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  1. Hey Oscar. No, I do not think the 2.18T is on the website. Could be wrong, but...If you DM me I could send it to your email, or you can contact howy at zaxcom for it. As for the dynamics settings, I have a list of the factory settings if you would like to start at square one with that. I have found they have always worked and any changes to that, not necessarily, save for just upping the make up gain. Craig
  2. If it helps, I did a Netflix shoot a while back at 24 and we were told to still run straight 48 and there were no issues as far as I know.
  3. Thanks Jebari. I now know I am not crazy. Howy at Zaxcom and I had a long talk and he tried something in a firmware change and it seems to have worked and solved the problem. He named it 2.18T. Can either contact him to send you the firmware, or if you DM me here I could forward it to you. Craig
  4. Hi John. They are factory and have already gone over all that with zaxcom. Same settings I used my 742 with for years and no issues like this ever. Think I am more trying to see if anyone else has had the same issue with their 743. Might provide some more info to help solve it. If not, then it might point to hardware possibly. Thanks. CRAIG
  5. Hello everyone. I am having a weird audio issue with the TRX743 Tx, and wondering if anyone else has had it happen to them. I recently acquired the TRX743 in November 2020. Saw it used on the Trew site, and had never been used, and wanted another to use with my TRX742 for when have 2 booms going. TRX742 has been great over the years I have had it. Seeing as the 743 is newer tech I moved it into the first choice position and the 742 became the 2nd boom Tx. Anyway, first situation came up recently where I went from normal conversation level to yelling with in a scene, which is where it is great to have the zaxnet controllable input on the plugon Tx. Done that very thing with the 742 with no issues over the years. However, and just so you know I have been talking to Zaxcom about this, when the yelling comes along and I turn down the input on the 743 via zaxnet everything seems fine for the first little bit and the level is all good, but then all of a sudden the audio will shoot up in volume temporarily and then go back down to where I had it to handle the louder SPL. It can do this once, or multiple times during the course of the louder moments. More than anything I wanted to know if anyone else out there has had this happen? I am currently running 2.18R frimware, which is what Howy at zaxcom is recommending at the moment, but the website says something different. Using the 3.xx that is currently on there has some issues with losing connection to zaxnet and means you have to turn the unit on and off to reconnect. Howy at zaxcom put me back on 2.18R as the most stable. This is what they are also currently shipping new ones with. Anyway, I hope to hear others experiences, and maybe this can get figured out, if only to know that I am not crazy. Thanks. CRAIG
  6. Used Sony 7506 for almost 20 years. The other thing to remember is that if you know how the headphones make things you are familiar with sound then translating that to other sounds should have no ill effect. In the music world lots of mixing engineers use very different brands of speakers, just like you in POST, from one another to mix a song, or album, and it is what they are used to listening on the whole project thru. Each mixer still gets a nice finished product despite using different speakers. If you know how things are supposed to sound thru which ever listening medium you choose, then there should be no PSAs about never using Sony 7506s. Maybe was a bit of experience and knowledge was needed by the PSM you are talking about? I don't know, but as many have also said here there is the point of we do not operate under perfect conditions. Sometimes it is a matter of this is all I am able to get you, or nothing at all, because of many different factors happening here on set. Those factors are why I hate it when the situation tells me I have to depend on a wire only. Anyways.... CRAIG
  7. The only mirror settings you can change are file type (poly or mono), bit resolution (16 or 24), and file name as it shows in the metadata. None of that would/should affect distorting audio.
  8. I think it would be best, by the sounds of it, for you and the mixer to contact Zaxcom directly. Get an answer from the horses mouth, so to speak once you have exhausted other areas of possibility for the distortion. There are also a lot more things we would need to know, like what recorder are they using? What is their setup within that recorder? etc, etc...Is the distortion happening at the mic, or the mics plug on transmitter, or the analog mixer first before it goes into the zaxcom recorder? I use zaxcom recorders all the time and they all have Neverclip. It is more a process that helps make sure you don't distort the audio coming into the inputs of the recorder itself. It is a bit shifting thing and there are 4 extra bits that can kick in if there is a signal that is too hot for the first 24 bits to handle. If too hot it can use the 4 extra bits to give you sort of a 28 bit recording and therefore more headroom and dynamic range and side stepping the distorted audio at the input into the recorder. That is my understanding of it anyway. I could have that completely wrong. Regardless it is supposed to give you some breathing room if a hot signal comes in. Of course, you can still distort your analog channel on your mixer, for example, and there is no saving that. It will be recorded sounding distorted regardless of neverclip. Exporting files is done through a conversion process within the recorder and converts from Zaxcom's proprietary MARF file to the BWF files onto a CF card, handed to the DIT, and then on to you that you receive to put into your Pro tools session. Neverclip, as I understand it, does not come into play in the conversion process. It is only working at time of recording the audio on set as it is going on to the main hard drive, or main CF card of the recorder. Then the mixer chooses how it gets converted to be sent to you. Please correct me if I am wrong about how Neverclip works guys. Hope that helps. CRAIG
  9. Thanks for that Codyman. No one here has worked there before? No one knows of any good rental houses there? Thanks. CRAIG
  10. Very weird. I too have been using Neumann's for years (KMR81i, KM140, KM150) and have never come across this, and I work in Vancouver. Officially this is a rain forest area. Lots of moisture here. Sorry if you were already asked this, but do you have access to another KM185? Curious if another one does the same thing. CRAIG
  11. So looks like I MAY have the opportunity to do some filming in Seoul, Korea. Wanted to ask if anyone knows frequencies allowed there? License required? Any good sound rental house that could be a good support if needed? Anything else I should consider? Thanks everyone. Craig
  12. I agree with AO. When a new improved version comes out I will rethink purchasing a couple. There are just things about it right now that make me not want to jump in. CRAIG
  13. Anymore updates from users? SndSpd or Constantin? Also East Brooklyn Labs peeps, are you thinking about adding any of the suggestions from users so far to future builds/production runs? CRAIG
  14. Those are the exact antennas that came with my old Lectro 195 receivers if that is what you are asking. Should work with any Lectro receiver of the big ol black box type ie. 211s, or 411's as long as the length is matched to the receivers block. Would likely work regardless of the block, maybe just not as well. CRAIG
  15. I don't believe the external GUI is out yet. I believe they are working on it. I hope this one can be used on iPad. I have the Deva 24 and am super happy with it. The sound is noticeably better than my Fusion was. I have an earlier version of the Deva 24 that did not have the zaxnet board in it yet and just sent it to get put in. Can't wait to get it back. Neverclip is awesone on all channels. Touchscreen has been no problems for me. Early firmware would crash every once in awhile but I haven't had something happen in some time now. I still run things through my Cooper so not using any of the mix surfaces at the moment. Maybe in the future, but I REALLY like my Cooper, soooo..... CRAIG
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