need of updating to work with current IOS, and will not be supported soon. It is running VERY sluggishly right now. Would love for him to update it so I can keep using is great little app. Thanks. CRAIG
  12. I use a Cinebag. Lots of options on their website. CRAIG
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