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  1. Just got this stuff this week, looking forward to using it in the field: Grip Belt - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=94 Camera Pouch (Customized) - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=90 Portabrace Clip On Velco Cable Tie (Attached to small carabiner threaded through loops for markers) Flashlight w/case Leatherman w/case iPhone/Comtek Case - http://www.sourceshop.com/product.asp?pid=647
  2. Awesome for Directors and Cinematographers, HORRIBLE for Boom Operators! Lol. I do Love the shots they pulled off through, the Indie Director part of me is super excited for this to come to Toronto (which won't be for a while).
  3. Like I said, the one time I didn't have a cable, and was about an hour away from being able to get one. Resolved it once I got my equipment back via normal troubl-shooting methods, but for the time being I was exhausting all options trying to get it solved. Thanks Anyways guys, all went well in the end
  4. Never mind guys, it was a bad cable. Didn't have one handy to swap out (the one time I don't!) but it's all good now
  5. I am feeding it from the sound devices 302 mix, which is set to 48V and phantom power is on. Batteries are fresh in the 302
  6. It also sound really really thin and has no low end on playback. I am for sure swapping out the mic, but more wondering if this is a water problem and if anyone has experienced this before (maybe with other mics?)
  7. Hey guys, I am having trouble with my 416 as it seems to not be producing normal levels that I am used to. Signal chain is simple 416 via XLR into 302 mixer. I am thinking it might have been water damage from a shoot I did last week, has anybody experienced low levels due to water? I am swapping out the mic and XLR shortly but figured I'd post here in the mean time. Also I have double checked all the settings in the side of the 302. Thanks guys
  8. Love it when everyone works together! Thanks for Sharing Simon
  9. https://vimeo.com/61069598 New video for iBrain (Pretty funny outtakes video! Cursing so NTFW) Cheers!
  10. Thanks for checking it out guys. Michael my good friend and college Jeffrey Murias will be doing my Production Sound (He is actually featured in the video). And thanks for the wishes of luck CrewC
  11. Interesting answer. I guess duplex would be great but the flexibility of being able to put down the boom and still here what is going on and what the mixer is saying seems like a huge benefit, although I'd say that in a 2 person team that would come up more than a full three person team?
  12. Hey Guys, Curious what people are using for your boom operators to listen on. Comtek? Lectro IFB? Zaxcom IFB? Hard wired? (duplex cable?) Boom box? Or maybe listen off the signal pre-recorder with a SD MM1?
  13. Thanks Fred, I guess I would need the capability to do 5.1 mix down if I ever want to use this setup on a regular basis. Thanks for the info!
  14. I ended up making new folders for each take in finer, exporting the mono wav files to their respective folders, and used wave agent to combine the mono files in each folder into a new folder containing all the poly wav files. Was a bit of a pain but didn't take too too long, just wouldn't want to have to do that again lol. If I use my iMac and Saffire again I'm just gonna buy Boom Recorder lol. Still, Anybody who has a good location audio workflow using Pro Tools I'd be glad to here it.
  15. Good suggestion, but I cannot export 5.1 mixes as I have Pro Tools 9 (Non HD). Every combination of factors from the export file window in Pro Tools gets me multiple mono files, even selecting 'interweaved'.
  16. Hey Guys, I recently recorded a short film for a buddy of mine and used my Pro Tools 9 and Focusrite Saffire 56 interface to record 1-4 mic inputs. I am now finding that I can't export poly wav files from Pro Tools (trying to use the export file command always makes many mono files). I downloaded wave agent to see what I can do, but I have never used the program. Also, I didn't roll on all inputs all the time, so the filing naming isn't consistent for which take they are. (For example Boom_01.wav and Studio Mic_01.wav might be from the same take, but Lav 1_01.wav would be from 4 takes later as I didn't roll the lav mic on the first three takes, etc.) They do all have the right timecode start and stop, so I'm hoping that helps? (No timecode to camera, just Pro Tool's own timecode timeline). Does anyone know of a simple way for me to export these files into poly wav files for the edit suite? Thanks guys!
  17. Bump! Thanks for the views, again any shares or word spreading it Really Appreciated!!!!
  18. Hey Everybody! Let me first say that this site has been an amazing resource for me, having been doing production sound full time for about 2 years now (Started right after I finished school) I know that there are tonnes of times I thought and applied what I learned on this site, it's a really amazing place and I'm so fortunate that people are so willing to share all their insights, mistakes, and experience. Now, I am asking for your help! I am a Sound Mixer/Boom Operator, but I have also found a new interest in Directing/Producing! I have launched the Indiegogo campaign for my Second short film, entitled 'iBrain', a futuristic short film in which the latest piece of technology does fit in your hand, it fits in your brain! We are on a 30 day campaign to raise $4000 to shoot the film this coming March and it would mean a lot to me if you could watch the video, share the page, tell your friends, anything you can do! www.indiegogo.com/ibrain I am excited to do my second film as the most sound conscious Director in Canada! Thanks so much guys! (I included a screenshot, that's me on the left)
  19. I'm not sure about the no payment thing, that's really a choice you need to make taking into account all that you know about the situation and your clients. As for the error, like the guys said, as soon as something is wrong (or appears to be wrong) you need to stop the shoot, and make sure your setup is fine. If the files didn't playback or weren't recording upon testing, I'd tell them that the recorder has an error and I'll need a new one. IDEALLY you'd have a backup but if not you'd have to hold production while someone goes and rents a new 744T (or 702, or whatever is available), check that out, and make sure it's good. I'd rather hold up a production for 3 hours cause of a computer error than assume it's all good and deliver nothing at the end of the day! Also, filling up a hard drive to near capacity is never a good thing, If you ONLY have 8GB left on a large hard drive it's probably best to dump all that somewhere and start it fresh. And yes, Approved/Recommended Cards and Speeds Always.
  20. Yes, Senator and Jim, I understand what I am talking about is the record and cut indicators on the Sound Devices products for audible indication into my headphones. What I was saying is that I didn't know some people (who have just said so on this thread) put beeps at the top and end of their FILE. I.E.: Simply a statement of something I had not considered doing/knew of anybody doing.
  21. Interesting about the beeps, I know when I use the 744T or 788T (renting) I always have the beeps on for my own purposes to audibly verify that the machine is running but I didn't realize that would be put on tape in some situations/workflows, would that be over the mix track or all tracks (isos)? Also, every set I've been on here in Toronto (Small Indie stuff to Large Union shows) the 2nd AC (Or trainee) who is slating reads the slate, the Operator says Mark it, and they clap it, Usually on the larger shows it's a slate number and then a take number, ie 1 take 3, 3 take 4, etc. so the sound file needs to have the scene that the slate is displaying, but on medium to small stuff it's always 'scene 1 take 2' etc. I enjoy doing paper reports when I'm not OMBing but might look into an electronic option. Thing about electronic on iphone or whatehaveyou is you look like your texting and not doing work (Which I AM guilty of, but would want to avoid looking like I'm doing it EVERY shot lol).
  22. Hey guys, Just wondering which among you do sound reports manually with pen and paper or do them electronically with a laptop, iOS device, etc. (or who doesn't do them at all? I.E. OMB? Reality Shows? etc.) Also wondering how often you put a reference tone file (-20dBFS) in the daily folder for post? Is this still needed usually? Thanks Guys!
  23. Wired up a Actress with a mic and mic pack and was listening to the signal (standing right next to her) as it was cutting it and out, in and out. I changed frequencies, checked wires, turn unit on and off. What the hell was going on? The setup was totally fine a few hours ago?!?!?... Then I look at the pack again and realize I didn't put the antenna on the pack (*face palm) I politely said I had found the problem and needed to do one more adjustment to the pack, I subtly put on antenna and she was good to go!
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